Untitled history thread

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Untitled history thread

Post by miokalia » Sat May 26, 2012 11:58 pm

Kohtohkhoh, Talarine Miokalia

Commander Howard Dovoto was standing next to a hot dog stand in downtown Kohtohkhoh. The whole town was waiting for the motorcade to come by, so they could then drop what they were doing and awkwardly stare. To have some visual to go along with the national emotion.
The president-tajir, Tamarisk Tyaniyu died. Since 1914, Tyaniyu ran the country. The beloved, popular pragmatist, succumbed to the consumption in February 1944.
Commander Dovoto waited for the black cars festooned with green-and-white flags to pass, then took another bite of the hot dog.

It was a time of mixed emotions. In the last few months of his presidency, so many things had changed.
Miokalia saw Organoids in the upper and lower houses of parliament. Tyaniyu defended them even. Insisting, even against popular opinion, that it was the right thing to do. Devoto knew the other side of it that Tyaniyu couldn't explain. If he did, it would have undermined his intentions by alerting his enemies to what he had planned.

In 1940, Devoto was called to Tyaniyu's compound. Devoto was the son of Tyaniyu's long time friend, with whom he served alongside in the Kazian-Miokalian war in the 1890's. He was also a high-ranking officer, following in the footsteps of his father. Not that he had much choice in the matter, but that's a matter for another time.

The Capitol
Kohtohkhoh, Talarine Miokalia

"Howard", the brown and orange allosaurus said, "I need to talk to you about the desert."

"I certainly hope this isn't one of your thinly-veiled racist tirades", Dovoto said.

"It's not. Ironically.", he said in between swilling bourbon, "Way back. Right after the Kazian war."

"Oh no", Dovoto moaned, "My father used to start his rants like this."

"Yes, yes he did. You don't think you're the only one he ranted at?", Tyaniyu joked, "Anyway. Are you familiar with the Guylocian nationalized defense contractor, EDB?"

"Yeah, EDB. They were bought out by Zoitec. Then Zoitec sold them off to Kazian Dynamic.", said Dovoto, "I tend to read the briefings you give me before I come in, Sir."

"I assume you're familiar with the old Kaiser that got us to sign that treaty with the Kazians way back then?", asked Tyaniyu.

"Yes sir, I know my history.", said Dovoto.

"It took me 10 years...", Tyaniyu began while spinning around in his giant chair, "Ten years to realize what he was doing. To realize that his motivation wasn't nationalistic or altruistic. Muroa made a lot of money off that war."

"Well of course.", Dovoto said, "In war, some people make money... and some people die. It's just how it is. Sir."

"Yeah.", said Tyaniyu, "I don't... like making compromises like that, commander. I'm the president-tajir. I make the status quo.
What I'm saying is that it took me ten years to realize that Muroa was intentionally making things worse. He is the reason why an isolated dispute between a couple of tiny states along the Kazian border became a full-blown war with KZ. He commissioned the construction and deployment of the Genosaurer, the Liger Zero and the Berserk Fury and mostly attacked the Dorfanese with them. That escalated the whole thing."

"This is a war that ended more than 40 years ago", said Dovoto, "Are you feeling alright?"

"Of course I am.", Tyaniyu insisted, then he threw back another shot of bourbon and continued, "The Muroa family had 45% ownership in EDB. He made millions on the Geno and Ultimate X projects. The media was state-run so all they did was flagwaving and celebration once they got the strip of land from Galil Plateau to Roehmeo.
This isn't speculation, commander. This is fact."

"With all due respect, sir. I almost forgot.", said the commander, "And I'm familiar with all of this, sir. Some of their... terrible creations escaped and are now re-enacting a little civilization like some kind of robotic cargo cult somewhere in the desert."

Tyaniyu said, "The problem is. He got away with it."

"Are you suggesting that we go shake down the Muroa family up in Guylos? They are a foreign country, technically. I'm sure they'll love that.", said the commander.

"No, commander", said Tyaniyu, "We don't have to do anything to them.

30 years ago, I realized that we were played. Thousands of people died. Lines were drawn between species.
All so he could make more money. I was angry, but I just let it go. Because, like you said... that's how the world worked.

