A Fox with a Big Problem

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A Fox with a Big Problem

Post by Tinis » Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:43 pm

"Hello there Moda!" came the voice of the speakers as hundreds cheered. "I hope you'll forgive me, I'm not usually one for events like this. But I'm sure glad you all came out here on a hot spring day like this. To enjoy the sights and smells of the orchards on the hills, the chirping of the birds, the feel of the wind through your fur. These things are precious to us, now and forever. Just as our children and our old hold the promise of the future and the wisdom of the ages, we protect them as we protect this land and this nation.

"I come before you today because I for see a wrench in the great works that make our world great. I'm not here to fear monger, but to talk plainly about the problems we now face."

The crowd was much more somber. "Who would of thought that our first true contact with people from beyond our world would lead to such fear, such paranoia about what might happen to us. Forget nuclear holocaust, the things we now know about and the things we suspect might be out there, would find such devastation but a bump on their road to unknowable goals and ends. The encouragement of chaos and discord in the nations of this continent, from lands we once thought friends, to unexpected friends just trying to make it, screams of fundamental issues that must be resolved if we are to live in peace even with just ourselves. We all know the stories. We turn on the TV and open our web browsers to see new terrors on the horizon.

"We've all grown afraid. Fear can dull the mind. Make fools of us. But when all of these external threats are taken as the mass we see it, then we find ourselves unable to think clearly. How to tackle these things. How to keep this orchard safe. How to make sure our children grow up in a world where they don't have to fear fire from the sky. This seems an impossible task."

The raccoon grinned. "But we are the impossible."

This was the hook line. It caught them just a little off guard.

"Think about it. Where were we fifty years ago? This very city was but an outpost at the edge of a barony loosely affiliated with this Union thing across the river. There were around five vehicles with internal combustion engines in the whole of Tinis at the time and one of those was a tank. The country side was teaming with refugees and dejected soldiers. Disease and crime was rampant. Hunger too. There was no Arx. There were only three train lines, one of which I should point out still runs through this city.

"There were unknowable nations beyond our boarders. Even the Prefectures, usually paragons for the promotion of peace given their own bloody history of conflict, were edging towards bullying us. Risk was high of a second civil war. The first having just ravaged vast parts of the country side. And yet, here we are today. Standing in one of the most developed, free, and prosperous nations in the world."

He lifted his paws up. "To from there to here, that sounds like the impossible. But its what we did. Our fore-bearers and those that are still with us could tell us stories of those days. I've never met an old timer who isn't totally amazed by the transformation this country has undergone.

"And guess what, we can do the impossible again. Will you join me in that? Will you help me do the impossible?"


The fox turned off the TV and turned in his swivel chair. He had had enough of the rally. If anything important happened he'd get briefed.

"Sir sir!" shouted someone barging into his office.

"Ske please knock first."

"Yes yes First Speaker, I thought I did." The cat had in fact not knocked. Ske tossed some file folders on to First Speaker Overin Lenord's desk. He looked less then amused at this.

"What is this?"

"Uri wanted you to finish your reelection campaign filling paper work super fast just to make sure we had it for when you made your big announcement."

The fox sighed. "Yes of course." He opened the folder on top and began looking at it. "I did think about not running again."

"Sir?!?" came the assistant's reaction.

"I'm lucky to be here. Got all the breaks. It probably won't happen next time. Then again, if I didn't run the NPP twits on the committee would probably nominate someone impossible by fiat."

"Uh, umm..." the assistant didn't know what to say to this.

"Get out," said the fox, getting more annoyed. As she fled he began to fill out the paperwork.


Background of Important Events

c.2000: Commander Yerzok is blackmailed by an underground organization known as the People for the Elevation of the Directorate (P.E.D.), a pro-fascist/pro-monoarchist league of malcontents and revolutionaries.

2004: First Speaker Izixs is elected to his 11th full official term. Appoints Ambassador Waldo to be Secretary of State.

2005: P.E.D. ups its use of Yerzok to carry out its own ends. Namely pushing Tinisian intelligence assets towards their goals instead of that of the Union.

2006: Allied forces liberate Pargalo. Commander Ovrin Lenord begins to run for First Speaker.

2007: P.E.D. offers to help Yerzok become First Speaker. Yerzok works a plot to drag in Lenord and to use him as the fall guy, viewing him as a 'spaceboy idealist'.

2008: Yerzok gets the Nationalist Party nomination and Lenord gets the Neo-Pargalonian Party nomination. Jero Obtanis (Socialist Party) and Gerbi Post (Union Party) are also running. Lenord, who had kept his snout clean throughout the supposed collusion, hands the evidence he had collected over to the authorities. Yerzok is impeached and convicted of multiple counts of treason. Lenord is elected First Speaker by uniting the divided right of Tinis to eek out a slim win.

2009:Lenord is on the job and has many conflicts with the Chamber of Speakers. Many P.E.D. plots are foiled and the group goes into hiding and focus efforts elsewhere.

2010: First extra solar contact is made. This causes great stirring in Tinis as priorities seem to change a great deal. Socialists make large gains in the mid term elections. Yerzok is executed by simultaneous lethal injection and slow suffocation.

