Dark, His Personal Private Security and More Prt one

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Dark, His Personal Private Security and More Prt one

Post by DarkShadowFox » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:26 pm

Hallo, Dark here of NDF *pulls up in what looks like an m60 Sabra III*, I wanted to tell you a little about the main ruler of NDF and his personal security force.

NDF being a military nation, is no North Korea by any standards while heavily guarded on all sides despite being an island, citizens and tourists are allowed to come freely after entering a four stage process.

one tourists are before buying a ticked back home are required to be linked from all major, minor and all third party ticked buying sites to the official website where it will require you to fill out a request form with valid information.

two upon entering the island tourists and citizens are checked for documents and allowed to pass onto state three.

stage three citizens and tourists males and females above the legal age of 18 are required to strip bare and pass through a dull body scan, anyone under this age are allowed to keep undergarments on.

stage four clothed are returned bearing clipped on rfi keys which will be activated upon leaving and entering, those with rfi keys already attached are given new ones on their clothing. This prevents anyone from leaving unmonitored and all planes are not allowed to leave until all people who bought flights are confined on board up to a thirty minute delay for late persons.

now onto the character sheets. :'D

Character Name- Dark


Species- Half Breed of Each, Half Red fox and half Fennec.

Fur Colour- Blue with white underbelly, darker blue arm and leg '"socks" half blue white tail and three tone blue banded ears.

National Rank- Leader, Commander and Bill Legislator.

Likes- Tanks, Sushi, Japanese Food- Architecture- Culture, Making Sure People Are Taken Care of First Frivolities Later.

Dislikes- The Opposite Gender Romantically and Sexually, People who come into his nation to hurt anyone, Humans, Terrorism, Crime and Holding The People Down as well as large poor, rich gaps.

Hobbies- Tank Design Writing Fiction Various Other Hobbies.

Relations- None

Friends- What is exactly a friend?

National View- Shy, reserved, but means well and does well.

Darks Personal Security.

Darks Personal Security Consists of only three or four handpicked soldiers two males two females, it is of the highest honor to guard the door outside of his personal office and on the inside of his personal office. Two males are stationed outside providing a more aggressive presence (anthro males outweigh females up to a 100 pounds of muscle at times.) and the two females stationed inside provide a much lighter agile package as to quickly react if something were to happen to the national leader (anthro females are usually quicker and are trained more extensively as medical personnel as compared to males who tend to be more combat prepared.)

The First of Two females stationed inside is.

Name- Lyosha Yakim

Gender- Female.

Species. Snow Leopard.

Colors- Black fur with white markings and yellow orange eyes.

Military Training and background- Serving as the hand picked personal adviser to Dark himself, Ms Yakim both has envy (from her personal female guard counterpart ) and respect from Dark, the nation and the entire NDF Military force. Being Trained as a basic soldier first and than continuing on wards into much more advanced training, Lyosha or Lyo as he is called for short, entered service following the Riots of the Lower Class People of Kishitawa in 2027 when the NDF was still just a small military base on the coldest, most northern and most remote part of the island. She than applied for a small starting of a Special Operations group known as Project One.

Project one was later named to Special Operations and Tactics (SOT) and it saw the highest number of applications from much more veteran members of the NDF military in the future, following the establishment of the now miniscule nations first city Takafunachō (now the nations capital). In order to select who was truly dedicated and had not just been around for a very long time. SOT applicants were drilled in a course hardening them for real combat and individualization as a single operating soldier, able to single handily take out large military installations through stealth and quick movements. Of course that was not all the training was, soldiers were also drilled and instructed in open zone combat in solo operations, close quarters combat and blending with ones environment (despite being made easier with the discovery of nano tech and thermoptic, heat dissipating cloaking devices).

Lyo (Lie-oh, with a Russian accent <.< ) after completing SOT training took part in the poorly planed defense of The COFP Embassies following their fall and demise, NDF retreated along with many others carrying injured and slowly dying to the FurFed , a large and well defended embassy offering shelter to those who survived the COFP embassy raids. After being healed thanks to the recently developed nano technology, Lyo was given a choice either die from infection and withdrawal of the nano machine injections keeping her alive or undergo a new experiment grafting nano machines permanently to the dna structure itself allowing the healers to replicate and increase immune response and essential heal the body twice as fast as a non "augmented" individual. Fasting Forewards, her augmentations keep her body young but age is slowly catching up with her, as can been seen by her slowly greying body fur ( a few can be seen here and there in a certain light if she is not careful about dying it)

Lyo because of her history and being almost one of the oldest members of the NDF military itself, she is also very old and greying often refereed to as the grand elder corner stone and post of the entire military at once. She has temporarily served on many boards and assemblies and even given a few public speeches to honor fallen combatants, without her the NDF would be lost and the only. She can recite almost all if not all of the history of the NDF and has frequently been keeping records ever since the now ancient failed COFP embassy raids. She is numerously turned too when a library is ready to print or add a new record or recollection to their both digital and paper records.

She is trained in sniper tactics along with the typical SOT fare.

The Second and Much Younger Female guard-

Name- Sho

Gender- Female

Species- Phoenix

Colors- Said to resemble a flame, her markings include dark purple blue and various orange and red hues, her eyes are color changing from dull yellow to an almost fiery red, sometimes her eyes are even matching those of Lyo's and are said to even glow making her an ominous presence in the night itself.

Military Training and background- The much younger of the two female personal guards to Dark, Sho has served well beyond what someone her age has operating in numerous military theaters as NDF itself attempts to stamp out an oppressive terrorist force attacking anthro embassies across multiple if not international nations. Following an operation on an embassy connected to FurFed in the Kangaroo Federation, a small nation consisting of you guessed it, 98% Kangaroo anthros, Sho lost must of her left leg and hip as long as almost completely severing both of her hands and losing half of her eye sight in almost both eyes due to the sheer concussion of a blast that had been later linked to a looked over IED when rushing out surviving and injured personnel. It was indeed a wrong place and a wrong time moment and following a two month comatose state almost borderline vegetative state. Sho was injected with nanines and had them grafted like Lyo to her DNA with medical Nanties and within a week she showed impressive recovery and within a month she had woken out of her comatose state and had improved to almost full strength, though with hampered mental ability.

Following a year of hard training, therapy and recovery, Sho had shown to grab onto intelligence faster than she previously had and had become within that year, smart if not smarter than she had pre accident. She is known for her technical prowess and is much faster than the three other guards, following Dark when he is out and about in the open world and is known for having keen eyes.

She is trained in sniper tactics, as well as mechanics, explosives training and advanced body armor usage. She serves as the NDF armorer and general vehicle repair oversight, mostly taking things into her own talons when a problem cannot be solved. She is quiet and reserved like Dark but she also knows how to keep a secret and Dark finds himself taking to her about much more personal things for an answer others would not be able to keep to themselves. Despite her leaders sexual disposition, they do have things here and there. (p*g*ing and such).

In the Next Installment I will talk about the two males stationed outside of Darks office, gotta add them too :P If you need more or want me to elaboarate please do ask.

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