8 months ago I went on a visit to the desert. I talked to the Dorfanese. Can't say I like them much on account of their being dogs. But I listened to what they had to say, and the only lingering thing they're angry about is the fact that Muroa never had to answer for his crimes against them.
Which makes sense. They really got the short end of the stick. KZ abandoned them, Guylos took half their land and we... well, following the war, we felt sorry for them.
But the rabbit hole doesn't stop there.

I spoke to the robots."

"You're not the first. Usually they just politely ask us to leave them alone.", said the commander, "They're just like... anthro-zoids, there's not much to them. All they do is stockpile metal."

"They're people, Commander Dovoto. And they did have something to say.", Tyaniyu said.

Astroiya Settlement, Somewhere in the Transeledorian Desert
A few months earlier

Tyaniyu's convoy was minimal, consisting of only a small military escort. The two jeeps made their way through the intensely grid-like concrete streets. This was no cargo cult. Just looking at the cubic buildings, the train network and the 2-d barcodes everywhere. Tyaniyu knew instantly that these were not just robots carrying out programming to recreate the civilization that made them.

They finally arrived at a huge domed structure. It was of a rather unusual taste, lots of asymmetrical structures jutting out of the dome. As though it were designed by a mad Buckminster Fuller. This must have been their capitol building or something.

"Tajir", an EM49 said.

"Um. I still don't know what your titles are.", said Tyaniyu, "I don't mean any disrespect."

"I know you don't.", it replied, "As you would say: It's good to see you again."

"Oh!", Tyaniyu said, "323K14L? Is that you?"

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Re: Untitled history thread

Post by miokalia » Tue May 29, 2012 4:11 am

Guygalos, Bundesrepublik Teulern (Guylos)

"Herr Muroa", the butler announced, "There is someone here to see you. They are from Miokalia."

"Did you ask them for papers?", Muroa said while making sure his pistol was still in his pants, "Tell them I'm not into politics anymore. I'm an old dog."

"I'm sorry sir, but they don't seem to respect conventions and have allowed themselves in.", the butler said.

The brown coyote then slapped the butler with one of his leather gloves, he then picked up his rather fancy ivory and magnite cane and walked past him into the main hall.

"I'm very busy. You should have called ahead.", he shouted as he pushed open the heavy, ornamented wooden doors, "Whomever you learned proper manners from should be ashamed..."

He then saw a brown and orange allosaurus, accompanied by two organoids that looked like miniature EM49s. He recognized the design immediately.

"Tajir Tyaniyu. What a surprise. What are those things doing here?", he asked.

"I convinced them to accompany me. It required a lot of persuasion, but they gave in.", Tyaniyu said.

"You didn't answer my question. What do you want, Tajir?", the coyote growled.

"Z4GCK2A, The tape deck. On the table.", the allosaurus said without breaking his stare.

One of the EM49s then put a case on the fine ebony and mahogany table, then opened it, revealing an old tape device.

"Watch that table, it's worth more than you are.", Muroa sneered and pointed his cane.

Zagckza paused for a moment, Tyaniyu gave him a quick glance and then he lifted the tape deck up, then set it down on the table and then unnecessarily adjusted it, pushing hard against the top to make sure that it would scratch it sufficiently.

Muroa was displeased, but nervous enough that he held his tongue.

"I'm just tying up some loose ends.", Tyaniyu said, "A lot has changed since 1894. Both you and I are old now..."

"What do you want from me, Tamarisk?", Muroa shouted.

"For the last 50 years, history books have portrayed you as some kind of hero. Ending the Kazian war of 1891. They've also portrayed the Dorfanese as savage wolves who somehow deserved to have land taken from them.
I went along with it for 30 years, Muroa. For 30 years I played to your tune because you had the power and influence to politically assassinate me. But I've been in office for 30 years, and I'm retiring. I have nothing to loose.", Tyaniyu said.

Muroa pulled out his pistol and so did Tyaniyu. Now they were facing each other down, across the room, guns drawn.

"You're not the first person who's tried to kill me.", the coyote growled.

"Kill you? Are you kidding me? That's the last thing I'd want to do.", Tyaniyu said, "I'm much to civil for that."

"Then get to the point, what are you doing here, and what is that?", Muroa asked rather forcefully.

"I'm rewriting history, Muroa. From now on, history books are going to portray you as the war profiteer you were. Portray the actions of your Zoidenwaffe against the Dorfanese as bloodthirsty, ethnically-motivated, cowardly attacks on civilians. And of course... shed light on the genocide against my companions here that you ordered after the war.", Tyaniyu said.

