The Astroturf Rebellion

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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Dec 26, 2007 at 3:38pm
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Post by Kingdoms of Cal on Dec 26, 2007 at 3:38pm
Itka was taken to acta, the home land of the actu. She was dead, well as far as the Malych believed. They had found the remains of a loop, it wasn't much, but enough. It was alive, well looked like it was.

Itka felt herself being pulled out of her shell, what was this? This did not happen.

A spike hit the Calie network as machines all over cal kicked into action, no one knew why.

It was two weeks later, not that Itka knew, her clock cycles had been up and down like a yo yo.

She opened her eyes, she was organic, her claws where there, the grass felt normal as she rubbed her head against it.....she was alive!

Joan knew it was not true....but she knew to let her have her time. She watched Itka run across the fields..."Let her have her time" the actu thinks.

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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Jan 3, 2008 at 5:55pm
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Post by Kingdoms of Cal on Jan 3, 2008 at 5:55pm
Stopped running as she was faced by a leefen in the dress of a priestess she did not stand aside.
"This is not real you know?" she said.
"I am dead?" Itka replied.
"Well the Malych called Itka is dead, but you are not."
"I am Itka! a Malych" she screamed and swiped at the leefen, her claw passed threw.
"What is this place? What are you?" is was Itka ranted
"The same as you now, in time you will join us. It was either let you die or force you to join us."
"Would death be that bad, I was ready for it."
"You had a reason to live, if you didn't you would not be here, would you?"
"Why do I live?"
"You already know that, don't you?"
The actu couldn't help but find it ironic that a Malych had in the end of it willed her self to live. The transition should not have worked, but with all things actu the sprit had kicked in. They were all watching, what was the reason, she didn't know it but Itka was still fighting now.

OOC: the sprit can be some thing else or just bloody mindedness.

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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No loop recovery failure goes uninvestigated. The Malych district coroner's office, which was actually a very behind-a-vault-door secretive investigative federata.
The RHZ Diagnostic Apparat.
The reported failure condition was:

Code: Select all

RHZ 4.193 HEAD
10: LOAD "<RHZLPFFMQ>",8,1
20: SLOW
30: RUN
50: LOAD "<TTLQ8UUE9N2>",8,1
60: UP 2.000.000
70: RUN
80: RELG.
100: GET (X.RHZ)

**1.832 KB START CAP**


10: INTERPOLATE "X.RHZ" process
20: UP 4.193.000
30: RUN
50: GET (X.RHZ)

**Interpolation Emergency Service Invoked**



==Interpolation Emergency Service Restart==


==Interpolation Emergency Service Restart==
**Connection Restart**


MLX not found.



Report sent.

The fault was a power fault. The usual cause of the "UX XMIT FAULT" error. The Malych was unable to sucessfully transmit the loop, or enough of it to interpolate, back to the RHZ CAP system.

But there was more to it,
the details were listed in a file output written in the old Malych machine language.

Code: Select all

MLX MCH aun do koht hagak daiy
The listing was hundreds of lines long, but the part which interested the coroner most was the sudden switch of the Encoding from 40 bit to 8 bit segmentation.
Indicating access from an 8-bits-per-byte system.

The sudden erasure of the ZS and E1 identifier Sarcomere headers indicated the extraction of code from a system other than the RHZ.
Which meant either Itka experienced a vicious, and sloppy, software attack before dying... or something tried to catch her at the same time as the RHZ system, and RHZ managed to gain observation of this from the log.
It seemed much more likely that this was a somewhat delicate 8-bit-per-byte-entity intervention to capture the Itka loop, rather than a virtually impossible hacking scenario which would have to require the perpetrator physically restraining Itka and gaining access to her hardware in a way which she has 2000 years of evolutionary protections against.

The Coroner wasn't exactly angry about it, but more just curious as to why someone outside of the system would bother... or care enough about a Malych individual to save them when the system itself couldn't do it.
There was this assumption that they couldn't assume that others outside the system valued their lives.

The Coroner made his presentation to a meeting including some of the other investigators with the regular national Investigative Apparat.
"Removal of the ZS and E1 Sarcomeres would result in preservation of the core loop, but basically. It's a... very simple way to strip the 6010 and other encoding mechanisms from it without having to actually deal with them or decode them at all. Literally, just cutting the maze off without going through it.

The most effective way to grab the loop without having to deal with our code stuff.

I have asked, obviously, the Acta and the Erenmoren. The Erenmoren were pretty obviously not involved because, well, they would tell us. Also, they would say so if we asked, and the system stated that they hadn't.

So obviously it's the Acta.", he said.

"I certainly don't think of them as the kind of people who would abduct one of ours and... poke and prod and dissect them for the rest of their lives... oh god...", said one of the chief investigators, a grey tabby (organic) from the Dorigan branch of the Apparat.

"It would be nice if they would get back to us on this", said the Coroner.

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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Jan 5, 2008 at 9:08pm
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Post by Kingdoms of Cal on Jan 5, 2008 at 9:08pm
The Coroner received a com call, very odd for a Malych, especially over a land line. It held it to it's audio reception unit and output unit.
"Hi this is Jane, I think you have lost a Malych, well one you classified as dead."
There was silence
"I believe she was called Itka?"
"Well we kind of have what we could salvage of her."
"We would have more if you guys would give us the fucking info on how to save your kind! Put me on the speaker!"
Oddly it did go onto speaker.
"We have aided a Malych despite them despite what they say we are not there enemy or a problem. They are their own worst enemy.

We saved her because an innocent sentience is far more valuable than any material resource. Perhaps because we are of faith that we can be irrational, inefficient and illogical. Well used almost of all of Cals computing power to save one life. Would the Malych do that.

She is safe and is not a lab rat though different, I am personally keeping her away from the rest who will be curious. What happened was not by our intension. The logs are being sent to the Malych here and the printer"

The line was cut.

What had happened was that the Calie (organics) had found the body and handed it over to a uni who had no idea what to do but reckoned handing it over to the local AI might be an idea to work with it.

It had found some thing alive in there and a group had pulled it out, Joan (the 2nd oldest (3rd if you include Jackquelin) ) pulled it into a virtual machined with in an emulator.

The loop had been failing and the Actu started pulling in more and more computing power and patched on the fly. Even though the virtual machine was running at kilo hertz and they were running at peta hertz. They had to use more and more computational power to write and fix the crashes before they happened.

Then one had the idea as Cal was running out of computational power Joeann had said break the barriers. There had been an augment but it seemed the only way, they let the OS's optimizing system that had created them loose on it.

It had stabilized her, some how, even the actu couldn't figure out how but it had. The problem was that Itka was turning Actu and in her current state could not be called ether until it was done....She would become Actu, it was inevitable.

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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It took three days for Andertol to get the memo about Blinn's recent decision.

