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Post by The_ASE » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:11 am

Culture "Purge" Begins Under Chancellor's Order
Commonwealth Broadcasting
Chancellor Soldavini was never an exceptionally popular leader, owing mostly to the fact that, while human, he is of the more distrusted Talonian species. That may change in the near future as the Chancellor announces the end of non-Haromian culture within New Gracaria through a self-described "culture purge". He sees Remnoran culture and even Talonian culture as inferior to that of what the Haromians have achieved, and sees Haromian culture as exactly what New Gracaria needs. Soldavini went as far as to hint at it being what the world needs.

To anyone that knows anything about Haromian culture, they know it's a brutal, though oddly civilized type of culture. Haromian culture is very honor based, with duels (rarely to the death) over insults commonplace. Religion is also a key part of Haromian culture and typically intertwines itself in government. Military power is emphasized, with special rights given to soldiers and veterans such as the right to vote and hold office. On the home front, however, things are much more normal, as Haromians place special emphasis on the family and providing for the next generation.

There is also bad that comes with the little good. Haromian culture is also very strict. Dress codes generally enforce a formal style of clothing and deviation from that is rarely accepted, and sometimes even invokes outright violence against the deviant. Due to religion, there's a strict idea of what a family should be and, until the Remnorans joined the Empire, only a married couple - comprising of a man and woman - were considered to be a true family. Anything else was generally the recipient of violence and lynch mobs, due to the fact that it didn't create a new generation of soldiers and taxpayers.

While that's the more extreme issues with Haromian culture, there are some minor things. Nightclubs and the like are being shutdown across New Gracaria due to "a sinful and society decaying atmosphere". Bars are being regulated, banning alcohol due to its negative effects. To showcase the Commonwealth's military power, there will be annual military parades done in the traditional Haromian way.

Of course, this may also just be a way for Soldavini to enforce his personal beliefs upon the country - most notably his particular hatred for homosexuals and nonhumans - as his power grows stronger by the day. In doing this, and allowing humans to regain true control over New Gracaria, Soldavini may have a clear shot at winning the election again and prompting further changes.

Emperor Xaimoungkhoun has had no comment on this so far.

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