Miokalia/Dorfan/Teulern/Eyla Characters

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Miokalia/Dorfan/Teulern/Eyla Characters

Post by miokalia » Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:41 pm

Tamarisk Tyaniyu
1850 - 1944
Born in Dorringantden, Talarine Miokalia (Miokalia)
Died in Kohtohkhoh, Miokalia

Tajir of Miokalia (Prime Minister)
from 1914 - 1944

Tyaniyu was the benevolent dictator of Miokalia from 1914 to 1944. During which time he moved the capitol from Kohtohkhoh on the Talarine Island, to the mainland at Zye City, establishing a federal district. One of his lasting legacies was the Zagckza Treaty, where in order to resolve a soverign debt crisis toward the end of his tenure, he established an agreement with the Malych inorganic species which had an enormous stockpile of valuable metals, in return for their mainstream integration with the country and permission to rewrite the constitution.
It took nearly 7 years for this to be implemented. Many thought that he was insane for basically handing the keys to the country over to the Malych, but in 1951 the constitution was rewritten and things began to settle down.

Guunter Volff K. Muroa
Coyote-German Shepherd mix
1843 - 1952
Born in Guygalos, Teulern
Died in Konradosche, Teulern

Kaiser of Teulern
from 1860 to 1930
(abdicated to Prince Rudulpho Zeppelein Muroa I in 1930 due to health)

Volff K. Muroa was the absolute monarch of Teulern for 70 years. One of the longest ruling leaders in Teulernian history. He was extremely popular among the people for the first part of his reign up until the Second Transeledorian War in 1890. Known primarily for a legacy of asserting governmental independence from Talarine Miokalia, of which they were technically a Semi-independent viceroy since their defeat in 1650, Muroa's legacy was one of tremendous Teulernian nationalism, while at the same time maintaining a very close relationship with Miokalia to their advantage. However, the war in 1890 brought Teulernian nationalism to a fever pitch, and then an irreversible decline in the decades following. Teulern emerged somewhat victorious from the 1890 war, but at the expense of the Dorfanese. Seeing as the majority of land acquired from Dorfan was unarable desert, many Teulernians felt that the victory was meaningless.
Additionally, Muroa ordered the culling of the entire fleet of UX and Geno-type zoids following the war. The zoids which escaped ended up becoming the Malych within 10 years later. This legacy in particular has tarnished his name in the modern era.
Strangely enough, Muroa did live to see the ratification of the 1951 Miokalian Constitution, but died shortly after.

Anna Tarres Muroa
German Shepherd
1853 - 1890
Born in Fuchstein Von Jaegerschmitt, Teulern
Died by assassination in Roehmeo, Dorfan Eledoria (now part of Miokalia)

Lady to the Kaiser of Teulern
from 1860 to 1890

Anna Tarres Muroa was wed by arranged-marriage to then-Prince Volff K. Muroa at the age of 7 in a traditional, Teulernian Church of Zenebas marriage at the [/i]Kathedrale von unserer Heiligen Reich[/i] cathedral in Guygalos.
She was a rather quiet public figure until her accidental assassination in 1890, which sparked the Second Transeledorian War. She is a figure often equated to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (RL), whose assassination sparked World War 1 (RL).

Louisa Elaine Camford
Gray Wolf
1860 - 1954
Born in Macquarie Lake, Dorfan Eledoria (now part of Miokalia)
Died in South Brobies, Miokalia