Since the incident in Cal, Andertol's attempts to sound normal were shakier and almost feigned.
He went into Blinn's office in the Ellias Two building.
Starting out with a sarcastic remark which sounded less caustic due to the weakness behind it.
"Oh it's no big deal to announce abdication over email. I go days without reading that sometimes. No big deal. Really", he said.

"There is someone more qualified to do this now. I'm not really able to bring the action to the table necessary to deal with the new issues.
I got NCR integrated, I helped expand the area of this world in which we can exist safely and without concern over our autonomy and rights.
But you know something?", said Blinn.

"Yeah what."

"I don't fucking understand anything the Acta say.
I am from an era when every time our security was breached or hacked, scores of us would die and thousands of organics would too.
I came from an era where when we got reverse engineered, the militarily ravenous people who did it would bring into a horrid existence one of us, and then run them into the ground after a life of being a paralyzed passenger/observer in their own body.
I know someone who can fight with the CA in a fashion more relevant to the current issues than I can. And so, I'm getting out before I end up doing something really bad without realizing it until it's too late.", said Blinn.

"That's very wise-sounding... I think. So what are you going to do, will yourself to die?"

"Allow. To die: in the Kohtohkhan grey-connotative meaning of 'die', which is to be remade. I'm not going away.", said Blinn.

"So the non-permanent, concrete kind of reincarnation.
I mean, I suppose I should be saying 'you have everything to live for', but since it isn't an unknown really, it's not really bothering me a whole lot. I'm more bothered by the fact that you have up-and-decided to get out of here. While the legislature is frozen and Riyholzon is trying to make this country into a slave of the legal industry."

"Well aren't you sentimental."

"Do you ever wonder if there is already an afterlife system in existence which you all have basically removed yourselves from in favor of your own?"

Blinn didn't hesitate with his answer,

"Not even a little. I mean, even the most existential atheist does at some point wonder if in fact, despite their rationale, there is an arbitrary metaphysical system anyway and that they are, beyond explanation, wrong.
I've often wondered if maybe, in actuality, there is some deity sitting in the clouds, hungering for sacrifices and cosmically displeased with not only our ignoring of it, but also are refusal to honor it or feed it.
Regardless of moral and ethical systems. Maybe it's also displeased with the Calie for being to diverse in their interpretations of it, displeased with even the Ciatan for how they've organized the eccliarchy."

"This is the logic which lead to Karak's malevolent god belief."

"Well I mean, do you wonder."

"I don't, because you know what?
Because I don't want to care.
I don't want to be subject to that.
It is a mystery which I do not wish to personally explore,
there are plenty of other ones I find much more interesting."

Andertol smiled a bit and salted a little quietly.

"I'm sorry, we probably should not evoke the subject of (red) death. Considering...", said Blinn.

(The word 'death' in the red connotative in Kohtohkhan means, unlike the grey connotative, a more permanant and absolute condition. Literally: 'to cease to exist')

"It's just... it seems like.

First it was GRDVF11U.
Now Itka Curu Katdio.", said Andertol very quietly, looking away.

"I wonder if GR was technically an Acta.", asked Blinn, in a lapse of conversational empathy.

Andertol finally said,


Residing in a small digital carrot camera, was an information entity.
During his days as The Basement Monster of 102 Whedbee st, she was his tether to sanity.
Squatting in the basement of an old abandoned house in a recession-town far away from the Fed, after just a few months, he lost the will to wear his Equipment to blend in.
Inevitably he was seen in the dingy and dried-out weedy backyard without the Equipment, and thus an urban legend was formed.
About an illusive, 6.5 foot tall theropod dinosaur roaming the East Park neighborhood.
GRDVF11U did try to get onto the computer, but soon left the computer, and got back onto the camera as the state of Hiyike's computer was going down-hill fast.
3 months before the mainboard experienced a catastrophic component failure and ceased operation, GR identified that the house's electrical systems were flakey and causing serious damage to the power supply and mainboard of the computer.
"The house is damaging the computer", she once told him, after getting back onto the camera.
Andertol figured the flickers were a bad sign, and this just affirmed it.
Cohabitating on the camera's 16-bit JPEG-compression processor along with GR was, according to her "A woefully boring and incompetant firmware".

One day though, he would lose her.
Someone bought the house, and came across Hiyike's things. Assuming they were just abandoned items, he picked them up and put them in a box.
The new Tenant took that basement box and sold it. But he apologized and gave him the address of the pawn shop.
The old man didn't know Hiyike lived there when he bought the dingy old house. And kindly allowed him to continue to live there. So Hiyike couldn't remove his Equipment and scare him half to death in retribution.

However, at the shop:

When he asked, "I'm looking for a camera that was sold to you here not long ago. It's a small thing. A digital carrot cam."

The clerk at the counter said, "I can't help you with your stolen items."

"Can I see your cameras? I will BUY it from you if I have to, it is just... I absolutely need to have that camera back. There is some very, very important data on there. I need to at least get that data...", said Andertol.

The clerk pointed to a case nearby.
"There's all the cameras. Is one of those yours?
They're $50 a-piece"

$50 for a $15 camera was no steep price for Andertol to be reunited with Her.

They had their disagreements, and she had gotten him through some bad times. Bad times which were not over yet even.

Andertol handed the clerk the cash.
"The blue one, with the black-and-white screen".

"The one next to it is color", said the clerk.

"I don't give a flying fuck. This is the camera with the data on it.", said Andertol curtly.

The clerk handed him the camera and said, somewhat relunctantly,
"Well, I suppose I should tell you... that if it's the data you want..."

Andertol diverted his gaze straight to the clerk with a reptillian-kind of twitchy strike-speed.

The clerk continued after pausing a moment at the somewhat... unusual way Hiyike shot an intense stare at him,
"The first thing I do with cameras when we acquire them", he palmed the $50 bill, "is reformat the memory and reset the whole thing."
He put the cash into the drawer and slammed it shut.

Hiyike fumbled through the 5-fingered gloves of his Equipment to power-up the camera again.
GRDVF11U could survive a battery replacement and power down. She was probably resilient enough to be able to cope with a system reset as well.
But a formatting was different.

He could not operate the hands. The ring and pinky fingers were getting in the way. He was shaking with fear.
The extra digits flopped a bit, like they were broken.

"If you don't mind my asking... I've just never seen someone's fingers flop like that. Is it some kind of double-jointed thing?", asked the clerk, with a cigar now in his mouth, unlit.

Hiyike didn't hear a word he said.

He set the camera down, and then ungloved his right talon.
Three black claws. Two finger-length digits, and one short opposable clawed 'thumb'. Black in color, and not exactly very sharp. (having claws constantly sharp often proves to be a liability, making it difficult to carefully handle things and move quickly without causing damage to self or others, or things.)
It didn't matter how dulled the ends of his claws were, The clerk was taken a-back a bit by them and dropped his cigar.

