North-Eastern Defense Coalition Charter

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North-Eastern Defense Coalition Charter

Post by Aatuylva » Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:50 pm

OOC: It should be noted that this is an approximated summary of the spirit of the document, the actual document is over eighty pages long and written in four languages, all in legalese with redundancies to cover loopholes. I can't write fucking legalese, but Stidham can, and he wrote the damn thing.

The increasing instability of the world and the growing belligerence of threats both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial calls for action. In the interests of bringing order and stability, as well as defending from threats both beyond our solar system and within it, a peacekeeping and rapid-reaction force must be established. An organization that improves diplomacy and trade among its members, that protects itself from foreign threats, and can serve to facilitate between other nations on behalf of those it serves, must be brought into being.
We hereby establish the Northeastern Defense Coalition, to provide mutual defense, further diplomatic relations, improve trade between its members, and defend against foreign threats.

There shall be established a Councillii Belli.
A. The council shall be comprised of representatives and commanders from the member-states, elected to this council by their home nations.
1. There shall be three representatives from a member nation. (A science leader, a military leader, and an economic leader.)
2. Any representative shall only serve one nation.
3. All representatives serve at the will of their home nations.
B. The Councillii Belli shall establish a joint intelligence task-force that will coordinate the information gathering and distributing abilities of the member-states so that the NEDC may better protect itself from outside forces.
1. The joint intelligence task force shall serve as an administrative liaison between the varying intelligence organizations of the member-states.
2. The joint intelligence task-force does not have the power to arrest or commandeer individuals or forces for their own use, and instead provides a means for law enforcement agencies to better coordinate arrests of law-breaking individuals to the extent that the member-states laws allow.
C. The Councillii Belli shall establish the Orbital Defense Initiative, an international military organization that will serve as a rapid-reaction force to all threats terrestrial and extra-terrestrial of the NEDC, while remaining neutral to all parties within the Coalition.
1. This ODI shall be pulled from volunteers of sufficient training and will be versed in rapid-deployment and combat in all terrains, air, land, sea, and orbital.
2. The ODI will not force aggression on any nation unless said nation threatens the sovereignty of a member-state of the Coalition.
3. The ODI shall be funded (with approval by the Councillii Belli and member-states) by all NEDC nations.
a. There is no minimum or maximum set amount of funding or support, and the amount given is the decision and purview of the member-states.
4. The member-states can, should they wish, give assets to the ODI for use in the defense of member-nations from threats terrestrial or extra-terrestrial.
a. Assets are broken into two categories: Donated and Loaned.
b. Assets that are Loaned are given to the ODI for a set amount of time (as determined by the donating party) and must be returned after that time is done. Should the ODI require the uses of the asset, they can petition the member-state in question in the hopes of getting a renewal on its use.
c. Assets that are Donated are permanently ceded to the ODI and Coalition joint-forces until such time as they are no longer needed, in case which they will be given back to the contributing nation.
D. The council shall appoint, during times of global or inter-planetary war, a Supreme Commander to oversee and protect the interests of the Coalition as a whole, and to organize a chain of command to better coordinate international military actions.
1. The Supreme Commander holds power only during times of crisis and war, and only concerning strategic theater commands. He holds no power over matters of state or over the decisions the militaries of member-states make when defending themselves from direct invasion.
2. The Supreme Commander reports to the Councilli Belli directly, and, should he be found wanting, shall be removed, all power stripped, and a suitable replacement chosen.
3. The Supreme Commander cannot hold any political office during his term as Supreme Commander, and all applicants in political positions shall be struck from the pools of choices until such time as their political status is removed.

The Coalition shall be limited in its powers.
A. The Coalition does not hold the power to enforce, enact, or otherwise impose laws on any member-state.
1. The laws of any member-state only apply to the citizens of that member-state, unless the member-states in question come to an agreement on the matter.
2. The Councillii Belli cannot issue edicts, proclamations, or otherwise order any of the member-states to conform to anything that does not comply with the laws of said member-states.
B. The Coalition does not have the power to wield the Orbital Defense Initiative against any of its member-nations for any reason other than said member-nation(s) declaring war against the Coalition.
1. The Coalition can, however, upon request, use the Orbital Defense Initiative to supplement a member-state’s own military forces during times of strife.
C. The Coalition DOES have the power to help further trade and growth between the member-states so long as it does not interfere with the cultures, laws, or traditions of said member-state.
1. The Councillii Belli cannot write or enforce laws in order to further this goal, and instead shall serve as a means to facilitate and expedite diplomatic relations and ties between member-states.

Member-states signing this charter immediately become NEDC members and have full voting and membership rights. By signing, they agree to the terms set forth by this Charter. If at any time they attempt to abuse the powers given by this Charter, or otherwise attempt to disrupt the Coalition, the Councilli Belli will convene on whether or not they continue to hold Coalition Member status.

The Councillii Belli has the power to amend this document should the need arise and after a 10/12 majority vote from all members after each case is presented. Should this amendment change one of the fundamental tenements of the Charter, or attempt to create more centralized power, it shall require a unanimous vote from all parties (including the home governments of the member-states).

Member-states can, at any time of their choosing, withdraw from the Coalition for any reason so long as they withdraw their representatives and any citizens from positions within Coalition forces. The Coalition shall help in any ways they can to expedite the process of returning them to their home nation. If any are in positions of power in the Coalition (Supreme Commander, directors of affiliated organizations such as the joint intelligence taskforce) then emergency votes will be held to find suitable replacements with all due haste.

Signatories -
Principality of Holmbergsvania
Confederacy of Aatuylva
Soviet Unitarian Republic of Aluez

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