2011: First candidates for First Speaker begin to announce their intentions...
"We stand for justice, democracy, and a brighter future. Make sure you are unjust, fascist, and nihilistic before deciding you hate us." - Former First Speaker Izixs

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Re: A Fox with a Big Problem

Post by Tinis » Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:22 am

"Just as promised, First Speaker Lenord has cut the size of the army," says a concerned sounding growly famine, feline voice over an image of three soldiers standing at attention. "The problem: the world is now more dangerous than ever and now our great Union is less able to defend itself."

A flash shows the face of a badger smiling while shaking hands with a crowd. "That's why we need someone like Upteli Ero." As a montage of video of the badger doing things, like writing, debating people, and eating sandwiches is shown, "A candidate who will stand up to the Socialists and turn coats in the chamber and on the Council of Commanders to rebuild our armed forces and ensure that Tinis takes its place as the greatest country in the world. Vote Ero Tuesday."


Daily Rox

Daily Rox Elections Polling Wrap: All eyes on Predgat

by Singal Synotavilxiulki

We're now less than 24 hours away from when polls open across the nation for the Nationalist Party Primary. So let's get to the hard numbers for that and those other things coming up:

Nationalist Primary (Group of Researching Associates) - Atral 23, Ero 21, Predgat 19, Wapsilkontar 15, Urza 5

Nationalist Primary (Advanced Investigations) - Ero 24, Atral 22, Predgat 17, Wapsilkontar 12, Urza 12

Nationalist Primary (ZZZ Tracking Poll) - Atral 25, Ero 18, Predgat 15, Wapsilkontar 13, Urza 9

Nationalist Primary (Alka/Arx Times Poll) - Atral 22, Ero 21, Predgat 21, Wapsilkontar 19, Urza 7

NPP Primary (Drake) - Lenord 59, Yco 10, Quibar 2

Union Primary (Hall University) - Fusion ticket yes 52, no 47, Vinlia 35, Waldo 32, Post 16, Nesen (T.Z.) 10, Wampilin 2 -- (Runoff) Vinlia 49, Waldo 48

Socialist Primary (Rassy) - Fusion ticket yes 45, no 50, Lastrin 20, Markos 20, Obtanis 18, Gwarnfodonti 16, Izzyior 15

On the big contest tomorrow, the game seems to be a near toss up between former Speaker Atral, and the wonky Speaker Ero. The trouble is of course how quickly Predgat has moved up in recent days. The Governor of Jackmeck, once written off by both arms of the traditional media, has surged from behind in only a few days to be in contention for the nomination. Ero's campaign, which had until recently been focused on the attempts by the party to change the rules half way through the game so that a runoff would occur... but only if Ero came out ahead... has begun to fire at Predgat in response to the numbers above. The official claim is of course that a runoff would keep the Nationalists in the spot light for another month at least. The other parties have adopted a runoff system for their primaries (though for the NPP it pretty much won't matter). But perhaps a runoff would yet be a good idea if Ero isn't in the top two spots. Atral and Predgat, pretty much a retread of the previous election, need more exposure. And by need more exposure, need to have more chances to try to out crazy each other.

As for the other Nationalists, they are irrelevant at this point. Unless you can believe that Alka poll.

On to the other races, the most interesting news out of the NPP poll there is that Lenord isn't in the 80s or higher. I can't see a race happening here, but it is a sure sign that his party is none to happy with his performance as First Speaker. For the most part he's been silent and obstructive, while they've demanded their usual radical agenda of moving us towards their capitalistic hell hole of an ideal.

Waldo is probably confused why he's in the top tier at this point. Perhaps the humility thing really pays off in Unionist circles these days? All the same, I still think its Vinlia's race to loose, but the usual suspects in the rear could tear her down enough for an upset. Post, once so mighty, is busy picking up crumbs after her showing last time. At least the Unionists realize that they shouldn't nominate a looser. (No wonder there was a draft Izixs movement this election...)

Now on to our home turf, what can I say? The race is still very open. I'm hoping someone comes out with a poll for runoffs with pretty much everyone. That might be the only way we can have a clue on who our nominee is to be.

Finally, the fusion question. I'm still undecided on this one. I know most of you are leaning against, but here's what I see. First off, no matter who the Unionist folks nominate, half of their support will be luke warm at best. On the other hand, we don't know much about how solid our side's support in a Union/Socialist runoff might be. But all of our candidates have fairly good favorables (except Izzyior which only breaks even). So we might be in a good position to win over some unhappy Union voters while holding onto our own in that contest. If that happens, which is not guaranteed of course, then we basically get one united left candidate who is a Socialist, and no Union spoilers. At worst, some crank Tail Party type person shows up and steals away the crazy vote. The downside to this is of course, what if the Union people unite behind their person and crush us? They do have the numbers advantage in registration at the moment but its not huge. Still, its a problem.

But my musings might not matter. The Union vote is close and a no from them will cancel out what ever we end up voting for given post parties have to vote yes.


"I'm not pleased," said the Fox at the end of the table. He was the only one sitting down.

