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Forum Rules

Post by Archimage » Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:34 pm

General Conduct:
  • Personal attacks on any member for any reason are not ok. It does matter how much they aggravated you, if they started it, or anything. Just leave it to the mods and admins to deal with.
  • Think before you post! Read your post over in your mind. Is it okay, not too over the top, crazy, bad worded, offensive? Sometimes we can get a little crazy in IRC, but not on the forums.
  • Keep it spoilered. Any material that would be rated M or R needs to be in a spoiler tag. If it's PG-13, fine. We're not as restrictive as Proboards, but there is no reason for us to post like children.
  • No spamming! At all. Any. Whatsoever. Spamming is bad.
  • No warez! Warez are anything illegally downloaded, including you talking about things you just torrented, how to get them for free, anything. This is a legal issue.
  • Don't ask to be a moderator or an administrator. If we need another mod or admin, we will ask you. Begging us to be one only lowers your chance of being one.
Punishment will be given out at the staff's discretion.
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