NPC: Federation Refugees

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NPC: Federation Refugees

Post by The_ASE » Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:52 pm

Name of your Nation: None Yet
Type of Government: Militaristic Dictatorship

Political Leaders:
Head of State: The Marshal

Population: 5,000
Population Composition (what kinds of people/species are common):
Talonian (Human): 100%

Major Cultures:
- Talonian

Type: None
Focus: People
Major exports:
- None as of Yet
Major imports:
- None as of yet
Currency: Federation Credit
Trade Procedure: Not Established Yet
Social Leanings: Liberal
Economic Leanings: Socialistic
Democratic Leanings: Oligarchy
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Limited
Activism/Engagement: None
Multicultural: Little
Religiousness: Skeptical
Mass Media Addiction: None
General Public Health: Poor
Unrest: None
Volunteer only?: Yes
Mandatory Service?: No
Military strengths (list 3):
Military weaknesses (list 3):
- Lack of volunteers
- Low quality weapons
- Low morale
Nuclear weapons?: No
Biological weapons?: No
Chemical weapons?: No
Space based weapons?: No

[Note: The use on Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Space based weaponry is as likely to draw the ire of every nation down upon you as it is in reality. These are things that are given -extreme- weight, can ruin hundreds of thousands of lives, and drastically affect the entire landscape for decades to come. -ALL- super weapons of -ANY- kind fall into the above, and will -ALWAYS- carry a consequence towards use] <- Nope, it just gets retconned

Relative technology level: Atomic Age
Technological advantages:
Technological disadvantage (minimum of 1):
- Ineffective power generation
Internet access: None
Dominate Transportation Method: Foot
Television access: None
-Relations to other nations-





-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character:

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