Everyone there knew it was an understatement. The Fox's current campaign manager, a weasel with a bit of a twitchy eye at that moment, was perhaps the only one with deeper rage present. "Drake's record," she stated with much malice. "Is terrible. But, margins of error of sufficient size are impossible to argue for. Ideas."

"The question wording is ambiguous. Say some folks probably thought it was a general election matchup."

"Those that give a preference are those more likely to vote. Including those that support fringe interests."

"Yco is advertising. Name recognition gets you votes even if its in an election that doesn't matter."

"Start advertising, slamming the Nationalist leader or winner tomorrow."

"Ignore it?"

"New slogan for the campaign. 'Victory for Tinis' is kind of militant. Yco might be playing on our base supporter's anti-war stance."

"That poll was not geographically representative. They're based in the east. Not very NPP territory there. They have no clue how to poll nationally."

"Enough," said the First Speaker. "Right?" The fox turned to the weasel.

She nodded. "We officially ignore the poll. Talk to our blogger friends and have them rip the poll apart. After the results of tomorrow we have a new campaign slogan. Claim its a response to the results of the Nationalist primary if anyone asks. Assuming they figure things out over there. We also start slamming their nominee."

The fox nodded in agreement.

"The rest of you get going, the night is still young," said the weasel. As the workers dispersed, she turned to the fox. "You do know Yco will be but a road bump on our way right?"

"Really? Then why the hell is he anywhere? Only once did that asshole before me have to put up with something like this. And he pulled that one would with seventy or so. Not less than sixty."

The weasel nodded. "Times change. And we both know this isn't why you're pissed. I'm aware you saw the internal regarding our rivals."

The fox nodded. "A united left is unacceptable." His claws pressed into the table, leaving scratches in the wood finish.

"Its not a done deal. What we do the next few weeks will matter greatly on how we're perceived. If they think they can take us divided, they will attempt such, and fail. We can't be in too good a posture until then."

The fox snarled. "I'm tired of playing wounded. I hate to admit it, but since I started my path to getting here... I've been finding myself being more honest. I tired of games of backstabbing and intrigue. Playing dead... it doesn't appeal to my senses."

"As it shouldn't. We're playing we..."

"Shut up."

The weasel did as commanded. She nodded at him and left. The interns would not have a pleasant evening. The fox remained.

"It used to be so easy..." he whispered.



The raccoon fell backwards and out of his seat. "What the!"

"Hey hey!" a familiar face poked over the edge of the desk. "Miss me?"

"Um... I would be lying if I said no, but to say yes would invite to much I fear."

"Yes yes, but I'm not really here to cause you that kind of discomfort."

"Then why..." mumbled the raccoon, quite wary as he pulled himself up.

"I just wanted to say hello, let you know I'm back from my walkabout, and to ask you, why the hell are you doing this? I thought you hated running for office!"

"Yes yes, hence why I never did so until this contest. And I ran for office for my own reasons. Among them, Lenord needs to be dumped and I suspect I might be the best able to do such. Vinlia is nice, but she's not as liked. As for why people like me... I have no clue."

"Its because you're cuddly. Now, I hope you don't mind if I give you some tips."

"Not at all."

"Good good. I'll also be giving tips to your rivals. Just to keep it fair."

"Great... Can I at least have your vote?" said the raccoon with a half chuckle.

"Maybe! But you gotta earn it first."

"Fair enough."
"We stand for justice, democracy, and a brighter future. Make sure you are unjust, fascist, and nihilistic before deciding you hate us." - Former First Speaker Izixs

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Re: A Fox with a Big Problem

Post by Tinis » Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:29 pm


First Speaker Ovrin Lenord - The Fox

The Lenord Campaign:

Campaign Manager - Laif Nootruz - A weasel, female
Treasurer - Zatchriring Inxadi - A rabbit, male
Head of Advertising - Istdidzatchruz Paun - A fox, female
Muckraker - Tilsvig Ilkruz - A wolf, male

The Rivals:

Commander Talia Vinlia - A wolf, female, UP
Speaker Wald R.F. - A raccoon, male, UP
Governor Gerbi Post - A raccoon, female, UP
Speaker Nesen T.Z. - A dragon, male, UP
Former Sub-Auditor Tazinia Lastrin - A mole, female, SP
Fleet Admiral Jason Markos - A rabbit, male, SP
Governor Jero Obtanis - A squirrel, male, SP
State Auditor Gwarnfodonti B.F. - A fox, female, SP
Izzyior - A dragon, male, SP
Former Speaker Fellop Atral - A feline, female, NP
Governor Herol Xan Predgat - A rabbit, male, NP
Yco Q.F. - A wolf, male, NPP

The free agents:

Supreme Commander Dobbin Krazalgesh - A tiger, male, head of the military
National Auditor Habbart Nogitil - A fox, male
Rollume Fi - Public face of the Skin Slicers, an anti-human organization, a wolf, male
Commander "Big Chief" Mary Delbrook - An iguana, female, head of the police
Commander Krel - Head of intelligence, a skunk, male
The stranger - A shadowy figure
Simon Skunk - A media personality, a skunk, male
Meg Han McQuick - A media personality, a feline, female
Izixs - The previous First Speaker, a dragon, male
Reltalix - Close personal friend of Izixs, a dragon, female
Moblius Lenord - A fox, female, Ovrin's mom
Aufex Volchatgali - Accountant, a chipmunk, female
"We stand for justice, democracy, and a brighter future. Make sure you are unjust, fascist, and nihilistic before deciding you hate us." - Former First Speaker Izixs

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Re: A Fox with a Big Problem

Post by Tinis » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:23 pm

"Hi, its Yco again, reminding you that the fight for a better Tinis is not over. The voting might be over, but questions still remain about the real winner last week. So please go to www.cev.ut and sign the petition to release the Neo-Pargalonian Party primary ballots to the media for an independent count. We shouldn't be in the business of letting the government be the only ones who can count the votes. Thank you."


