The Final Solution

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The Final Solution

Post by The_ASE » Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:29 pm

OOC: This is a closed thread between me and Aluez. IX would be attempting to end the wars of Unity (since he's going to be Unity's Vice Chancellor in this). Also, this first post is massive co-op post.
Unity, Weihria, IX's Office
IX leaned back in his office chair and thought. It had been only a week since he became Unity's Vice Chancellor. It's an odd position, having gone from such a prestigious position as effectively head of state of the Empire - which has shattered into several large chunks - in the Milky Way, to a foreigner in a strange country in a government even he doesn't fully understand. On the other hand, he is in a position of power, even if he'd be ignored for the most part most likely.

With the thought of power going through his head, IX realized that a rather interesting story developed between the Greater Galactic Reich - or GGR as IX has known it - and Tondam Corporation. Apparently, discussions between the two broke down because the Chancellor of GGR was unfit to serve in the meeting due to certain female monthly body functions and Tondam refuses to speak. To IX, it seems that everyone is just trying to annoy him and make him have to do something, since he's sure that Ariyanna wouldn't do anything in all her "wisdom".

That was another thing. The Party of Unity, particularly Shadow, seemed to show a lack of willingness to negotiates. That proved evident over Harris when Shadow said something along the lines of "orders first, no questions asked" or however it was phrased. That turned into a political nightmare for the Empire which resulted in the Empire's collapse and IX's family fleeing to Unity for the most part. Shachar is still in the Federation, Luca is with Alaric back in Sol, Klara is unofficially leading the Anean Resistance, and IX's mother should arrive on Weihria within a week or so.

"Bah!" IX finally said, frustrated with his thoughts. He's going to be Vice Chancellor for a while - unless of course he pulled some kind of crazy power play that'd just be a failure - so he has to get used to the craziness of this part of the galaxy. On the other hand... what if it all could end.

IX was a bit of a peacemaker after the Liberation War. He, along with his team of diplomats, arranged for the honorable surrender of the Pudrian Collective and Galactic Federation and their transition into semi-autonomous states of the Empire. Hoping he could put that into practice again, IX got on the phone to Ariyanna to see what she would think of forming a peace conference. IX and his diplomatic team from the autonomy conferences, plus maybe a Party member or two, meeting with Tondam and GGR to end the wars and hopefully usher in a new age of peace.

Waiting as the phone rang, IX was almost impatient, though it was more that he knew he didn't have a lot of time. Once she answered, IX wasted no time going into his idea. "Ariyanna, it's IX. I had an idea. We need to end these wars and I think that there needs to be a peace conference."

Ariyanna then said, "Not even a chance for me to say hello? Anyways, the peaceconference... where would we hold such a thing? We have no neutral ground in this part of the galaxy."

"The Imperator. With the fall of the Empire, it realistically belongs to no nation. The crew aboard has no loyalties. And there's nice big conference rooms."

"How big?"

"Enough to seat..." IX pulled the number of people the largest room could hold from memory. "50 around a round table plus another... 450 or so around the center."

"Lovely, should be enough. Do it!"

"Will do. If you wanted to send a couple people along, that's fine, but I am gathering my diplomatic team I had while I was Grand Duke."

"Myself, Archangel, and Shadow will attend."

"Ah... that's... nice..." IX said, obviously lying about it. He really doesn't want Shadow there since that'd probably complicate things. Archangel he never really met. Ariyanna he has no problem with really.

"Have a problem?"

"Nope, not at all."

"Alright! See you there!"

Without a goodbye, IX hung the phone up gently... before tearing the phone from its wires and throwing it across his office, shattering on a wall. He then took a spare phone from one of his drawers, since he has been doing this regularly since becoming Vice Chancellor. Obviously frustrated with the turn of events, IX set his head in his hands and tried to think of a solution to this. He could just deal with Shadow, but make sure the three of them - Ariyanna, Archangel, and Shadow - are all left in the sidelines while IX takes care of the diplomacy with his team. To IX, that'd work best, but it probably wouldn't go over very well with Ariyanna.

Tisra, whom IX never even noticed in his office, then said, "Not... happy with them being there I'm guessing?"

"You think? It's mostly Shadow though." IX said while taking a cigar out.

"I see... I can arrange for Shadow not to show up if you want me to."

"No. Let her be there. When she messes things up, I can walk away with a PR victory for myself since I tried to end the wars." Thinking for a moment, IX then added, "And I have ammunition to use against her eventually."

"She won't mess things up... only thing she'll be doing there is security to make sure those gun-toating maniacs from the GGR don't shoot you..."

"And that's the attitude that messes things up."

"Not my fault they are out of their minds..."

"In all fairness, the displays I saw from Unity before the collapse were no better."

Tisra then sighed, "True... but we're not ones to blow up entire star systems because we got yanked around by an alien race..."

"I'm not going to argue who has the moral high ground, because really no one does at this point." IX then thought to himself, 'Except me, of course.'

"Speaking of high ground..." Tisra tried to climb up into IX's lap. After seeing what she wanted, IX let her and she curled up.

"Anyway, I have to call my team, Klara and three others."

With a nod, Tisra said, "I'll keep quiet while you do that."

IX's send out messages, not a call since he needed to contact them all at the same time, to Klara, Thersa, and Mini-Vinnie. Thersa is in Andromeda visiting and was awaiting a time when IX needed her again. Mini-Vinnie is probably in Federation space and trying to get a commission from Soldavini. Klara is the closest member of the team, being in Alpha Centauri. It should take about two weeks for everyone of his team to arrive and for the conference room aboard the Imperator.
Later That Day, In Orbit of Weihria, ASF Imperator
Walking the familiar halls of the ship, it felt good to be back on a place he knew instead of the office on the surface. He almost feels like the Imperator again, but that's probably because the inside is still reminiscent of an Anean ship and still has the grand feel of a royal Anean ship. He's not trying to impress though, but he doesn't want to strip the interior and make it more military feeling.

Unlike before the collapse, IX managed to save most of the soldiers of the Emperor's Legion and they stand guard at various points, still wearing the colors of their Legions. There are 20 different color schemes on board, since he doubled the Legion size from 50,000 to 100,000. Most of the new recruits will be from the influx of Anean refugees that have only just started to arrive.

IX turned a corner and opened the double doors of what will be the conference room. The layout of the room was similar to the UN Security Council room back on Earth, though much larger. One thing that was already being prepared for the conference. First order of business: taking down the huge Anean flag that hung in the room, which the crew were doing. IX laughed at the fact that the wood behind the flag was darker than the paler wood of the rest of the room, showing how long the flag has been there without being moved.

Already, IX's writers were putting together messages to GGR and Tondam.
To: Leadership of Greater Galactic Reich and Tondam Corporation
From: Vice Chancellor Xaimoungkhoun

Greetings. Today I have gained the authorization from the Chancellor (though I wish I didn't need it from her honestly) to organize a peace conference. It will take place in two weeks aboard my personal starship, which is neutral territory following the fall of my Empire. I believe that the hostilities between Unity, the Reich, and Tondam have gone on far too long and need to be ended with a mutually beneficial agreement.

I would request that we do not walk out of the meeting and continue to discuss, throw out suggestions, make offers and counteroffers. This will probably be a long meeting, spanning several days, but it needs to be done.

Chancellor Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun


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