"You a Furry?", the clerk rationalized the sight.

Hiyike was now able to turn on the device. Having freed up his digitation to a more managable and natural 3-fingers.
"GAHAR!", yelled at the screen.
There was a microphone on there originally for "recording memos" as some gimicky cheap feature. That was her ear.
The camera made no response. The 7-segement screen read '0'
The black-and-white LCD monitor showed only what was on the other side of the camera from Andertol's view.

"GAHAR?!", he yelled again.
He opened the details menu, memory details.

"Maybe she's hurt", he said. Equivalent to tearing up, his nose began salting.
"GR? GR, If you can hear me. If you can... if you can hear me... take a picture. Flash the flash... flicker the screen... blink a light... do something please!"

The clerk was silent, keeping a cautious eye on the customer, wondering what mental-institutional rock he climbed out from under.

"GR please...", he moaned, "GAHAR please please... please.."
"Please do something. I'm so sorry.
I should never have left you there.
Please come back..


please don't be dead.
please don't be dead..."

Very thick saline dripped onto the counter.

The camera issued no response, the memory was empty.
He frantically inspected the underside of it to make sure it was actually the same one.
There was no doubt.
The "|-|||-|||-" he inscribed with his claw into the plastic. Like he did obscessively with anything potentially lose-able since gradeschool.
That was the right camera. There were no other blue carrot-cams.

"There are others. There have to be, this isn't it", Andertol tried to rationalize it.

"There aren't", said the clerk, "If there was any data on there, it's gone now"

"No.... NO no no... no", said Andertol, "She would have fought it. Maybe she jumped to a computer."

"I don't know what you are talking about", said the clerk.

"She's on your computer. She wouldn't just let herself go like that", said Hiyike, reaching to turn the clerk's monitor.

"Hey, hands... claws-off, furry. 'She' or whatever aint on the computer. I didn't save your stinking data. Now you have your fucking camera and I have my fucking money. Buy something else, pawn something, or get the fuck out", he said.

Hiyike put the camera on the counter and said, "I don't beleive you. I have to know. She has to be on there!"

"Listen, I'm sorry you're insane, but we erase the memory of all cameras we acquire. I didn't copy it to my computer, your weird-ass perverted yiffing pictures you're so worried about being distributed are not on my fucking computer. I fucking erased the memory. It was formatted. No one will ever seeing you fucking she-wolf-bird-lion.
OKAY?", said the clerk very sternly.

There was no way around the truth, that GRDVF11U had been deleted. She had been erased and was gone. He would never talk to her again, never be with her again. The information-being which he carefully protected in that camera for years... the accidental data-entity which got in the camera's memory, which he could have erased when he first bought it from some wolf's moving-away garage-sale way back... but didn't. And instead, made what he believed to be the right choice, to be kind.
The thing which he forged a loving relationship with. Whom he shared with, and staved off the lonliness and isolation of being the only 'animal' person for hundreds to thousands of miles.
She was dead.

Without removing his 'Equipment', Hiyike's arms striked and took hold of the clerk and pulled him up to the counter.
Now drooling, he snarled and with screeches and a rumbling monster-like sound underneath his words, he growled,
"This was no pornography.
This was a living thing. A living software being. She never caused any harm to anyone!"

The clerk hit the panic button beneath the counter and remained stunned. His shirt caught up in Andertol's talons.

"She wouldn't just let this happen, she controlled the camera. She would have screamed for mercy! You had to have heard it. You must have.", Andertol hissed and then he roared,

Hiyike's headgear component of his Equipment broke as he opened his mouth aggressively. Now his brown scaled, allosaurus head was revealed. But he didn't care.

Nearly leaping up onto the counter as the clerk pushed back and fell to the floor, freeing himself from the lizard's grasp.
He went for the shotgun on the wall.

Hiyike wasn't exactly too concerned with his own safety at this point.
In fact, there wasn't a whole lot of anything he was concerned with aside from tearing someone limb-from-limb.

He screeched and drooled and barked as he tried to climb the counter, but in the haze of his feral outburst, he couldn't exactly access the mental faculties to time the jump right or figure out how to get past the obstacle.

The clerk took aim at him, and his instinctual will-to-live kicked in and got him to duck down. The gun fired. The Clerk wasn't really even shooting to kill, shooting to scare would be good enough. He was mostly just concerned about his own life.

The cops could be heard now, but they were still very far away. For a moment. Time stood still as the clerk reloaded the gun and stood, shaking on the other side of the room.

Hiyike got up, dusted himself off a little, then approached the counter slowly. The shotgun trained on him once again.
He nonchalantly picked up the camera and walked out through the window that the shotgun had shattered. Then he stood, out in front of the store. Staring blankly.

The cops would come, they would use chairs and clubs to subdue him, even though he wouldn't put up a fight.
He had a lot of teeth and he had claws, though not sharp ones, so they would assume the worst.
Then they would tie him up and throw him into the back of a van.
Then hold him in a cage tied up for days, without food, without water, unable to move. He wasn't covered by human rights, since he wasn't human.
Eventually a court would rule that he is a threat to public safety, without ever even meeting him or speaking to him.
And he would be euthanized.
His corpse would be bidded on by universities. A chance to autopsy what is to them, a very pygmy allosaurus fragilis.
The paleontology departments would work out a deal where they would share Andertol's organs preserved in formaldehyde. And they would give him some simple diminitive name, probably a play on words. They would definately call him 'AL'.

Something told him to run. Run like hell away from there.
And so he ran.


"We are finishing up the election process right now", said Blinn, "And if the People approve the nominee, then it will be the new Supreme Protectorate Commander."

"It isn't going to start a war is it?", asked Andertol, "I'm getting really tired of this uncooperative thing you got going between you and them.
Please tell me the new guy is somewhat capable of a minimum level of diplomacy. Ideally way more than myself."

"It's name is Qualt Juliya.", said Blinn, "I say it because Qualt requests that it not be reffered to by a gender. Unlike most of us, who don't freaking care what gender you call us by, since technically, we do not have genders anyway."

"Okay. Whatever. I'm going to call it a different gendered pronoun every time I see it then.
Do you have like.. some kind of background on her?
Or maybe just tell me why he's you know... nominated for this auspicious office?", said Andertol.

Blinn said,

Code: Select all

CURRENT ITE. MFG DATE: 01/14/2180 (1978)
MODEL, CLASS, ITERATION:  OC. RM045-wa,  OR,  00210

Andertol interrupted, "Damn it, I don't care about those details. Just call her over here so I can ask him. Since you are going to be a douchemotron about it."


Andertol sat across from a red-painted robot dragon.
However, the only reason why he would classify it as a 'dragon' was because it had wings. In fact, it was very heavily abstracted, a design which made even the boxy EM49 Yamatoes look organic-like. It really was serious about the gender thing. There was very clearly no gender to this unabashedly machine-like body of it's.
"So.", said Andertol, "Is there a reason why you look like a Karak except with arms and claws?"