Miss Paun turned off the video. "So that's what Yco is up to."

The other fox in the room snickered. "It looks like a hotel room. Is that idiot filming his recount commercial in a hotel room?"

"Perhaps. Audiences aren't appearing to be receptive, which, really is the important thing," said Paun. "I don't think we have to worry about him. Getting almost seventy percent is a pretty solid win for you and he's not going to gain any traction."

Lenord nodded. "So back to focusing on the general?"

The vixen at the computer looked unsure. "I was thinking, with you and Zatch's approval, that we could cut a commercial that's not quite general election focused."

"Go on."

"The fusion ticket has as you know been endorsed by both Waldo and Vinlia. There's a good chance it will pass on Saturday. We need to get ahead of it for when the Socialists go for their vote. Its not clear they'll pass it. It would be in our best interests to make sure it doesn't."

Lenord leaned back. "You talked to Laif about this yet?"

"Not th... yes. Laif wasn't keen."

Lenord took a sip of his coffee. "Now my dear, tell me why Laif would say no."

Paun smirked. "The same reason I would say no. Appearances. If the Socialists think you're interfering with their contest. But I'm not saying you cut an anti-fusion commercial. Just one that will cast doubt into their hearts on the subject. My idea..." said Paun as she changed windows on the computer. "Is this."

Lenord leaned closely. Before him was a flow chart of sorts. "So we attack both Waldo and Vinlia, painting them to both be war mongers and that I'm the only anti-war candidate. Not factual really, but yes, Waldo is the tricky bit in the mix. If he manages to get a UP nod the Socialists will be alright with a fusion ticket. Hmm... lets do it."


"Err, Mr. Waldo, have you seen this?"

The raccoon turned to the campaign aid. "No, what is it? I'm due on stage in a minute."

"Its, uh, yeah, so the First Speaker has put out a commercial this evening. Possibly an attempt to interfere with our primary by, uh, calling you out for your agreeing with Vinlia on supporting Octagon II efforts and keeping troops in Pargalo."

Waldo twitched his whiskers. "Now that's an odd attack to be making at this point of time. I... I'll think about this. I gotta run. Thanks."

The raccoon went out on stage shortly after.

"Good evening Arx! How is everyone tonight?" The crowd cheered. "Well that sounds like you're doing quite well. That's very good. I'm glad you are in high spirits tonight. Because I was worried. Because we all know what direction Tinis has been going of late. The First Speaker, with all the executive levers at his disposal, has been tearing up the country." The raccoon paused.

"He's pushed our allies away, emboldened our enemies, made our wonderful nation seem like the callus uncaring joke that he wants Tinis to be. He's undone most workers agreements with the federal government, sending Tinisazil into chaos. He's opted to push his party to blocking any progress that doesn't meet his extremist standard of change. He's encouraged abuses of power by the military branch. And he's appointed extremist justices to the supreme court. If his kind of so-called leadership is allowed to continue, the Union is indeed done for. Remember, before they were the NPP, they were the Anti-Union Party. The party that stood against the Union of Tinis, against you and me and everyone else that think our nation is a good thing.

"Now, what are we going to do about this situation?"


"Good speech," said a voice that the raccoon was not expecting. This sent Waldo, who had been leaning back in his chair, falling backwards.


"Sorry to startle you. Let me intro..."

"I know who you are," said the raccoon as he pulled himself up. "What the hell are you doing here?"

The owner of the voice pulled themselves onto the desk. "Easy. I saw you heard about that add Lenord had put up. You shouldn't worry about it making you loose to Vinlia."

"Hey now, I don't barge into... where ever the heck it is you live... and start calling you short do I?" The raccoon opted to stand instead of retaking his seat.

"Fine, when you tie with Vinlia."

Waldo huffed. "Dropping me pointless information like this isn't a reason to come bother me. Please leave."

"Fine. But I just wanted to make sure you knew that Lenord's plot, to divide UP and SP from a fusion ticket with this add is a bad move on his part. You should understand why."

"Whatever. Go," said Waldo. "And please, never ever come back to bother me."

"As you wish. But don't come back to me when you decide to actually use my help."


"This is Tilsvig Ilkruz," said a very overweight wolf. His words were muffled slightly by the pen still sticking out from the side of his mouth. "And who is this? Oh. Well, uh, why are you calling? No no, what do you want?"