President of Dorfan Eledoria
from 1888 to 1910

Louisa Camford was elected president during an era when there was a strong movement for Dorfan to join the Kazian Provinces due to species tension with Miokalia and general rancor with Teulern. Louisa Camford routinely visited the southern provinces of KZ, but found that cultural issues made integration difficult. In her memoirs, Camford explains that she didn't really believe in the populist movement to join KZ because their cultures were "irreconcilably different". Primarily citing linguistic differences, that the Dorfanese spoke Kohtohkhan and their belief system shared more in common with the Dinosaurs to the south than it did the canines to their north and west. Still, she courted KZ on behalf of the people she was elected to represent, up until the war broke out in 1890.
In the aftermath of the war, Camford retained wartime powers and implemented drastic measures to rebuild Roehmeo and re-establish civil order. Following the end of the war, the Dorfanese resolve was severely wounded. Many expatriated to KZ, believing that there would soon be no "Dorfan Identity". The brutality they experienced at the paws of Teulern shook their Animist belief system to it's core.
But finally in 1910, after struggling with a nation in crisis, under Camford's leadership, contact was established with the Malych. This was a tremendous affirmation of Dorfanese animist beliefs regarding zoids and was declared a miraculous sign by Dorfanese Shamans. This inspired Camford to release her wartime powers and a new election was held.

TEZ-049 Berserk Fury
1889 - 1950
Born in EDB Facility at Galil, Teulern
Died by assassination in Zye City Federal District, Miokalia

Apparateur Pro Tempore of the Upper House
from 1944 to 1950

323K14L was a Berserk Fury manufactured by EDB in Teulern for the Second Transeledorian War. He was commissioned in 1892 and deployed against various locations in the theatre of operations north of Roehmeo. In 1894, he was decommissioned and scheduled for destruction, but escaped. For 2 years he wondered the desert with dozens of other similar units which had been affected by the K24 patch created by Ray Gregg to "free" the zoids he worked on in Teulern. Eventually he settled in Astroiya, a community built in an abandoned Dorfanese strip mining complex. 323K14L was miniaturized during the First Kairouku, which necessitated the conversion of full-scale Zoids to smaller Organoid-like forms for energy and space management reasons.
323K14L emerged as a Type-G Malych Personality Archetype, a natural-born leader. Because of this, the system relegated him to representation and diplomacy with Miokalia and Dorfan. He was assassinated by extremists upset with the outcome of the Zagckza treaty in 1950.

Tachakita Z4GCK2A
EM29 White Genosauroid Malych
1895 - 1980
Born in Astroiya - Block A-02, Malych Ward
Died in Zye City Federal District, Miokalia

Sudo to the Apparateur, Author of the Zagckza Treaty
from 1944 to 1960

Tachakita Zagckza was born at Astroiya from a Liger Zero and a Genosaurer which were both manufactured at EDB in Galil. He was born amidst the First Kairouku, during which existing units were being converted to the new Organoid-like format. Tachakita was one of the first Malych to have a multi-part "organic-style" name, something unique to Malych born after 1894. Prior to that, Malych assigned themselves single-part names based on identification codes they were assigned by EDB and Teulern.
Zagckza authored the treaty named after him, which was signed by himself, 323K14L and Miokalian Tajir Tamarisk Tyaniyu. He is widely considered to be the architect of the modern Miokalian government.

Howard DoVoto
1914 - ...
Born in Hokyldaryon, Miokalia

Tajir Secretary of Miokalia (Prime Minister)
from 1982 to 1988

Howard DoVoto was an associate of Tyaniyu during the later part of his administration. After his military career, he became a historian. He taught as a star professor at Universitat Dorigan until the 1970's, when he focused on his life long passion of music. When he was young, his highly traditional parents did not allow him to pursue music professionally. Instead, they sent him to military school and had him attend Dorringantden Academy for a military career. He reportedly got along extremely well with Tyaniyu during that career.
After spending a decade as a musician, Howard DoVoto ran for Tajir Secretary, borrowing heavily from the image and legacy of the Tyaniyu era. This proved to be tremendously successful in 1982 and 1985, but since then, no other canidate has achieved the same success with that theme. Probably because Howard DoVoto actually was a part of the Tyaniyu legacy.

D0R0Y Blinn
RM67 Arosaurer Malych
1960 - 2009
Born in Dopblaron, Malych Ops Reservation, Miokalia
De-Naturalized by reproductive fusion with K0L5L4W Irving

from 2003 to 2009

Doroy Blinn was Apparateur of Miokalia for 6 years. 4 of which were during the 2003-2007 recession. Blinn is credited with politically stabilizing the border region during a time of transition.

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