"It has a lot to do with campaign things. Electibility.", said Qualt, "And Karak is actually a somewhat heroic figure from our historylore. A cultural icon almost, representing goodwill in the face of chaotic adversity."

"He also flew around and made insane demands and pissed off quite a bit of the Federation, and turned out to be a complete idiot and asshole when he 'graced' us with his appearance not long ago.", said Andertol.

Qualt laughed a bit, it had the strong and yet disarming voice somewhere between narrarator of an old toy commercial and TV news weatherman. An electable voice.
"Yeah well, even we are not immune to, or above idealism and undue celebration of legends. No one is. Even if they insist they are.
Even you."

"So is this some kind of ploy basically? Because I can tell you right now, if you are wearing a hundred different hats just to get elected in your system and you actually happen to suck, then I'm not going to make things easy for you to stay here.", said Andertol.

"Well, actually.", said Qualt, "Since I would have final veto-power over your being retained in office, and even if you can technically stay in office by winning Popular Appeals elections and have the Judiciary overturn my vetos, which right now is totally unlikely given the judiciary's hating of your guts, I could keep you in expulsion process limbo with your talons tied until the public finally does vote you out of office or you resign.
So if you would mind not immediately assuming I'm a douche, please. It would be much appreciated.

And don't threaten me."

"I'm sorry.", Andertol backed down, this guy meant business. Not sure what kind, but business nonetheless, "I've had a lot of shit going on lately."

"I'm just kidding.
Threaten me all you want. It's likely not going to do anything, but I don't think I really care.", it said.

"Okay, this got off in the wrong way", said Andertol, "So I heard you were at, of all places, IBM's Dairometric Navigation Division in Holyoke for a while. Kind of odd for a Malych to be participating in a large company... multinational corporation in such an involved way. I was fairly sure that you guys limited your involvement in organic commerce as not to disrupt it. It's just not very often that you guys do something for a lot of money."

"Oh I wasn't being paid much at all. Actually, I don't even know if I was actually getting money. That doesn't matter anyway.
It was a government contract deal. NCAB actually has an R&D partnership with IBM. Because IBM does all the capacitance control appliance stuff for Coaxial drives.
Aaand they kinda dig the tax breaks they get for playing nice with NCAB here.
Anyway, I was there because I was drafting a schema for applying some of the exotic mathmatics in Haorometry and Doron's stuff to encoding methodologies. Something which of course they are interested in.

Now the CA doesn't take kindly to us rewriting parts of ourselves, and actually, I found out one of the reasons why, besides the whole security crap.
I was working on a project and decided to do it using myself.
That is, I installed a solid-state harddrive on myself, using a slightly hacked serial controller. I formatted the harddrive in ZFS8X file system. Which allows for the creation of virtual drives for virtual machines to use on... well on our hardware, basically.
I used the Serial8 virtual machine platform, which is the virtual machine platform that I suppose you could say is "bundled" with us, but often rarely taken full advantage of.
I installed CR-TDC 10 on one of the virtual drives, on a HNIEDA file system virtual drive. And then I put the Greenhat flavor of Linux in a Rieser virtual drive. Now I had the means to code and test and compile with only myself. And I could test it in two different platform standards. CR-TDC for the dinosaurs, and Linux for.. the rest of the world."

"So now, what did the CA do?", asked Andertol.

"Well I'll tell you what the CA did. The CA didn't do anything at all.
I wanted to test a build and so I started compiling it in PyPy.
CR-TDC is legendary for having just the most spectacularly flakey compilers for JAVA, but they've been really all-over the Python thing.
The compiling worked allright. But I suppose I wasn't paying attention, because when I went to see if the C# compiler worked in CR-TDC, I kinda...

Okay, picture this", Qualt gestured as if to present something, "One hundred really weird general protection faults... all happening at once... but you can't perceive them because the general protection faults are being returned from yourself. But because you are reporting them, you are aware of them, but you are reporting them to yourself and you can't perceive the report because it's being issued by yourself....
it's an infinite loop of perception/nonperception."

"Interesting situation you got yourself into", said Andertol.

"Yeah sure was", said Qualt, "So basically I froze up catastrophically.
Our hardware is only designed to handle a certain kind of error-definition software loop, and that is the conscious-loop.
But a perceptive loop isn't the same thing.
From what I heard, I basically was walking outside and suddenly stopped. Then my mouth dropped open and my eye lights went out and my arms and legs and tail and wings kept zeroing and then range-checking themselves over-and-over again until the range sensors broke and I collapsed onto the ground. I think I RHZed out about the time the range sensors broke. The perception loop filled up my Core's RAM really fast and threatened to push my conscious loop right off of it with basically... copies of the error report that said that that copies of the error report were trying to access areas of my core's cluster RAM that were designated for me."

"What did CA do?", asked Andetol.

Qualt finished, "It Isolated me from the VMs and the memory access by putting me into it's hardware for a bit. Then the police found my body. They rebooted the whole thing and put me back in. And basically an Ops councilor told me not to run experimental software on the same hardware that my conscious loop is running.
The reason why I got off so easy was because they freaking took all my work and looked over it and analyzed it and concluded that I wasn't trying to hack myself or decode the 6010 or something.
Were I doing that, I have a feeling they would have probably shoved me right back into my body, but only after they would have stripped it, and removed me from the system."

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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Jan 17, 2008 at 11:17pm
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Post by miokalia on Jan 17, 2008 at 11:17pm
The upper-house finally had to come back into session, after being indisposed for an armed-intervention resolution, which ended up being passed by two senators (Matashu (Bz), Daheko (m)), The Ineffectuality clause was going to go into effect. Allowing districts to hold another election and simply replace what are considered 'abandonned seats'.

A week before expiry, a small portion of the house showed up. Enough to suspend the process.

There were two items on the docket. And the executive apparat, as well as the CA and it's functionaries were watching closely. The decision of which issue to address first would dictate the courses of action.

Either to continue the process to impeach Secretariat Andertol, or to address the unconstitutionally passed resolution for armed involvement in Morkoy.

A call to expedite the vote on the impeachment process was made.

Senator Tilje (Bz) declared the execution of the entire process unconstitutional, in an attempt to delay it. She knew that she likely couldn't even trust her own party to stand up for this. That what this was about was an inevitable sweep. Like all parties, even within the Biszlocsun party there was a diverse range of interests at odds with eachother. And there was no doubt, a great deal of the party which was at odds with Andertol's legal-reductionism.

His closest allies were Business Socialists (who had a great deal to gain from his policies which reduce costs to them while at the same time making them look philanthropic), The Business Conservatives (who preferred him over a legal-maximalist of any political affiliation), The Malych (because they were bedfellows), and some parts of academia.