Tilsvig nodded. "That's weird. Yes yes. But... that doesn't make any sense. No. What? You gotta be shitting me. Heh, fine fine. Toodles."

The wolf hung up the phone and immediately called out. "Miss Nootruz? Tilsvig, we got something."


"I'm very glad you came by today," said the fox lady. She turned from the window slowly, smiling. "Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever come back." She slowly pulled herself up, her long brown dress slowly pulling apart the wrinkles that had developed in the hours she had been sitting at the window.

"Come on, I was here just last week. And before that we were all the victory party. Remember?"

"Oh yes, and that McQuick lady was there. She was very nice. She asked me about that election thing."

Lenord chuckled. He took the paw of the older fox in his and they began to walk.

"Where are we going?"

"Oh? Just around. You need to move around more. So the nurses thought I could give you a hand today since I was here."

"Why thank you. Now that McQuick, she is very pretty," she sighed. "If only she was a fox."

Lenord actually giggled at this. "Mom, even if she was my, uh, type, candidates and media personalities, don't really mix. Besides, if I was going to date a gal from the TV, it'd have to be that Skliva from that show you like, uh, Romance Tower?"

"Romantic Dark Tower. Oh, but she would be so mean do you," said the older fox.

"You're probably right," the younger, but still very middle aged fox stared down the corridor. "Besides, believe it or not, I have been seeing someone. I can't really say who. I, uh... she doesn't want to be... I mean she and I..."

Moblius laughed. "No worries. I understand you're First of Speakers. Things are secret. That dragon was sure secretive about his ladies. And the others. Half the fun was guessing who. But no one was ever for sure. I don't think he was a big of a boy as the rumors portray to be honest. What ever happened to him?"

"He retired. Then no one cared."

"Oh yes. You know..."

Something on Ovrin's side began to buzz. He grabbed his phone instinctively. "Uh... I gotta take this. I'll make it quick."Yes? I'm with my mother. Can this wait?" The younger fox listened. "That's..." he stopped and let the other participant continue. "Well... that's not ideal." He hung up without another word.

"Something wrong son?"

"Uh... yes... I think..." he shook his head and muttered. "Fi, why now..."

"Is Fi your girl?"

Lenord's ears perked. "Um... hardly. Quite the opposite right now."
"We stand for justice, democracy, and a brighter future. Make sure you are unjust, fascist, and nihilistic before deciding you hate us." - Former First Speaker Izixs

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Re: A Fox with a Big Problem

Post by Tinis » Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:52 am

"Hello, throughout this long process many of you have stood with our campaign. And today, I'm again urging you to go to http://www.cev.ut to help us count all the votes. Its clear now that First Speaker Lenord's friends in the Skin Slicers would of loved to of kept him in office. So we must act quickly before its to late. I'm Yco, and we can still win this."


"Why is that idiot still running commercials?"

"Ovrin, the guys got enough idiots giving him their bonus gerbiles to keep afloat. And he's crazy."

"And not helping the damage control."

Glances over the campaign table were exchanged. The large rally the previous week by the Skin Slicers had left the campaign in disarray and everyone there knew it. The very public endorsement of Lenord by Fi wasn't being taken well by the country. Lenord's speech denouncing speciesism had been torn apart by the talk shows as had his meeting with human global peace activists.

"We could," said Paun. "Cut an add denouncing Fi and the Skin Slicers?"

"We might have to," said Ilkruz. "If what we got coming down the pipe doesn't help."

Lenord nodded. "If we don't get a distraction, I'll have no choice but to throw Fi under the bus."

"I, hope this doesn't come off to brash," said Inxadi. "But if you and Fi have real history, we should really know so that we can be ready for when it comes out."

The fox at the head of the table scowled. "He's been a political contact since my first run for Commander. Most Anti-Union politicians had some contact with that group or ones like it. Heck, the Insulators are not nearly as reviled as the Skin Slicers yet were much more prone to actual violence before they went mainstream. And I didn't touch them.

"I know for most of you, this isn't your first campaign. But many of you weren't doing this ten years ago. A lot has changed in the party. You can thank me for a good deal of that. We could of run the last campaign very dirty, possibly illegally in some areas. But I made a choice. I tossed Yerzok under the bus when I had a chance to tip off the right people with where to look. Else she would of probably helped me steal the election."

"But… wasn't she running to?"

"Yerzok never wanted to actually win. I…" The fox caught himself there. "I found out much later that her allies were likely to betray her before the election as it was. And then make me their stooge. But Yerzok going down took enough of them out that that never happened."

The room was quiet for a bit.

Finally Ilkruz spoke. "So… you're not campaigning on being the guy who helped stop a conspiracy… because that conspiracy would of make you First Speaker and then held you hostage?"

"Doesn't make a snappy ad does it?" said Paun. "This conversation isn't fixing the problem at hand. Ilkruz, do you have the evidence yet?"

"We have someone talking to Miss Volchatgali as we speak. Hopefully we'll have enough information that if Obtanis gets their nomination, his primary campaign theme is dead."

Lenord grinned. "The Socialists won't be able to dig into our turf on morality issues any time soon."


Daily Rox

Daily Rox Elections Polling Wrap: Now fusion powered!