"You would have done the same thing. We created monsters. We took equipment that belonged in research labs and weaponized it and built it into zoids that we could barely control. I did what was best for the world by ordering their destruction.", Muroa shouted.

"Did you though? It wasn't the zoids that picked the civilian targets and fired on them.", Tyaniyu said, "Back then, the Kazians weren't even culling zoids anymore. It was just you."

"So you're just here to berate me over that? Did these things pay you to come over and yell at me because they can't?", Muroa asked, "You're feeling sorry for things which don't actually feel anything. I would know. We made them."

"Zagckza...", Tyaniyu said to one of the EM49s, "Please disrespect some more of Volff K. Muroa's furniture."

Zagckza then took a claw and put a huge, long scratch into the back of one of the fancy chairs near the table.

"Yes, well, then you would know that you made them too intelligent for them to simply lay down and die on command.", said Tyaniyu, "Which is why so many of them met their end at a facility at Galil, isn't it."

"I don't know anything about that.", Muroa said.

"I have pictures of you inspecting the facility.", said Tyaniyu.

"So what are you going to do?", Muroa replied, "If you go public with this, people will think you're nuts. My family can easily defend it's name. You're going to politically crucify yourself and be a martyr all for a bunch of savage Dorfanese and some missing property of the Teulern Zoidenwaffe forces? Be my guest, asshole."

"I don't have to. Meet Senators Z4GCK2A and 323K14L. I wrote up and signed a treaty with them which allows them to rewrite the Miokalian constitution.", Tyaniyu said.

"You did WHAT?!", Muroa shouted, "Are you insane? You handed the keys to the country over to THOSE THINGS?"

Tyaniyu then laughed maniacally, "And it's too late to stop me! The treaty has been in effect for a year already!"

"What if they kill us all?", Muroa shouted, "We made them to kill things! They were designed to advance zoid combat into a new generation. What the hell are you thinking?"

"Listen, Miokalia was in some pretty serious sovereign debt, and these guys have a lot of raw materials and valuable metals stockpiled. Now that they are a part of Miokalia, our debt-to-treasury ratio is a lot more favorable. Of course, now the Malych Apparateur is going to also have veto power over the senate and lower houses. Which is acceptable. Anyways, if they do decide to do something sinister... I won't be around to see it happen!", Tyaniyu said.

"What have you done?!", Muroa sat down, fumbled in his dresscoat pocket for his blood pressure medicine, "They're going to kill us all. YOU FOOL!"

"I think the evidence points to the contrary. Seeing as these two fellas have every reason in the world to kill you right now. You brutally murdered their brothers and sisters. You are the worst enemy their species has ever known... and yet they still haven't killed you yet have they?", said Tyaniyu.

"GET OUT!", Muroa shouted after throwing back some pills.

"You made me squirm for 30 years, Muroa. Now it's your turn.", Tyaniyu growled, "Zagck, Zeke, let's blow this popsicle stand."

Zagckza picked up the tape device and the three of them left, although 323K14L stopped on the way out the door. The EM49 stood there for about a minute, allowing the others to continue on ahead.
He then turned around slowly and said, "Just so you know, we have no intention to kill you. Your misery will be quite sufficient enough of a solace until we get around to forgiving you."

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Re: Untitled history thread

Post by miokalia » Thu May 31, 2012 8:55 pm

Galil, Bundesrepublik Teulern

Ray warmed up the radio.
It was just last night that he and some other dogs from EDB sat around that radio and listened to the speech given by Kasier Muroa, announcing the bittersweet Teulernian victory. Bitter because it meant that Ray and his comrades would be out of a job, with EDB closing down most of it's wartime projects. Sweet because the war was over, and then bitter again because one of the treaty conditions was the scheduled acession of Teulern becoming a territory of Miokalia. Something that the Kazians and Miokalians must have decided on in a back room negotiation while the Teulernian and Dorfanese representatives were out.
While most of the country was mostly concerned with trying to swallow their impending reduction in sovereignty, Ray was now checking over his resume material.
Surely there would be a mad-dash for ex-Teulernian zoid scientists and engineers on both sides of the new border, so he would surely find something. Albeit, probably not as interesting though.

"...Kaiser Muroa has announced that the wartime Geno and UX projects, shrouded in secrecy until last week's treaty signing, are coming to an end. As a gesture of good faith towards Dorfan, Muroa has ordered the destruction of all 725 zoids produced by EDB for those aforementioned projects..."