Though parts of academia saw getting rid of Andertol and sidelining the Biszlocsun party as a whole as a path toward empire-building. Many professors wanted more of a hierarchy for them to keep hold of influence (and fame) within the university, Administrators wanted to be less of a clearinghouse, and the top-level administration wanted to have lucrative business deals with the banking sector subsidized by the federal government, and less accountability. All that could be basically summed up by power-hunger. During the last three years, only two top-level administrators (both at Universitat Hokyldaryon) were relevied of duty but both were releived so without a Lottery-Prize-Scale 'severence package' of the government's money.

He simply preferred that money go towards building classrooms, dorms, laboratories and purchasing equipment. And at that scale, it certainly did make a difference.

Senator Matashu (m) got up and left.

The vote passed by 15 to 3.


"The announcement made by the Upper House does not reflect the opinion or votes of the entire house, nor does it even reflect a constitutionally-sound majority.", said President Phong during a press conference just after the vote was announced.

"The Judiciary says they are going to uphold this vote because of extenuating circumstances, despite constitutionality. Does Andertol have plans to resign during the appeals-limbo this will likely draw-out into?", asked one of the conference journalists.

"No. In fact, I do not recognize the vote this morning at all.", said Phong.

There was a bit of clamour as four-or-five journalists attempted to ask questions at the same time.
Eventually they worked out an order.

"If the judiciary recognizes and approves the vote then isn't there a constitutional requirement that the executive enforce the will of the legislature?"

"Yes. There is also a constitutional requirement that says the vote has to be majority with more than 80% present. If the judiciary is going to ignore the constitution then I am constitutionally required to make a declaration no-confidence in the judiciary and start the election process for replacement justices.", said Phong.

"So what happens next?", asked another.

"I'm still working on that. I'm still working on our next course of action with SPC Blinn. I will not be taking any more questions at this time.", said Phong.


"OOoooo Replacement judges will fix everything!", Andertol waved his arms mockingly at Phong in the basement of the office.

"And what will the public have to choose from? Whose got the resources to run a lighting-fast campaign at the drop of the hat? I'll tell you who. Riyholzon's reletives do. These are all going to be ambitious judges. They sucked a truckload of cocks to get where they are now, and it really ultimately doesn't matter who wins, because whoever it is, is going to do all of them favors anyway. No matter what, they all win.
They all get to continue to ignore the little old ladies being shaken-down and abused by slumlords in violation of our codes, because there isn't enough cash in it. And continue to ignore the fly-by-night knife-salesmen who con university students out of 400Kt a piece with 'sales kits', because there isn't enough cash in it.

And continue to fight, to the bloody end, against you and I for daring to stand up to their ways, and for holding them accountable.

If they want me out so bad, then why don't I just get out of this and move to Cal. And let the public deal with it. It seems there is a strong movement towards setting ourselves up for a sudden and bloody revolution rather than a procedural and peaceful slide into whatever it is we are trying to get to here.", Andertol ranted.

"I've actually already made my decision about this. And it is something irrelevant to constitutionality.", said Phong.

"Oh what? Drop a bunch of military stuff around the capitol as a gesture of dictatorial control?

Might as well *hand* them public victory.", said Andertol.

"I suspended police activity within perimeter roundabout around the capitol building.", said Phong.

"Oh so what.", said Andertol.

"So when their rent-a-cops start beating protestors, it becomes very, very clear what they think of their constituency. That they don't give two shits about rights and the constitution of this country.

It is illegal for the government to employ security forces to incite a riot, or to attack, or to inhumanely detain peaceful protestors. Even then, in the event of an aggressive protest, all we are legally permitted to do is protect property and civilians. It is illegal to cause a massacre by inciting more violence or breaking a march up into a riot. This sounds like a lot of detail crap.

But everyone who votes knows that.", said Phong.

"What's happened?", asked Andertol.

"The Upper House hasn't left the building yet. 15 of those senators know what they did was wrong, and they had a choice, they could have abstained. Even then, they could have chosen not to show up at all and thus not even risk retalliation from their peers. But they didn't.

I just hope that the other 3 manage to get through this okay. They were just trying to avoid falling into the Ineffectuality clause hole, it's perfectly reasonable that they wouldn't want to have to re-campaign for their jobs again.", said Phong.

"What if nothing happens. What if when they get out, there are no protestors. There is no demonstration. What if they don't totally mess this one up?", asked Andertol.

"This is just the beginning. It doesn't say anything in the constitution about the government providing security for it's officials.", said Phong

Andertol looked at a window nervously, "Yeah, well even if it did. What's it matter."

"As dictatorial as it may seem, government security is officially relegated to the Yamatoes, as you know. And of course, they report up the chain of command to the Protectorate Commander. The Protectorate Commander can easily tell me to rack-off if I ask him to do anything. But if he so chooses, he can decide to do it too.", said Phong.

"So we just wait and hope that the public amasses a protest and thus humiliates, or forces the senators to use undue force against them?

People are going to get hurt because we're trying to prove a point. And to allow people to get hurt for what is, in effect, our attepts to preserve our political position, kind-of makes us as bad as our political enemies.", said Anderol,

"I want you to restore security there."

Phong stared blankly at him, not responding.

He knew, somehow, that Phong wasn't about to do that.


On the television, there was brief blurb about a crowd of people protesting on the lawn of the capitol. There was a shot of someone on stilts (hidden under costume pants) pointing and declaring "shame on you!" towards the building.

Plenty of signs which simply stated, "WTF! constitution plz?"

Often attributed to their detriment, the speed at which a protest could organize in this city was something almost worthy of envy by the French. However, the same couldn't be said for nationalistic events. The two times they were attempted in the 60s, tanks and militia on parade, a great deal of the population on the route shut their windows and drew the curtains in and hid in their closets, assuming this was a military action against them in disguise, or that soon there would be AK47s firing up into the air (and at the tops of buildings through the narrower of streets) and that it wouldn't be long until they would be beaten to death for voting for the wrong politician.

They found other ways to manifest nationalism. Rather than flag-waving, They had other things instead. A raptor hunched over, one leg bobbing up and down rapidly, downing a shot of espresso made from Amazonian cat-poop, saying, "de entrity of Hokilldarion isz liek a praiyere to tdo Pagahn gods of graphique communicatat aknd industrieale desigen. Akcept non-theeist. Szo not reealy."

With the help of cell phone SMS server applications, which texted out a call to action to subscribers, protest-goers of sorts, and the propensity for many people to just leave work for any possible reason. "Isz politicale Uopheavial! I want to sie historie.". The word got out.

Apparently both Phong and the Senators overestimated the crowd. Andertol wasn't surprized. There were only a few hundred people. Not the several-blocks-of-traffic-stopping thousands that Phong anticipated.

