NPC: The Celestial Empire of Mina

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NPC: The Celestial Empire of Mina

Post by Vipra » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:48 pm

Name: Vipra, Aatuylva, Everyone Else
Name of your Nation: The Celestial Empire of Mina
Type of Government: Absolute Monarchy
Political Leaders: Celestial Empress Nai’Ma’Chan Komodus
Population: 34 million
Population Composition: 87% Monitor Lizard (varied), 11% Mammalian (27% pangolin, 23% lupine, 16% feline, 11% lemurs, 8% procyonid, 7% cervid, 5% cetacean, 3% ursine), 2% Other
Major Cultures:
Vara’Komo (Upper Aristocracy)
Vara’Nil (Aristocracy)
Vara’Ben (Middle Class)
Vara’Exan (Lower Class)
Ma’Caen (Mammals)

Major Religions:
Va’Domus (Religion of the upper strata)
Va’Kritchen (Religion of the lower strata)
Ma’Namun (the lumped together faiths of the mammals)

Civil Service: Favouritism
Policing: Moderate
Justice: Political Judiciary

Type: Capitalist
Focus: People
Major exports: Industrial products, processed steel, coffee, and fine silk.
Major imports: Foreign-made light industrial products, advanced weaponry, and exotic perishables.
Currency: The Niliat
Trade Procedure: Trade is handled by Vara’Ben merchant families, and have heavy tariffs and other measures that ensure the Royal Family makes a profit.
Economic Cycles: Every Few Years
Misc Information: Mina practices mercantilism

Social Leanings: Conservative
Economic Leanings: Capitalistic
Democratic Leanings: Totalitarian - An absolute monarchy with a sprawling bureaucracy.
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Moderate
Activism/Engagement: Some
Multicultural? Xenophobic
Religiousness: Religious (Many Faiths)
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media Unfriendly
General Public Health: Good
Unrest: Some

Volunteer only? Y
Mandatory Service? N
Military strengths (list 3):
Born for Blood - A strong and dedicated military caste makes up the heart of the Minan armed forces, raised from a young age to fill military roles and often far surpassing soldiers from other nations in martial arts, weapon handling, and vehicular control.

For Queen and Country - With their fancy uniforms, excellent equipment, and undying devotion to the Empress the Minan armed forces are not lacking in dignity and patriotism. This lends a certain espirit de corps that follows with the traditions of the nation, meaning they tend to fight more viciously and far harder against mammalian foes.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble - A large number of women serve in the Minan military, serving in a tertiary role. The Minans never left the stage of ‘comfort women’ and camp followers and instead integrated them into the armed forces as a combination of medics, logistics, and morale boosters. They keep the armed forces running smoothly without taxing manpower, as well as keeping morale and discipline up on the battlefield.

Military weaknesses (list 3):
The Old Ways are the Best - Due to their military caste, the Minans are slow to adapting and adopting new tactics; jet aircraft and submarines are still relatively new to them and are still pushed to the wayside by traditionalist commanders.

At Least it Looks Good - Man, do the Minans know how to make a tank look pimp. Gold inlay, flowing curves, and even the coaxial mount has nice red cushioning for the gunner. Too bad this weakened the integrity a bit, weakening the overall sturdiness of their vehicles, but that is the price of being fabulous.

Oh Good Gods Anything but a Hill! - the Minan Royal Armed Forces are monitors, they don’t mind fighting in jungles or swamps or even savannah. But hills man, hills make them dread any assault. They are not built for marching and charging such climbs, and suffer more than any human would, often reaching the top dilapidated and weak or in the back of a vehicle that will be a bullet magnet al the way up.

Nuclear weapons? N
Biological weapons? N
Chemical weapons? Y
Space based weapons? N

Relative technology level: information age
Technological advantage:
All I See is Green - Due to mandates from the Celestial Empress all fossil fuel plants and foundries have to maintain a degree of eco-friendliness, and the researchers and industrialists of the nations did not disappoint. They created and perfected new designs which are cleaner but just as efficient, and covetously guard the secret of how they work in order to maintain their monopoly on ‘green’ industry.

Technological disadvantage:
That is an Interesting Byproduct - The process of making their industrial plants run ‘green’ has less to do with not making waste and more with transferring it to a more solid, or rather liquid, form. The gel waste is highly hazardous, and can easily poison a water system. Spills of this waste have been attributed to oil spills, but the damage to the environment, both long and short term, far surpasses that of crude or processed oils. In regions where the byproduct has been spilled or stockpiled there are higher rates of stillborns, infant mortality, sterility, and cancer of all kinds.

Internet access: Poor
Dominate Transportation Method: Cars for upper strata, trains for middle and lower stratas
Television access: Good

This is a community NPC, and as such can be used by anyone with reasonable intentions and ideas. It is a modernized monarchy, so keep that in mind, and lends towards stories/arcs of oppression and racial disputes.

What is your nations history? (Note: please get in contact with other nations whom are near where you are on the map to figure out common past events)

-Relations to other nations-
Tikult’Kal - Hostile, armed forces patrol the border
Yuna - Tense, ceasefire has been recently renewed but the wounds are still fresh
Bulzia - Tense, religious disputes are a growing issue though trade cools heating tempers
Salnai - Friendly, trade is lively, with a hefty black market trade in pressganged mammals providing a hefty bounty of wealth for the Celestial Empress’ private trading corporation.
Aluez - Neutral, the Minan government is watching the new government in New Eden and judging them
Aatuylva - Friendly, trade is lively and thus keeps tensions low and spirits high (even though the Aatuylvans are dirty mammals)
Felcalut - Hostile, sporadic border conflict with the foul mammals and their dismally small brained king
Forraya - Friendly, scales are ever a sign of civility and the Forrayans are excellent for exploiti- er – trading with

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character-
Mina’s royal family is ancient, the oldest unbroken dynasty on the planet. This is thanks to the dual factors of the royal line’s innate cunning, and the fact that the Empress only ever procreates via parthenogenesis. There is no question as to parentage, or any viable claim to the throne from other dynasties, and the intelligence and natural wit of the Empress passes down unbroken through the ages yet with more modern education and training each generation.

A highly traditional nation, Mina is still keeping pace technologically. However it blends the two near seamlessly, and if one were to walk the streets they would only slowly notice that the old roles still remain. Aristocrats retain their swathes of land as the burghers and middle class handle trade and the crafts, the lower class and mammals filling out labour. This leads to a society that is not backwards yet is still rich in culture.

Racism is a part of life, in an apartheid sense. Mammals are biased against by the ruling and majority monitor lizards, as they see mammals as “violent, brutal, and primal” and thus see oppressing them as a sort of ‘guidance’ to a more civilized state. The mammals, of course, do not appreciate this. This leads to mammal refugees fleeing, often buying way onto sapient trafficking ships which, unbeknownst to them, are actually slave ships heading to Salnai.

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