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The Republic of FoxTropica

Post by Foxikado » Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:41 pm

Name of your Nation:FoxTropica
Type of Government:Republic
Political Leaders:Foxikado (Current President of FoxTropica)
Population:389 Million
Population Composition: Mostly Foxes, Some other animals and humans exist, but are in the minority.
Major Cultures:(To Be added)
Major Religions:N/A
Civil Service:Mixed
Justice:Mostly Independent Judiciar
Major exports:Computers, Aircraft, Consumer electronics.
Major imports:Computer Chips, Metals.
Trade Procedure: (To Be added)
Economic Cycles:Every Decade
Misc Information:N/A

Social Leanings: Liberal
Economic Leanings:Mixed
Democratic Leanings: Classical Democratic/Classical Republican/Oligarchy/Totalitarian/Other [Use Other in instances where the classical understanding of who runs the government, the many or the few, doesn't make sense. If you use other, please include an explanation]
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Highly
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media Friendly
General Public Health:Good
Unrest: None
Volunteer only? Y
Mandatory Service? N
Military strengths (list 3):Strong Airforce, Mobility, Advanced.
Military weaknesses (list 3):Not Experienced, Unprepared, Relies too much on FoxRail
Nuclear weapons? Y
Biological weapons? N
Chemical weapons? N
Space based weapons? In Development.

Relative technology level- Choose one: information age.
Technological advantage:Nation Rapidly adapts to New technologies.
Technological disadvantage: Overly dependent on internet access.
Internet access: Good
Dominate Transportation Method:Trains or aircraft If going from city to city, cars or walking within cities.
Television access: Good

(To Be added)

What is your nations history?: TBA

-Relations to other nations-
How does your government and people feel and interact with other nations?:
The FoxTropican People and government welcome interactions with other nations.

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character:
Its main Transportation method is a high-speed rail link.
Nationwide internet was implemented rapidly, and now the internet is available almost constantly
Borderline all healthcare is free, Including things like gender-swap operations.

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