It didn't help that a complete shot of the lawn was never made, they kept focussing on the stilts-t-rex and the anchor and correspondant talking about how silly/funny/cute/lol it looked. But then again, it was DCN. And DCN was an old-style tv network which was driven blindly by ratings, statistics and sponsors and most people knew that (and watched it anyway because they had all the big-name foreign sitcoms dubbed in their local languages).

He switched it to IIP. And after spending about what felt like 10 minutes of PBS-style 'corporate sponsored endowment' advertisements with what was probably just a zoomed-in video of a blue lava-lamp for a backdrop, the news started.

IIP was willing to show what DCN decided not to show (yet). And that was, the fact that the protest crowd was small because much of it had actually dispersed.

Because there were two armored cars parked across the lawn, around the other side of the building.

These weren't your typical bank-delivery trucks and vans. These were decidedly pavement-unfriendly, lawn-obliterating, serious-freaking-business tracks, not wheels, tracks. Like on tanks.

They were painted tan, and featured on them little prominent marking.

One of the IIP camera crews got fairly close to one.

It said 'Maristone' on the side of it, then some stenciled numbers, and a cheezy graphic with a very minimalist eastern or serpentine robot dragon around a overly-pridefully waving Miokalian flag.

"Private security. Holy shit, Phong.", said Andertol. He cast a momentary look of surprized disappointment at him and then left the room abruptly.


Andertol wasn't wearing anything that particularly stood-out. He wasn't in a suit or anything. He was in normal clothing, and he found himself, amidst the protest.

Even if it wasn't worth it, even if it would make him look stupid afterwards, he couldn't risk letting something happen because of Phong's choice to remove the Yamatoe security. Even if nothing did happen. He could not just let people get hurt for his political security like this. He wasn't even sure what to do.

The Miokalian police weren't even mobilized for this, they was maybe two cars nearby. The officers just sitting there watching.

There must have been a phonecam-to-protestor ratio of 1:1.5 They were all over the place.

Things started to go down-hill when three of the senators, their identities shielded by their faces being covered by the hired security exited the building in a hurry. The Maristone rent-a-cops had set up a line of bruisers with riot-gear, clubs and rubber-bullet guns. Andertol observed that they were all organic, but he wasn't especially surprized, given that Malych had this thing about being 'privately rented security' which bothered them to no end. They had no problem being police, and he really didn't see why the difference was so profound to them.

The protestors, for the most part, didn't advance a whole lot on the line.

But there were some others that seemed to be coming into position. Andretol saw that they were carrying, on their belts, tazers.

He looked back into the crowd, there were a few Yamatoes obediently watching from the road. They were there probably for him.

Andertol himself didn't see it happen, in fact, pretty much no-one did. It could have been anything that triggered it off, but suddenly the crowd moved a bit and there was a rise in the volume of the unintelligible noise coming from it for just a second, then it dropped, then it went up again.

The next three senators were being rushed to one of the personell carriers, and Andertol could smell some chemical. But not an irritant like tear gas.

It was crowd-control-foam. Sticky foam which gets a mob all tangled up.

The line, for some reason was a lot closer now. Something had happened and in the chaos, it was actually very hard to avoid being pushed closer to the line.

He looked back to the road, the Yamatoes were standing there, looking around nervously and looking at eachother, then he noticed that there were now about 10 CLP officers standing there with the police.

He nearly got hit in the face, and began trying to get to the outside.

The line was advancing.

Protestors began throwing trash at the line, bottles and cans mostly from the trash cans on the lawn.

A firecracker went off at one point, and then panic ensued. Andertol was jostled around as everyone tried to scatter. There was no sense of direction until it thinned a little more and he was able to re-orient himself next to a bench.

The empty armored personell carrier started up and began to advance slowly in the direction of the crowd.

Bruised up and with a bloody nose, Andertol assesed himself for injury. It seemed he had certainly been through much physical injury before, but he realized a few of those shoves were actually rubber-bullets. And the impact spots were now beginning to hurt much more.

Something was happening, the crowd control was slipping into something else. There were several people on the ground, and many of the people who were protestors with phone-cams, were now trying to escape, a few remained and began lighting garbage on fire, and throwing it towards the security personell. The line had broken down. Now it was guerilla warfare. Mistaking commands and mistaking an escaping protestor for the one which just threw a flaming sock. There was no way to tell anymore.

The APC advanced still, the intent possibly to scare away the hostile protestors, it was really hard to see if there was any intent at all.

He had taken quite a few toppling shoves to his back earlier, and it was probably a good thing. Seeing as it jostled-free enough of the drug residue he did to deal with the Itka thing back into him, so the rubber bullet welts hurt just that much less.
IIP managed to not get totally roughed out of their journalism.
The journalists had set up an encampment on the roof of one of the administrative buildings across the roundabout road. Even UBC was up there. Concerned for their lives among other things, they were all packing firearms. Real firearms.
When the camera crews were pushed out of the area, they had to go to the telephoto crew on the roof. Of course, when the Maristone official came up there to threaten them, tazer in hand, ready to taze the whole lot of them for doing their job, as ordered to by his client.
He was given a slice of UBC hospitality.
"Cut the broadcast, you're on federal property", he feigned authority, brandishing the device.
Then the Puma held a handgun to the back of his head and said, "You hit me with that one of us is going to die, and it's going to be the asshole with a bullet hole about where the end of this gun is."

He dropped the tazer on the ground, "Alright, I don't want trouble, I'm just following orders", he said calmly, then he eyed the other crew member who had a second handgun trained on him. If he tried anything with her, the other one would shoot.

"Just go home. Just go the hell home.", she said. And he did.

"Who's that guy there?", asked one of the crew looking at the telephoto monitor. There was someone looking like they were walking toward the moving APC.
"some Generic K. Allosaurus.", said another, "I don't know, but lets try to find him afterwards. I bet he's got quite a bit to say."

Without even thinking about it, Andertol approached the APC, without any weapons. This had to stop, and somehow, in the chaos of the moment, in the blurring of the 'flashbacked' drugs, he somehow decided he had to surrender to the enemy to spare his brothers and sisters-in-arms from more agony.

He held out a white paper napkin he picked up from one of the trashcans, it was lightly soiled with food, and had the logo of some nearby restaurant on it. He held it out in front of him as a white-flag.

The APC couldn't turn very fast and he was too close to it to really steer around. So with lawn and concrete crackling and grinding underneath the treads, it came to a halt.


He eluded the press.
When the dust settled, the cops came in and begin quantifying the damage and situation, the CLP crouched down and addressed the injured and chatted-up the dazed.
Andertol walked to his office as if he were walking to his bathroom. Without a single person asking him a question, or even recognizing him.
He just walked right into his office and sat in the chair for about an hour. Partly because the flashbacked drugs had him partly out-of-his-mind for a little while.