So before we get to the polls, let us review the primary elections thus far. (rounded results)

Nationalists : Atral - 24, Predgat - 23, Ero - 21, Wapsilkontar - 20, Urza - 11, Scandilio - 1

NPP: Lenord - 73, Yco - 20, Quibar - 7

Union: Vinlia - 37, Waldo - 35, Post -15, Nesen - 10, Wampilin - 3 | Fusion: Yes - 51, No - 49

Socialist: Lastrin - 21, Obtanis - 20, Markos - 18, Izzyior - 18, Gwarnfodonti - 17, Skrillex - 5, Toshi - 1 | Fusion: Yes - 54, No - 46

So perhaps the world was shocked when First Speaker Lenord's attacks on Vinlia and Waldo kind of didn't go anywhere. And perhaps no one was expecting Obtanis to pull ahead of Markos, or for Izzyior to come close to beating him. And perhaps no one was expecting Yco to still be fighting a 53% loss. But that's the world we're in now.

Shocking, I know. So what are we going to do about it?

Well, there's the Nationalist runoff tomorrow.

Nationalist Primary (ZZZ Tracking Poll): Atral - 51, Predgat - 48

Nationalist Primary (Alka/Arx Times Poll): Predgat - 49, Atral - 47

Nationalist Primary (We Interrogate Tinis): Atral - 43, Predgat - 40

Which means pretty much a toss up I guess. Then there's our jungle primary thing sorta, round one.

Union/Socialist Runoff (Group of Researching Associates): Waldo - 31, Obtanis - 30, Vinlia - 18, Lastrin - 17

Union/Socialist Runoff (ZZZ Tracking Poll): Obtanis - 25, Waldo - 23, Vinlia - 22, Lastrin - 19

Union/Socialist Runoff (Drake): Waldo - 27, Lastrin - 20, Vinlia - 19, Obtanis - 18

Union/Socialist Runoff (OurGov): Obtanis - 27, Vinlia - 23, Waldo - 22, Lastrin - 20

Basically, either this is a two person race between our best, or its anybodies game.

Long story short, this sucks. But at least we have a 50/50 chance of Obtanis getting in the top two. Then its off for another runoff. Aren't these fun? Next time lets skip the fusion ticket and just have both parties run the same candidates in both primaries. If we end up with the same one? Groovy. Else, oh well.

But today we also have a few polls out that signal some good news for us. Even if we end up somehow getting Vinlia as our nominee it would be incredibly better than Lenord. So how does our worst stack up against him and either of the nationalists?

General Election (OurGov):
Vinlia - 40, Lenord - 35, Atral - 20
Vinlia - 38, Lenord - 37, Predgat 14

Now how about our best?

General Election (OurGov)
Obtanis - 51, Lenord - 34, Atral - 12
Obtanis - 55, Lenord - 37, Predgat - 6

The Nationalists are still none to popular, and their primary has kind of shot down any chance of them regaining popularity. But the countries soul doesn't belong to the right. Though its not clear yet fully, this is very much a good sign. Let's hope our candidates keep things positive the rest of the month!


"How's the campaign?"

"If you must know," said Waldo. "Good enough. But you probably know more about it than I."

"Not really actually."

The raccoon glanced around. "There… is something that I think you should know. I had a visitor a couple weeks back. At least I think I did. Security didn't notice anybody coming or going, so I have no real way to prove they were actually here. And…"

"This… doesn't sound normal."

The raccoon began to gently tug at his whiskers. His friend knew that habit well. "I really don't want to believe in ghosts. But that is less of a terrible option than to admit she's alive. Because you really don't forget that face."

"Who came to you?"


"So let me get this straight Miss VOlchatgali," said the staffer. "Obtanis not only has a den of ill repute on his campus, but he brought you there, and…"

"Yes. It was not consensual."

"Would you be willing to come forward then? We would pay you well if you were to be in one of our commercials when the time came."

"I…" the chipmunk shivered. "Yes. Yes I would." She smiled as she twitched an ear.
"We stand for justice, democracy, and a brighter future. Make sure you are unjust, fascist, and nihilistic before deciding you hate us." - Former First Speaker Izixs

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Re: A Fox with a Big Problem

Post by Tinis » Wed May 16, 2012 8:52 pm

"Hello, I'm Kros'Weh, let's play some Big Tag!"

After the intro of the weekly news and commentary show 'Big Tag', the honey badger came back on.

"Hello once again. First up we have the run down of the state of race for the Chamber, from First Speaker all the way through seat projections from our panel of experts. Recount enthusiasts, you're in for a treat!

"After that we have continuing fall out from the fall of Obtanis. New revelations have come out suggesting that the controversy that likely lead to the fall of the once proud politician might of been fully fabricated! We'll have the latest.

"After that, we bring our foreign relations panel in to talk about the crisis in Miokalia. Will our friends be taking a critical step back from being a nation where people are allowed to elect their politicians, even if they're terrible?

"Our fourth story is of course on the document dump from the massive internal review our armed forces undertook a few years ago to root out corruption and foreign agents. There are some surprises, but perhaps not the one anyone were expecting.

