The Most Serene Nation of Alaicec

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The Most Serene Nation of Alaicec

Post by Aluez » Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:21 pm

Name: Aluez
Name of your Nation: The Most Serene Nation of Alaicec
Type of Government: Imperialistic Monarchy
Political Leaders:
Baron: Spaurh Aronn Saicspath Nimh Laitpanr Painaich
Population: 350,000
Population Composition (what kinds of people/species are common):
Major Cultures: Abh
Major Religions: None
Civil Service: Mostly Merit Based
Policing: Community Based
Justice: Elected Judiciary

Type: Free Economy
Focus: People
Major exports: None Yet
Major imports: None Yet
Currency: Skarr
Language: Baronh
Trade Procedure: [How do you get trade off the ground with your nation?]
Economic Cycles: Yearly
Misc Information: N/A

Social Leanings: Conservative
Economic Leanings: Mixed
Democratic Leanings: Oligarchy
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Highly
Activism/Engagement: High
Multicultural: Yes
Religiousness: Skeptical
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media Friendly
General Public Health: Very Good
Unrest: None

Volunteer only? N
Mandatory Service? Y, 13 years in the Star Forces for Citizenship
Military strengths (list 3):
Military weaknesses (list 3):
Orbital Bombardment Capability: Full Glassing


Relative technology level- Choose one: Space Opera

Technological advantage (up to 2, must have moderator approval):
Can navigate the Sord network and survive with the aid of a specialized shielding that keeps the energy of the Planespace from crushing the ship. (practically a bubble that encases the ship)
Relies heavily on technologies such as Ion cannons and Anti-Photon cannons for defense.
Technological disadvantage (minimum of 1):
Lack of any FTL drives, so therefore cannot expand outside of it's system.
Navigation through Planespace is practically flying blind, even with the specialized sensors that help navigation through Planespace, it is very easy to get lost in planespace.
Global Extranet Access: Great
Personal/Civilian Transportation: Common



-Relations to other nations-

Neutral to all in this Galaxy
The light must be extinguished, for the shadows to disappear


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