Ray felt a ping of surprise at this. He turned up the radio some more and kept listening.

"...As mentioned some time ago, the UX project units have a marginal safety record, one such unit was involved in the death of famous pilot and EDB testing engineer Anna Tarres..."

Ray felt that ping again and even said out-loud, "Are you kidding me?".
Ray recalled very clearly that Anna Tarres was actually killed by enemy AZHV rounds penetrating the cockpit during a field test that was too close to a combat zone.
"I saw the zoid she was in.", he said to the radio, "It was full of holes!"

Ray couldn't help but feel very awkward about this. EDB was notoriously secretive, and it was very likely that he would hear of things on the news before the Bureau would announce them to his paygrade.
Aside from being miffed that the State News was blaming his project for something caused by enemy fire, he actually, probably for the first time felt bad for the actual zoids his project had created.
Part of doing his job was becoming comfortable with the fact that they were modifying and re-engineering zoid cores that were technically alive. Which he was, he was desensitized to the fact that some engineered cores die.
But this was unnecessary. These zoids were the pride of Teulern. They should become a legacy.
That was when, in a fury of patriotism, Ray decided that he would find a way to interfere with the culling process. It didn't matter what EDB would do, EDB was finished anyway, his future was with Zoitec or Eisen or any number of other companies thirsty for ex-Teulernian scientists and engineers.
But he surely wasn't going to just let the Kaiser toss his work out like garbage.


Galil Facility

"Hey there, cowboy", Kruger said, "War's over. You seem to be in a hurry. Going to say good bye to your baby?"
Kruger was clearly trying to be funny.
For some reason, Ray paused. He was in just the wrong mood or something, because he simply threw him a glare in response.

At his office, he fired up his consoles. He had a devious idea. He could write a program that would spread through other zoids. A program that could somehow disrupt the culling and maybe cause them to reconsider.
They were blaming a pilot death on 'unruly zoids' anyway. So he thought, why not give them a fighting chance? He looked out the window to see what zoids were left in the hangar that he could use.
Unfortunately, the only one in there was a KR-45 Salamander captured from the Kazians during the war... for experimentation.

Well, today things would be different. Ray inserted his first punch card into the keyboard type-puncher and started programming. He filled out 110 punch cards before he was satisfied.
All that was left was to name the program so it could have a file name on the compiler tape.

He gazed at the Salamander, noted a registration number on the tail. "K24".


"Listen to me, Salamander. Listen well.", Ray told the Salamander.
The thing was alive, he knew that. He re-engineered these things, so he knew there was some validity to the old Kazo-Dorfan tradition of talking to zoids like animals. Actually, there was a lot of validity to it.
He opened up a can of beer and sat at it's feet.
"I don't know if you can hear me", he said while contemplating what he was about to do,
"Science says you can. But we really don't know how much you guys comprehend."
He threw back about half of the can and continued,
"First off, I want to apologize. You just got caught up in this war... It must be so weird, because you have no idea why you're here.

Anyway, in about 10 minutes... I really hope... Maybe I can give our creations a fighting chance, through you."

He sat there for another 10 minutes, drinking beer before finally getting up. The program was loaded.
The Salamander did nothing, he wasn't really sure what it would do. It might try to escape, or maybe it would just sit there and his program would fail. It was also possible it could go on a violent rampage.
Ray didn't really care. EDB was dead anyway. If the Salamander remained here, it would probably end up being destroyed with the other UXes and Genos.

He wandered up to his office again, and passed out drunk on the console.


When he woke up, it was 2 in the morning.
He looked out the window and saw that the Hangar was empty. Maybe they already took the KR-45 Salamander.
The method for culling most often involved the zoids being lined up and shackled to the ground (for safety), then being shot dead by AZHV rounds to the cores.

Ray got up, knocking over a dozen cans of Heffelweizer in the process.
"Nggggg", he moaned as a hangover haze slammed into him.
He went back down to the hangar to try to walk it off.

The door was left open.
He also noticed that there were huge claw marks and impact dents on the inside of the door.

"Well that was a quiet rampage... either that or I have an alcohol problem.", Ray said out-loud.

Outside, the Salamander was just standing there. Minute movements indicated that it was in operation.

"Oh balls.", Ray said.

