Fun in the Sun OOC Planning and Discussion

Because half the fun of a RP is planning it.
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Fun in the Sun OOC Planning and Discussion

Post by Aatuylva » Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:27 pm

For when you don't have time for irc, or when you need to write something that is more than four lines long :P
Basically if you don't have time for popping into irc, and you have cool idea, drop it here and we'll all figure out how to make it work.


First Day 1:30PM - Invasion begins, Kalians perform missile strikes and Natter insertion into the capital city (Faliva).

First Day 1:40PM to 1:50PM - Kalian forces assault the port city of Kogoyo from hidden locations within freighters and trade vessels, utilizing light vehicles and dated seahawk helicopters in an attempt to cut off the port and round up any Forrayans fleeing by sea.

At the same time Kalian forces assault the northern shore with q-ships, setting up a beachhead and attempting to capture several coastal villages so that they can establish portable coastal guns in order to temporarily control the straight between the island and the northern continent.

Paratrooper forces are inserted into Faliva in order to capture the capital while the Natter forces continue to secure El Presidenta’s compound.

The Second Wave carrying the main invasion force is held up by a sudden tempest blossoming in the bay, and begins to turn north for safety.



First Day 9:00PM - Kalian Second wave arrives late, eight hours late, being slowed by a storm that forced them to drop emergency anchors and sinking one of the transports. They commit their amphibious assault at night on the western shore, many soldiers seasick and already suffering morale depletion, with Forrayan locals prepared.

Other components of the Second Wave land on the northern beachhead to relieve the Shorn Ones there and give supplies as at the same time large contingent lands in Kogoyo to occupy the city properly. Zapaya is a part of the contingent sent to Kogoyo, and her Division prepares for the push inland to Faliva with a spearhead of Shorn Ones led by Brigadier Amaktlo Ai'kalazatchi sent ahead of them clear the way of resistance.

Second Day 9:00AM - Tikult Gahamkzuma makes an official statement over radio and television broadcasts explaining the Kalian intention for the island, and their policy towards civilians and armed resistance along with their new policy of Conversion and not Decimation.
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