Holmbergsvanian Federal Principality

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Holmbergsvanian Federal Principality

Post by Holmbergsvania-BFPE » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:24 pm

Name: Holmbergsvania-BFPE
Name of your Nation: Holmbergsvanian Federal Principality
Type of Government: Principality/Federal Republic
Political Leaders: Prince Alaric Holmberg the Fifth
President Maren Kohl
Vice President Marali Karalis
Population: 542 Billion
Population Composition (what kinds of people/species are common): Lupine, Feline, Vulpine, Marsupial, Ursine, Dragon.
Major Cultures: Russian, Chinese, German, American, British, Polish, Greek, Swedish, French.
Major Religions: Atheism, Greek and Roman gods (To some extent the Anean Pantheon)
Civil Service: Elections and Merit Based (Princedom is hereditary)
Policing: Community based, with extra-atmospheric policing carried out by the Holmbergsvanian Navy, Holmbergsvanian Federal Police, as well as the New Vancouver and New Port Penguin Police Departments' Space Divisions at the main colony, cities with space elevators have some amount of extra-atmospheric policing.
Justice: Elected judiciary, with some amount of frontier justice in the mining colonies.

Type: Capitalist with some amount of nationalized industries
Focus: Production of heavy equipment, ships, mining equipment and ores.
Major exports: Ores, heavy equipment, mining equipment, computer components
Major imports: Nuclear isotopes, gems for precision lasers
Currency: Holmbergsvanian Denarii
Trade Procedure: Holmbergsvania operates similar to the U.S.A when it comes to trading procedures, imports are screened at cargo docks before being loaded onto elevators or freighters. Exports are screened before being loaded onto foreign freighters just in case, as the freighters are directed out of the system on predetermined routes.
Economic Cycles: Every decade, the boom-bust cycle occurs, but the cycle is flexible according to foreign market conditions.
Misc Information: None so far.

Social Leanings: Moderate
Economic Leanings: Mixed, mostly Capitalist
Democratic Leanings: Classical Democratic,
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Highly
Activism/Engagement: Some
Multicultural? Excessively
Religiousness: Religious (Many faiths) with plenty of healthy skepticism.
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media Friendly
General Public Health: Very Good
Unrest: Moderate

Volunteer only? N
Mandatory Service? Y
Military strengths (list 3): Massive naval capability, as well as marine capability (Able to draw massive amounts of conscripts.) Intelligence service is highly effective, Weapons system is homogenous.
Military weaknesses (list 3): Weapons system is homogenous, allowing for less input and customization of weaponry than normal.
Stealth technology, particularly in atmospheric operations, is lacking severely (Not camo, mostly optical camo and radar detectability is a weakness)
Most weapons used by ships are unguided munitions, missiles are an exception, except for orbital bombardment munitions (which are unguided)
Nuclear weapons? Y
Biological weapons? Y
Chemical weapons? Y
Space based weapons? Y (Orbital defense platforms around Holmbergsvanian planets)


Relative technology level- Space Age. (Yes lasers, but not as primary offensive weapons)

Technological advantage (up to 2, must have moderator approval): Mass production of consumer goods and cryogenic freezing
Technological disadvantage (minimum of 1): Lack of personal shielding for ground forces, infantry, vehicles, aircraft, etc.
Global Extranet Access: Good
Personal/Civilian Transportation: Rare (Companies transfer people between planets on 'flights,' personal transit on planets is common.)
Faster-Than-Light Comms?: N
Faster-Than-Light Drive?: N (Slipspace drive)

Late PMT, Space Opera, Space Age.

(Will be established soon)

-Relations to other nations-
Friendly mostly, depends on the state of foreign affairs.

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character:

Holmbergsvania is the protector of the BFPE- (ask for info... if you want) an independent political enclave that is still part of Holmbergsvania, one that is rather eccentric, it seems. The BFPE operates some planets, but isn't in a position to make Holmbergsvania THEIR protectorate.

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