"And finally, let me lay it down with a few words about the recent drive to sensationalism in our media culture. From the Izixs sex tape to the Obtanis faked scandal, there's been mounting efforts to try to sink to the same lowest denominator that is the norm in other nations. Can Tinis survive this cultural decay?"


"About time Yco dropped out. He freak'en lost the damn election!" Paun had her arms crossed. She looked over at Lenord.

"Its not dropping out if you lost. Its conceding to reality," said the other fox.

"The fusion ticket twerps will be using Yco's commercials against us for months I fear. Citing them as evidence and other crap. You know the usual game of 'some people are talking about…' and all the drek."

Lenord chuckled. "I told you not to turn the TV on. Plus, can't you take at least some good news?"

"I'm trying, but we're going to be under fire soon enough for that bitch Volchatgali. What a fucked up screw mess that is."

"Istdidzat… If you're going to use that language I'm going to insist that you turn the TV off and we go a second round."


"So how's the recount going?"

The raccoon turned his head and saw his old friend. "Uh… terribly. We're up by fifteen votes."

"With an attitude like that you'll never win the general."

Waldo rolled his eyes. "I'm suspecting some of Obtanis' support very much went to Vinlia. It… wasn't what I was expecting. To be honest I feared Lastrin would run away with it."

"But instead its a Union vs Union fight. Maybe the Socialists are not as solid as people claim they are. But! I've been doing some searching and calling in of favors. Reltalix managed to find something. I'm… now quite convinced you were telling the truth about your visitor. The problem is, what to do now? And…"

The raccoons guest paused long enough for the candidate for First Speaker to get a word in. "I didn't know she would have the right kind of connections."

"I was as surprised as you are. She might be sleeping with Krel, who knows. Anyway, there's a good chance our friend has not just visited you. I suspect a game is being played."

Waldo crumpled the paper in his paws. "Let me guess, trying to figure out which one of us would best fit their needs, and then making sure that only those acceptable enough make it past election day."

The raccoon's guest nodded. "That would make some sense. Lenord's not on their side. I've been making sure of that. Plus he didn't much like some of the things they got Yerzok to do that kind of were terrible in his eyes."

"The Crystal Eye…"

"Exactly. So at this point, assuming they have no reach into the recount process here, they're down to four possible options for corruption. You and Lenord are probably no go's unless I've totally misjudged your character for a good many years. That leaves Predgat and Vinlia as possibly being their candidates."

Waldo grimaced. "Well Predgat is the logical choice, but to be honest, I don't know Vinlia well enough on a personal level to know if she'd be susceptible to their kind of shenanigans."

"She's usually on the level, but I'll look into it. I hope you don't mind if I get Krel involved."

Waldo was taken aback by this. "Isn't he sort of de facto the enemy? Just a different face of it?"

"Krel's a cunning piece of work, but he's in it for Tinis first and foremost. And sure, that often means pushing himself to greater power at the expense of those he sees not acting in the best interest of Tinis, which makes his thinking suspect, but if you have an inkling of what he wants to accomplish, in this case beating down the P.E.D., he can be a short term ally."

"Fine fine… but he's not to be a part of my staff!"

"Of course not, that'd be constitutionally unfeasible."


Daily Rox

Election Crisis or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Recount

So why this exact title? Well, let's just say that, in the horrible event that the election is this close in the fall, who ever emerges as … our… candidate, will no doubt have a legal team capable of handling it. What more, its forcing the news to concentrate on our ticket instead of worrying about what boring platitude Lenord's provided today. The down side is of course people are ignoring Predgat. But no one cares about Predgat anyway.

But at the very least, for those of us who love numbers, the weeks of counting every ballot by hand have left us with all the pollsters giving us twice the numbers we would of had if things were different. And that's perhaps the most important thing for us junkies. So down to it!

General Election (OurGov)
Vinlia - 42, Lenord - 37, Predgat - 10
Waldo - 47, Lenord - 36, Predgat - 12

General Election (ZZZ Tracking Poll for Daily Rox)
Vinlia - 43, Lenord - 35, Predgat - 13
Waldo - 45, Lenord - 34, Predgat - 5

General Election (Group of Researching Associates)
Lenord - 40, Vinlia -39, Predgat - 15
Waldo - 41, Lenord - 40, Predgat - 17

General Election (Rassy)
Lenord - 45, Vinlia - 37, Predgat - 10
Lenord - 40, Waldo - 39, Predgat - 16

You might notice that the polls seem to suggest very two different views of the current situation. One is the race where the fusion ticket is leading by a margin, if sometimes small. The other view is that its a super close race with the First Speaker in a good position to build a victory, not matter who our candidate is. Of course those polls come from GRA!!! and the House of Rass, so take them for what they're worth.

But the polls in both cases suggest that Waldo is ever so slightly the stronger candidate. With perhaps a million more votes to count before this fiasco… I mean joyous occasion of a recount is over, he is holding onto a razor thin lead. But its not guaranteed to hold out. We could be in for a very rough time in the fall.