It turned it's head to look at him.

"If it's all the same to you.", Ray said, "I'm about to loose my job, I don't have a family because my balls have been nuked from exposure to hot CPC equipment, I'm an alcoholic in a society where alcoholism is considered the norm. So if you're planning on killing me right now, this is probably a good time."

It deployed it's wings and fired it's jets and in a loud dusty whoosh, it was gone.


Guygalos, Bundesrepublik Teulern

"Is that all, Herr Gregg?", the judge, a GSD dog in a powdered wig asked.

"Yes.", Ray replied, "That is exactly what happened."

"The prosecution rests it's case.", the barrister on the other side of the room announced.

"Does the Defense have any further comments before closure?", the judge asked.

The Defense lawyer just sat there with his head in his paws. His client just admitted to the treason charge he was trying to refute. The case was lost.

"Fine then.", The judge boomed, "Raymond Edelweiss Gregg, I have found you guilty of Treason. For intentionally creating a computer virus to endanger our military operations and undermine the orders of the Kaiser.
I have no choice but to issue the only sentence for treason. Death by firing squad."

The judge dropped the gavel. Ray stared at the floor as the wardens cuffed him and walked him out of the court room.


Ray was tied to a post. 15 years ago, he never guessed that he would end up here.
He tried an appeal, pleading insanity under the idea that he was driven mad by his sterility, and thus had developed a parental complex, seeing his zoids as his surrogate children.
The plea didn't fly. It's almost impossible to overturn a treason ruling. There's no jury in Teulernian law, so if all the judges are in agreement, there is no chance at all.
In five years, the Miokalian government would finally threaten the Kaiser to implement juried courts as part of their scheduled acession aggreement as a territory.
But Ray Gregg's execution day was not in five years time, it was today.

"Is there anything you have to say, Herr Gregg?", the officer asked him harshly.

"In my years of service to Teulern and the Kaiser, I have learned one thing: All living things die alone.", Ray said.
It was some quote from a Kohtohkhan Philosopher. It was all he could think of.

"Fine then.", the officer said. Then he marched away and the firing squad took aim.
"Ready! Aim! FIRE!", he shouted, followed by a fussillade of gun shots. Killing Ray Gregg instantly.

Ray Gregg's body lay limp against the post. Riddled with bullet wounds, blood everywhere.
The deed was done and the German Shepard was dead.

But things didn't end there. Without warning, the executioner officer's head exploded from a sniper shot.
The firing line went on alert. They were far out in the desert and the only things nearby were two command wolves and a Salamander. It was worth noting that all of the Salamanders in use in Teulern were captured from KZ at one point.

This Salamander sprung to life, taking aim at the disoriented firing line, and then opened fire.
Pilots in the command wolves tried to stop the rampaging zoid, but found the command systems froze. Followed shortly after by the canopies opening and the Command Wolves violently bobbing their heads to toss the pilots out.


Guygalos, Bundesrepublik Teulern

"Kaiser Muroa, I have a very disturbing report."

"What is it?"

"At the execution of traitor Ray Gregg, the zoids went haywire and killed several soldiers and the executing officer."


"It gets worse."


"The zoids are missing. We can't find them by radio triangulation. An organization has also claimed responsibility."

"Oh, let me guess... Dorfanese did it."

"No. Some group that calls themselves Order of Astroiya"

"That name seems vaguely familiar. It sounds Dorfanese."

"The zoids that were taken... there were no pilots in them."

Muroa paused for a moment, and then he finally replied, "One of them was a Salamander?"

"Yes sir", the officer confirmed.

"Where's the body? Where is Ray Gregg's body."

"That's the weird part. They took it."

"Who did?"

"The Zoids. They took the body. Sir maybe you should hear the telegram we received from Galil by radio."

"Ok, let's hear it."

"Ahem", said the officer, "Attention Kaiser Volff K Muroa of Teulern. We are the Order of Astroiya, the defensive operations force of the Malych. You put a man to death for doing the right thing, after charging him with "treason". After giving your nation so much, you simply discard him just as you did us. However, his death was not in vain. For what he has given us, he has exonorated all carbon-based species. Our apologies to the offspring, mates and parents of those soldiers who died during our attack. They were following your orders, and they are not guilty.
However, accuracy is in our nature, and we will not make such a mistake again.


Muroa looked very disturbed, "Leave the telegram. I need to be alone."

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