NPC: The Unitary Republic of Yuna

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NPC: The Unitary Republic of Yuna

Post by Vipra » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:46 pm

Name: Vipra, Aatuylva, Everyone Else
Name of your Nation: The Unitary Republic of Yuna
Type of Government: Representative Democracy
Political Leaders: President Ma’Rahn Kukanri
Population: 17 million
Population Composition: 84% pangolin, 5% lupine, 4% feline, 3% cervid, 2% lemurs, 1% procyonid, 1% other
Major Cultures:
Minan Refugee

Major Religions:
Revived Pa’moorism
Eldism (actively stamped out)
Minan Faiths (actively stamped out)

Civil Service: Mostly Merit Based
Policing: Heavy with Military Backing
Justice: Military Justice

Type: Fascist
Focus: Production; Military Industry
Major exports: Diamonds, other precious gemstones, firearms and ammunition, limited consumer goods
Major imports: Oil, chemical agents, foodstuffs, textiles
Currency: The Panogil (gil)
Trade Procedure: All trade agreements must be authorized by the government’s ministry of trade
Economic Cycles: Every Few Years
Misc Information: the economy is a militant socialist system (fascist), with the military industrial complex and supporting industries nationalised and run by the government while other business remain private.

Social Leanings: Moderate
Economic Leanings: Socialistic
Democratic Leanings: Classical Republican
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Highly
Activism/Engagement: None
Multicultural? None
Religiousness: Anti-Religious
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media Friendly
General Public Health: Good
Unrest: Some

Volunteer only? N
Mandatory Service? Y
Military strengths (list 3):
Who Needs a Shovel When You’ve Got Claws? - The pangolin population of Yuna have some very potent racial traits that allow them to be effective on the battlefield and not have to rely so heavily on melee weaponry or stab-protection. Their claws act as powerful digging tools, allowing them to dig foxholes and make earthworks quickly, as well as performing as excellent blunt and edged weapons when in melee combat. Their scales also act as highly effective natural body armour, effectively giving each pangolin an all-natural set of stab-protective armour on their limbs and back.

Failure is not an Option - A history of fighting for their survival and freedom in alternating intervals has engrained heavily in the pangolin psyche the attitude of that of a cornered animal. Its soldiers fight fiercely, its citizen militia are armed and willing, and the cities are planned and constructed with defence in mind so that at the very least those attacking them suffer some horrendous losses.

Attack From Below - pangolin partisans and even professional forces have a tendency to bury themselves before, and even during, combat only to strike out later, during a battle, or to raid logistics and harry enemy forces. They bury themselves deep enough and can control their temperature by various means to ensure they remain hidden for hours, days, or even weeks if they have some means of food and water.

Military weaknesses (list 3):
Bigger Might be Better - Yuna lacks most forms of heavy weaponry; they have no gustav guns or heavy tanks. Instead they rely upon lighter vehicles and only self-propelled weaponry. Naturally this means they have difficulty breaking strong enemy formations, spearheading into fortified regions, and they cannot deploy a sustained artillery barrage.

How Did We Even Make This? - Due to their aptitude for making new vehicles and contraptions from scrap and outdated equipment, a good portion of the professional militia and even the army’s vehicles have no standard replacement components and thus require a long time to repair after breakdowns or have to be scrapped entire if it is a component no longer made.

The Air is Evil - Pangolins are naturally ground loving beings, they love the earth, the dirt, and soil. So being in a jet makes them at the very least nervous, and at worst outright panicking. As such they are substandard aircraft pilots and should honestly be kept the hell away from any sort of jet aircraft, they’ll probably end up crashing it unless you give them a few years to adjust.

Nuclear weapons? N
Biological weapons? N
Chemical weapons? Y
Space based weapons? N

Relative technology level- Choose one: Atomic age
Technological advantage:
And That’s How a Tank is Made! - Pangolins are natural mechanics, spending their lives working around technicals, ad-hoc IFVs, and jerry-rigged fighter jets that they have to keep up and even make from scratch with just scrap and raw wit. As such they have a technical aptitude for creating, augmenting, and tinkering with their vehicles during both peace and wartime to create militia armoured cars and vehicles which are damn near on par with professional military vehicles even if they are hard to maintain.

Technological disadvantage:
Oh God It’s All Falling Apart – Their tendency to ad-hoc most things catches up with the Yunans, with their assembly lines, mines, and foundries suffering major accidents on occasion as something that should have been repaired properly was instead jerry rigged by workers and then exploded when it broke next. This also means that such mechanized facilities are prone to further breakdowns when under attack, and only subtle sabotage is necessary to render key facilities useless for months.

Internet access: Good
Dominate Transportation Method: Cars
Television access: Good

This is a community NPC, and as such can be used by anyone with reasonable intentions and ideas. The Yunans are tantamount survivors, and have turned to the militant doctrines of fascism in order to facilitate their continued survival. They are a strong, dedicated, and loyal people with a keen hatred of their feline neighbours to the north, their reptilian ones to the east, and the mixed ones to the southwest.

What is your nations history? (Note: please get in contact with other nations whom are near where you are on the map to figure out common past events)

-Relations to other nations-
Tikult’Kal - Hostile, armed forces patrol the border
Mina - Tense, ceasefire has been recently renewed but the wounds are still fresh
Bulzia - Friendly, everyone loves oil and the Bulzians supply it in ample amounts
Salnai – Neutral, the slavers and their ilk stay away and the Yunans like it that way
Aluez - Neutral, the Yunan government is watching the new government in New Eden and judging them
Aatuylva - Tense, ancestral hatred dies hard, really hard
Felcalut - Friendly, the cats helped to supply the Pangolin Freedom Fighters in the last war; a great debt is owed to them
Forraya – Neutral, the laidback nature of the Forrayans will come back to bite them in the ass and Yunans do not want nor need that sort of influence on their citizenry

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character-
Democracy, liberty, and fascism for all! The Yunan people are an upstanding example that such doctrines can go very right, if the people and government have the right incentives. The people are cared for, given as many privileges and luxuries the government can afford while still keeping them safe and expanding the economy. Likewise there are free and fair elections, with a harsh and all-encompassing anti-corruption constitution that ensures that most any politician out for personal gain will quickly find himself the target of a firing squad.

The threat of their neighbours doesn’t make Yunans glum, and they hold many festivals and celebrations in honour of the many many many times they have narrowly avoided genocide, gained their freedom, and carved out a new homeland. Newcomers from foreign nations are always welcome, assuming they aren’t from Aatuylva, Kalia, or Mina.

A drive down the street in a Yunan city is quite the sight. Buildings are painted bright and cheery colours, low to the ground and built half-underground, with a technical parked in the driveway. They present a dichotomy of living life to its fullest and being ever prepared for when they have to fight for that very enjoyment tooth and talon.

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