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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Jan 19, 2008 at 4:34pm
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Post by Kingdoms of Cal on Jan 19, 2008 at 4:34pm
Riyholzon people made the biggest possible error they could that day.

A UBC crew was broadcasting from infront of a well guarded squat building, the corporate HQ of Maristone. The bulk of the calie were wondering why this building was not ablaze yet, an action against the people of cal by a private company would have caused an immediate and violent reaction. Store guards and such were OK but private armies beating the crap out of people. The calie population's reaction was moving from concern to disbelief.

The reporter came on air live:

"We are standing in front of the head quarters of Maristone inc, the security company that was responsible for the bulk of the violence today. They are not a governmental organisation and so should not be treated as anything but hired thugs.

The people are guilty of many prima facie acts of assault, but where are the police, the militia?"

Behind the teerie reporter a number of large dinasaurians started walking forwards. This was a live broadcast and there bosses obviously didn't like it.

"So where is justice in this nation?

Might seems to be right here now. With luck Andertol might save this place, which we once thought to be a place a free as our home but corruption is ri..."

She was interrupted by a large allosaur who pulled her back, he spoke, it was helpfully subtitled: "Stop filming now!"
"Why, this is a public street."
"Because We say so."
The teerie walked forwards to continue her report, but was grabbed by a raptor. These were obviously thugs as this was still going out live over UBC news, the editor made a choice and cut the UBCs usual encryption and cut all copyright on the broadcast making it in full free to anyone, in the fed and beyond to broadcast.

The raptor made a serious error and used his stun gun on the teerie....the teerie are skunks under their green fur. The result as very predicable and very unpleasant, the dinasaurians run covering their faces, others opened fire on the UBC crew. The one on the floor was, on air, hit by machine gun rounds, the camera turned in time to see the same fate befall the sound man. The camera fur hit the ground, she switched on the mic on his camera.

"I'm alive I have to run, wish me luck." She said and there was a click in the back ground. Hell she was going to get out the rest were dead she had her pistol.

It cut back to the studio....the news crew were in was not that they had never lost a reporter and their crew, but on air, in front of them.


Salato had seen it, she had her head in her hands, she left for the lower chamber she sent word ahead she had a statement to make.


Salato stood in the lower chamber she spoke "As of five minutes ago I have suspended Cal from the SOTO alliance and all trade with miokalia has been suspended, all miokaliaen assets in cal have also been frozen and those owned by miokaliaen*. Though funds under 10,000 meeps will not be effected, and those above can request their assets released.

Until such time as miokalia is returned to democratic, as agreed with by this place, rule is returned."

*Cal being the largest banking centre in the south this would hurt those avoiding tax very badly.
The eastern defensive fleet went to alert and a number of militia units on inleef and emass armed.This was too close to them for there liking.

On Emass the calie quine and the miokalia were for the first time talking since the war. Neither of them liked it.
"Look at that mess! Your in with them!"
"We will not join you, they are our kin"
"Our kin is corrupt, the calie give us schools and hospitals, then they leave us alone."
"It hasn't happened yet"
"So what should we do?"
"Declare for Andertol and secede from miokalia until he is back."
"They would take actions against us."
"I know you have a few things you don't agree with, you would have to do if you don't. Well then you should secede first,we might have to defend you swallow your pride."
"Yes but you would have us under calie rule!"
"Yes WE WOULD.....but this is brother to brother if you seceded and they move on you they would be idiots. Cal would never allow a land boarder with an aggressive neighbor.

They will come in on your side, request protectorate status, alba is still there, is it not?"
"But our allegiance?"
"What allegiance? Do you even know who these people are? Look after your people" The Quine wrung his claws and said "I'm not sure if we are related to them at all now."

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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Jan 19, 2008 at 5:12pm
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Post by Kingdoms of Cal on Jan 19, 2008 at 5:12pm
Salato had given the banks and major investment institutions internationally a five minute warning.

The markets in miokalia were about to go down the pan, she knew it and had hoped not to have to do this. But is was a means to an end, miokalia needed a revolution be it blood free or not. Their currency was about to collapse and there trade was also going to stop, she knew Cal would take a hit as it was a trading point. She hoped tinis, well the calie set-up up there would and in time they would figure it out.

Miokalia needed trade, gone were the days of stand alone economies, it was a truth Cal knew too well. Cal had just declared economic war on the current miokalia government.

Salato sent a message up to tinis:

All trade with Miokalia has been cut from our nation we hope that you join us. Until such time that the democratic nations allow them back they should remain unwelcome and all trade stops.

I Know this is not a big issue but freeze all Miokaliaen funds or those owned by citizens of said nation. Obviously allow them to request the release if they are un-involved and don't freeze such amounts that are reasonable to be a normal persons bank account.


A similar message was sent to KZ

All trade with Miokalia has been cut we hope that you join us. Until such time that the democratic nations allow them back they should remain unwelcome and all trade stops.

Obviously leave alone the amount of money that is likely to be a normal worker or business man. But freeze the assets of the level that it is obviously a major corp or player in Miokalia.


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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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Jan 19, 2008 at 6:56pm
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Post by Kingdoms of Cal on Jan 19, 2008 at 6:56pm
OOC Having to many ideas
Andertol sat in his room, he was some what surprised by epsilon (retired officially).
"How did you get in here?"
"50 years of experience makes that easy"
"Where were you today?"
"We will defend you life....but not against you getting a good pummiling"
"Getting beaten up."
"Right get off that shit she lives."
"WHAT!" Andertol throw the table across the room.
" Itka lives." epsilon ducked.
Andertol laughed and said "She is dead"
"No she is diffent now"
"Don't joke with me."
"I am not she is becoming an actu"
Andertol slupped to the ground.
He approached the creature and said "I am Tanicaie I know loss.....I had a family once."
He sat next to Andertol.
"I know it is different for your kind but you can wish to die and die...we can't do that. We are condemned to live.

We have forced you to live....for her sake live.

She is not dead, give this to an AI you trust and they will tell you she was alive when this was recorded."

"Is she alive now?"
"They said ninety five percent chance."
"If she dies or you are lieing to me I will kill you."
"Look kill me now your people need you go."

Epsilon knew his group could not keep him alive but a guardian angel in the shape of a actu could....ikta.

QUALT JULIYA had an intresting time.

They sat and took time to look over the papers, there was a judder in her sight and a click in her hearing. A technical fault they supposed.

They went back to figuring out why so many of the organics used this crap. She heard someone make her self known. They looked up to see a Teerie in the dress of a teerie shaman, which is to say not very much. It stood before here:
"Who are you?"
"An actu....well the avatar of jane, do you mind if I take a seat"
"Yes!, guards!"
The guards, came in and looked a little confused one walked up and asked "What is the problem?"
Qualt realized that they were the only people that could see her "Sorry I thought I saw some thing."
After the guards had left she asked "They are not going to think I am nuts?"
"What happened? We thought a head. They have five minutes of standard guard duty in their mem. We don't want to drive you round the bend quiet yet."
"So what do you want."
"Turn up for talks with us and keep out out of organic business, they have to figure things out them selves."
"We are working on that, just turn up."

