The Njokzo Independant Spaces

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The Njokzo Independant Spaces

Post by Selqu » Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:42 am


Name : Selqu
Name of your Nation : The Njokzo Independant Spaces
Type of Government : Decentralized democracy
Political Leaders :
  • - Powers Master : Helmuc Dorme
    - Justice Master : Pierrick Castille
    - Laws Master : Firxua Duh
    - Head Messenger : Hermeso Loudhole

    - Selqian Space Admiral : Lutovi Gervan
    - Povazian Space Admiral : Jhisk Puorz
    - Tetragan Space Admiral : Tutatiso Daywish
    - Cunaŭ Space Admiral : Pito Gaspa
    - CentreAcian Space Admiral : Gauthier Thibald
Population : Unknown
Population Composition :
  • Tetragan : 31%
  • Furries : 23.5%
    • - Fynxes : 8.5%
      - Avians : 6%
      - Felines : 4%
      - Chiropterians (bats) : 3.5%
      - Canines : 2%
      - Other : 0.5%
  • Iron-blooded : 23%
  • Humans : 21.5%
  • Other : 1%
Major Cultures : Selqian, Povazian, Tetragan, Tsunawan, CentreAcian
Major Religions : Girtavayism, Buddhism, Atheism, CentrAcian pantheon
Civil Service : Random/Merit Based, depending of the Space
Policing : Light
Justice : Independent Judiciary

Type : Moderately Capitalistic
Focus : People mainly
Major exports : Ores, deuterium, photovoltaic equipment, vegetables, bullets-using weapons, semi-precious stones
Major imports : Spacecrafts equipment, computers, textiles, exotic animals, fruits
Currency : Square (Symbol : ◫)
Official Language : Esperanto
Other Main Languages :Selqu, Povazish, Tetragan, English, Swahili, French
Trade Procedure: It depends of the Space you want to trade with.
Economic Cycles : Every Decade
Misc Information : Though there is a main currency, the Spaces are still using their old currencies : Tsox, Cube, Economic Unit and Pjesto

Social Leanings : Moderate
Economic Leanings : Mixed
Democratic Leanings : Classical Democratic, individually for each Space
Desired Effectiveness of Government : Highly
Activism/Engagement : High
Multicultural : Yes
Religiousness : Religious (Single Faith)
Mass Media Addiction : Mass Media Friendly
General Public Health : Good
Unrest : Moderate

Volunteer only ? N
Mandatory Service ? N
Military strengths :
  • - Highly developped infantery weaponry
    - Well trained soldiers and pilots
    - Quick weapons manufracturing
Military weaknesses :
  • - The main forces are not common, each Space prefers keep it for themself
    - Spacecrafts weapons a bit older than the average
    - Slow spacecrafts
Orbital Bombardment Capability : Minnor


Relative technology level : Space Opera

Technological advantage : Good information systems, energy production good
Technological disadvantage : Miniaturisation very bad
Global Extranet Access : Good
Personal/Civilian Transportation: Common inside Spaces, but few inter-Spaces travels.

I'm okay for every type of RP, I like variety.
This sheet describes the situation for 'far' future. In 'near' future, Selqu is just an early space age modest states, not so different from the MT Selqu.

During its early history in space, Selqu became a modest nation just in quest of a bit of land its inhabitants can call home.
After years, they ended with a few planets colonized, with a weak space fleet.
Finally, the government decided, along with 3 others nations, to make a confederation of states, united by a supervising common organ.
As the Povazian separatists were getting more and more popular, the confederated nation divided itselft into 2 nations, creating the 5 states confederation we know.

-Relations to other nations-
It depends of the Space. The common government wants peaceful relationships, but won't hesitate to use the force if attacked.

Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character :
- Each Space has its own political/economical system making them partially independant from the common government.
Others to come...

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