NPC: The Most Serene Kingdom of Felcalut

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NPC: The Most Serene Kingdom of Felcalut

Post by Vipra » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:49 pm

Name: Vipra, Aatuylva, Everyone Else
Name of your Nation: The Most Serene Kingdom of Felcalut
Type of Government: Feudal Monarchy
Political Leaders:
King Peouis (XI) Antoinip Katlouine Istjophene de Lajuan-Charlais et Catha (Orange Peke Persian)
Princess Elisacet Mari Dutoine Gastona de Lajuan-Charlais et Catha (Turkish Angora)
Favourite Jeoffory Caolbert (Ginger Tabby)
Advisor ‘Rat-tail’ Calippe Nantoine(Sphynx)

Population: 32 million
Population Composition: 93% feline (domesticated cat breeds), 3% feline (wild cat breeds), 2% rodents, 1% lupine, 1% other
Major Cultures:
Minan Refugee

Major Religions:
Christianity (localized)

Civil Service: Nepotism
Policing: Community Based
Justice: Frontier Justice

Type: Mixed
Focus: Production, foodstuffs
Major exports: Grain, potatoes, other cereal crops, livestock, furniture, and leather goods
Major imports: luxury perishables, industrial equipment, china goods, and textiles
Currency: The Caund
Trade Procedure: Trade is handled by the local lords, with each selling the goods produced by their serfs and paying the king taxes.
Economic Cycles: Yearly
Misc Information: The economic cycle depends on their crops and livestock, and trade is handled quite locally with deals needing to be arranged with each lord and baron on a case by case basis.

Social Leanings: Conservative
Economic Leanings: Capitalistic
Democratic Leanings: Totalitarian - Feudal Monarchy with an absolute monarch
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Limited
Activism/Engagement: None
Multicultural? None
Religiousness: Religious (Single Faith)
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media Opposed
General Public Health: Poor
Unrest: Some

Volunteer only? N
Mandatory Service? Y (Each lord can draft as many militia and soldiers from among his retainers, serfs, and yeomen on his land as he wants)
Military strengths:
Our Land, Our Fight - Espirit de corps is beyond reasonable for Felcalutians fighting on their homeland, as they are often fighting in the very cities and regions they call home and thus retreating or deserting is not an option. Where others would lose their will to fight and would break, Felcalutians on the defensive will hold the line so well it would make the British Empire have a tear in its’ eye.

An Army Marches on its Belly – Where other nations have to worry of food supply, Felcalutian soldier can near always rely on having a massive supply of grain, beef, and pork to eat. Grain depots are common and well supplied, supply lines are easy to establish given their large trading network, and their farms are always growing more food.

Raise the Banner High - Being a highly uneducated lot, most not even able to read and write, seeing the good ol’ banner waving over the battlefield is inspiring. Even if that banner is on the back of a tank. Still, it inspires the men to fight harder and stronger, and never to let their regimental banner fall into enemy hands.

Military weaknesses:
What do you Mean I Have to Drive This Thing? - Most Felcalutians have a hard time learning to drive and manage piloting vehicles when they have likely never driven a car before in their life and a good number haven’t even driven a tractor. So being taught to drive a tank, helicopter, or even technical is an arduous task for any and all drill sergeants and trainers.

I am Just a Peasant! - Training is expensive these days, you can expect to put at least a few hundred grand down upon a single good soldier in training, housing, and food before they are considered ‘up to par’ with modern nations. Felcalutian lords guffaw at this and instead draft lots and lots of peasants and yeomanry when war comes, only their personal guard having proper equipment.

And lo’ Down Falls the Banner - Should a regiment fail to keep its banner they will suffer a dreadful blow to morale, and if they are fighting away from their home region or in foreign lands will often fall back or even route depending on how well the rest of the battle is going.

Nuclear weapons? N
Biological weapons? Y
Chemical weapons? N
Space based weapons? N

Relative technology level- Choose one: electric age
Technological advantages:
Green Thumb - Felcalutians have a long history tied to their land and the success of the crops it grows. It is only natural then that they focussed on fertilizers, both mined and synthetic, in an attempt to pull ever more crops from the earth. Their efforts have paid off with long lasting fertilizers that allow them to grow large and healthy crops, allowing them to have vast fields of grain and barely that stretch beyond the limit of the eye in an ocean of swaying golden stalks.

Technological disadvantage:
Mass What Now? - Just about the only thing that Felcalutians are good at mass producing is fertilizer, grain, and pigs. Their industry suffers incredibly, with a heavy handed cottage economy instead of industrial mass production. As such most things are made by mechanics and engineers in assembly lines at best, and even that is for farming tools and such things most of the time. Even the military is mostly either locally made, knives and uniforms often forged and sown in their barracks, and the guns imported.

Internet access: poor (only lords and other nobility can afford this luxury)
Dominate Transportation Method: trains
Television access: poor (common among yeomen, freemen, and others of the middle and upper classes though it is nonexistent among the serfs)

This is a community NPC, and as such can be used by anyone with reasonable intentions and ideas. Felcalut is a backwards and conservative feudal monarchy, with a rich culture and larger than life nobility. It should be a place of fantastic romance, adventure, and daring do; always King Peouis XI ruefully shaking his fat fist at the gall of these peasants and foreigners.

What is your nations history? (Note: please get in contact with other nations whom are near where you are on the map to figure out common past events)

-Relations to other nations-
Mina - Hostile, sporadic conflict with the wretched lizards and their hag queen
Bulzia - Neutral, a non-aggression pact and trade keep relations amicable
Salnai - Friendly, trade is lively, with a hefty black market trade in serfs and refugees providing a hefty bounty of wealth for the lords and taxes for the king
Aluez - Neutral, the monarchy is watching the new government in New Eden and judging them
Tikult’Kal - Hostile, overt Kalian threats to end the system of vassalage and serfdom in Felcalut have not gone over well with King Peouis XI
Aatuylva - Neutral, trade is fair and they are on the other side of New Eden, so they feel they have little to worry about
Yuna - Friendly, the pangolin rebels only just recently fought the reptiles and gave them a good thrashing; in part thanks to food shipments from Felcalut
Forraya - Tense, such a den of debauchery and sin; and so close! It is good they are just reptiles and fish, that is expected of their sinner kind

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character-
Serfdom is alive and flourishing in this nation, with vast swathes of the land, and all the best farmland, owned by lords. Tied to the land are serfs, polite and fashionable slaves as it were, and they form the workforce of the nation and their title as ‘serfs’ instead of ‘slaves’ assuages the guilt of those foreigners that undoubtedly eat the grain they grow while serving in bondage to their baron or count.

The landscape of Felcalut is very rural, idyllic even, with vast flowing fields of grain and barely, game animals filling the forests, and many friendly faces in the villages and towns that are spread across the nation. Unlike so many of the nations in the region is has the appearance of peace, no brandishing of guns or other such things.

The royal family, the dynasty of Lajuan-Charlais et Catha, goes back several centuries following the union of the two leading families of Felcalut as they joined together to oust the last dynasty in a matter of succession; their relationship was solidified by marriage and thus the dynasty began. In modern times the royal family only has two members, fertility becoming an issue as they became more and more inbred, with only the King and his beautiful daughter the last members of the family after her mother died in childbirth.

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