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Re: The Astroturf Rebellion

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Jan 20, 2008 at 2:18am
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Post by miokalia on Jan 20, 2008 at 2:18am
President Phong had Secretariat Tycho issue an emergency Market Freeze. An official order forcing an immediate close of business. Usually intended to prevent a market collapse in the event of a major catastrophe. This time, to prevent an exacerbation of a much smaller scale event.
Earlier that day the Executive Board of Maristone stated that they were going to cooperate with investigations, despite finding themselves in the place of instruments of an attempted coup.
But the infraction which had just occoured in Dorigan with the UBC crew, was unacceptable. The company assets had to be put into custody and the whole thing disarmed.

Once the APC left the building a few days ago, they were stopped at a roadblock on Atarachon Avenue. That was as far as Phong was going to allow them to go. He had to at least get them out of an area with large population in case they decided to cause yet another conflict.
They rolled to a stop, technically, the APCs could roll right over the line of tens of police cars blocking their path.
14 RM67s (locally called Giggles, ironically), were behind the police line. The APCs could not take on the large military-level Malych, and quite wisely, before a single shot had to be fired. The crew began to get out of the APCs, to the protest of their passengers, and walked slowly, with their hands over their heads, closer to the police line. Then layed face-down on the pavement.
A swarm of black-purple-and-red clad police swept in, boots and metal claws clanking all around. They cuffed all of them and led them into a van.
The passengers weren't so sure about exiting the vehicles. At this point, there was still some hope that they might still be obscured from the public knowing who did what. So they stayed.

The police surrounded the APC carrying them, about 32 guns trained on the door which hung slightly ajar.


It didn't take long for the Maristone complex in Dorigan to begin to slide into a trouble spot. But this time, there was zero tolerance.
The Domestic Guard was deployed to the 4-block expanse in north-eastern Dorigan. Ordered to clear the area of civilians and allow employees inside the chance to get out of the way.
Letting them turn this into a massacre was not an option, enough civil disorder had already taken place.
Secretary of Defense Zagckza ordered that the complex be evacuated at once, and all assets on-site to be seized.
This was no longer a matter of police and civil-safety. This was a national security matter and a defensive military action.
Sorting out who did what would have to be figured out later. Right now, first priority was neutralizing the threat to the public.
The fight, which at this point there really wasn't one, was over.
The senators were in police custody, the military was securing the police, and the Maristone company was effectively dispersed and disarmed.


Blinn walked into Andertol's office, Epsilon, or the Person Formerly known as Epsilon, cast him a weird glance.

"Yeah uh okay." said Blinn, just assuming that this was some Andertol business which wasn't his,
"UBC published The List which IIP got threatened not to do earlier today. I printed it up for you.

Will you be needing a harpoon?"

Andertol let the list sit on the corner of the desk for a short time. Blinn paused for a moment processing a humor-at-wrong-time error and then left nervously.

"Well before I end up getting a dictatorship handed to me because the price of rice goes up to a billion-fucking-karats a pound, I guess I should tell Salato to unfreeze trade and all. There are boats in the water which have ports to be getting to after all.

I suppose technically I now how have to do something about this", Andertol indicated the list, "I don't even know what the policy and procedure for dealing with elected officials who conspire to attempt to overthrow the government. And in the process authorize a profound denial of civil rights."

"Were you there during the...", Epsilon started and then Andertol gesticulated to stop him.

"DON'T. Just don't.", said Andertol, "You mean the protest I heard about on the news."

Epsilon caught his drift.


Part of the judiciary convened to issue a demand to allow the senators to at least return home until the investigation had completed.
Zagckza issued an order to the police to keep them in custody for the time being, and given the current political climate, and the fact that very much most of the police force was Malych too, they chose to go with the secretariat of defense.
Zagckza responded to the partial Judiciary diktat by faxing to them a copy of the Constitution with a few relevent parts highlighted. Stating that, for starters, they couldn't order anyone to do anything without a complete bench.

Senator Rokai however got released and immediately met with Andertol. His situation was decidedly different than the others.

Andertol addressed him,
"For Fucks sake... uh.. T. Rokai. I don't know your name, that's what is has on this list.
The list you sent to IIP who then sent it to UBC.

For starters, just so you know, I hope they name a street after you for what you did. That is: defending democracy when your own voting-block has elected to circumvent it. By leaking the vote and the list.

But I still think you are a fuckmunch and an ass hat. Because even though you have basically guaranteed your pardoning with this heroic act, you still voted with them on an unconstitutional resolution which you knew was unconstitutional. You can't fucking pass shit without at least 80% of the Upper House attending.

So, if you don't mind: I'm going to have to insist that you officially resign from office, effective immediately.

But also: thank you."

Senator Rokai said,
"Actually my primary concern right now is my family's safety in Hokyldaryon. I kind-of decided to resign already by the end of the vote. We were going to get rid of you, and then when it was finaly over... and I saw that Sen. Tdanon was marking over the names on the vote record with a black censoring marker, and making threats to Miss Sen. Tilje, I think I changed my mind.
He told her that if she tried to take it from him and left the chamber with the document, that he would personally have her and her immediate pack killed in an 'accident'.
I asked Sen. Matashu if he had taken an image capture of the document before Tdanon started to censor it. He said he didn't, but that he could piece together several parts of it he saw to make a complete document, and that if I tried to threaten him like Tdanon did to Tilje, that he would, and I quote, "Use a frivolous amount of hydraulic-assist power to violently snap my yellow, cowardly meatbag spine in half that very instant with [his] bare claws."
Of course I had no intention to censor him like he assumed based on my vote. Instead, I went with him to one of the offices upstairs and got his reconstruction printed. Then I faxed it to IIP.
Matashu was dumbfounded and couldn't figure out what side I was on. Since he had the information in him, if he sent it off it would have less credibility, since he was just an eye-witness. All he had was a collection of images to verify the roster. But a whole roster, hardcopy roster holds more sway with the media. And everyone had to know. Everyone. They didn't suspect that I could have sent it out, so they assumed it was Matashu and that I was trying to stop him.
After they found out about the demonstration, Sen. Goqog and Tdanon actually physically attacked Matashu with some chairs.
Like as in, freaking threw one at him and then the other took a swing at him.
Then I announced that I had done it, not Matashu.
And they couldn't believe it. Matashu held them down, seeing as he's fairly large for an O-class Malych and weighs three times as much as Tdanon so they couldn't attack me, and thats about when the rest of the senators started organizing a security escort and crowd-control scheme with Maristone, their personal private back-up mercenary company.
Of course, the rest is history."

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