The Treaty Of Free Nations

For pacts, alliances, and agreements between nations.
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Re: The Treaty Of Free Nations

Post by miokalia » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:12 pm

The Auto-logout feature deleted my massive, thoughtful, 2 page dissertation on The Decline of Democracy in the Northeast and Miokalia's reasoning behind 3 conditions for the signing of any successor to SOTO.

I can't rewrite something like that right after it's deleted like that. So here's Miokalia's conditions for signing such an agreement:

1. Princess Liye is barred from any and all diplomatic activity. (reasoning: she pushed Holmbergsvania towards solidarity with the ASE by threatening them with war over something which warranted a mediated discussion. Now they think the south is out to get them and thus, they have their backs turned to the tide of fascism.)
2. Relations with Aatuylva must be improved. (Aatuylva is historically significant to many Northeast countries and thus, if they hate us too much: we cannot culturally win. Then Aatu will fall to fascism and so will others related to them, like dominoes.)
3. No Sabre-rattling. (Only soft-power will win this fight to defend freedom. As soon as we attack a soverign, democratic country, we become just as bad as the fascists who are taking root there, and thus fascism will have won)

There was also like a massive paragraph about how we don't want to loose Holmbergsvania and Izumo to totalitarianism and how if everyone up there succumbs to the tide of totalitarianism, and Tinis falls, then we have no future. Basically.

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