One question is of course, how did we get here? Shouldn't Lastrine of 'pwnd' both the Unionists? The problem seems to be that no matter what happened, Lastrin has always been stuck at around 20%. And that's exactly what he got in the fusion primary. So did the Obtanis folks, that didn't want our candidate to have a (fake) sex dungeon, end up staying home or did they go to Vinlia and Waldo? Our next ZZZ poll should hopefully clear the air there. Stay tuned for that.

Finally, who should the Socialists vote for in the general? Obviously the winner of our primary. But do we have to worry about folks leaking to Lenord or Predgat? That's another thing we're looking into. Lenord has certainly not pulled as hard right as he could of, but we've seen in other countries extremists play it nice through their first term only to go off the deep end after that.


"Huh, and who might you be?"

"I'm a friend Governor. I…" she was taken aback that she wasn't quickly recognized. "I'm here to offer my assistance, if you want it. I only managed to talk to your campaign manager previously. I've been trying to find some time to visit with you personally."

"You're not getting me in a sting operation missy!"

"Bof, like I'd sink to something that low. I'm here to offer you a way to get back up on top. You may be familiar with our work taking down Obtanis."
"We stand for justice, democracy, and a brighter future. Make sure you are unjust, fascist, and nihilistic before deciding you hate us." - Former First Speaker Izixs

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Re: A Fox with a Big Problem

Post by Tinis » Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:03 pm

"Are we sunk?"

"No," replied the weasel quickly.

"Then why the hell do I have the urge to pant?"

"I don't care if you have that urge," said the other fox. "Just as long as you don't do it on stage at the next stop.

"Tilsvig, you got anything?"

"Of course, of course. The problem is not so much material, but believability."


Daily Rox

Daily Rox Elections Polling Wrap: The Fourth Period, and the state of the board in our nation

We have a good number of polls today, as one might expect this late in the election season. But I guess the prime items on the table are the top line numbers for the big three offices. The biggest shocker perhaps is S.C. Krazalgesh moving above the 50% mark in two polls today. Seems our moderate and planning centric Supreme Commander is very popular these days.

But the real interest bit of tonights numbers is the drop in support for Governor Predgat. Since last week when the tape of Gov. Herol Predgat meeting with Rollume Fi came out, the poor governor has been in a bit of a free-fall. Which of course is bad for us and our candidate. The ground Predgat had made up on Lenord since that first debate suggested that Lenord's right flank was finally falling apart and that the election was pretty much over. However, it seems people on the right in Tinis still hate racists. When the murmur was that it was Lenord with the close ties to the skin slicers his support was flaky. But it seems he's fully sanitized himself of their stench and somehow managed to soak the other guy with that spray.

But on to the numbers!

First Speaker
(ZZZ) Vinlia - 45, Lenord - 35, Predgat - 14, Other - 4
(OurGov) Vinlia - 40, Lenord - 39, Predgat - 16
(Rassy) Vinlia - 31, Lenord - 35, Predgat - 28, Other - 3
(GRA) Vinlia - 28, Lenord - 28, Predgat - 24, Tril - 13
(We Interrogate Tinis) Vinlia - 40, Lenord - 37, Predgat - 18, Other - 2
(Drake) Vinlia - 37, Lenord - 37, Predgat - 20, Other - 5
(Alka/Arx Times) Vinlia - 39, Lenord - 37, Predgat - 17, Other - 4
(Adv. Invest.) Vinlia - 43, Lenord - 42, Predgat - 10, Other - 4
(Gwerp U.) Vinlia - 21, Lenord - 18, Predgat - 10, Other - 2

Supreme Commander
(ZZZ) Krazalgesh - 51, Jelshun - 27, Markos - 12, Other - 7
(OurGov) Krazalgesh - 55, Jelshun - 26, Markos - 13
(Rassy) Krazalgesh - 49, Jelshun - 25, Markos - 15, Other - 5
(GRA) Krazalgesh - 45, Jelshun - 27, Markos - 16, Other - 8
(We Interrogate Tinis) Krazalgesh - 52, Jelshun - 22, Markos - 15, Other - 6
(Drake) Krazalgesh - 51, Jelshun - 24, Markos - 13, Other - 3
(Alka/Arx Times) Krazalgesh - 50, Jelshun - 25, Markos - 15, Other - 7
(Adv. Invest.) Krazalgesh - 47, Jelshun - 30, Markos - 20, Other - 1
(Gwerp U.) Krazalgesh - 39, Jelshun - 20, Markos - 20, Other - 6

National Auditor
(ZZZ) Notxas - 30, Nogitil - 32, Ux - 30, Other - 1
(OurGov) Notxas - 29, Nogitil - 29, Ux - 32
(Rassy) Notxas - 30, Nogitil - 34, Ux - 28, Other - 6
(GRA) Notxas - 27, Nogitil - 26, Ux - 28, Bob - 8, Daltrese - 7
(We Interrogate Tinis) Notxas - 29, Nogitil - 29, Ux - 29, Other - 2
(Drake) Notxas - 34, Nogitil - 31, Ux - 25, Other - 4
(Alka/Arx Times) Notxas - 27, Nogitil - 34, Ux - 30, Other - 5
(Adv. Invest.) Notxas - 28, Nogitil - 25, Ux - 34, Other - 10
(Gwerp U.) Notxas - 20, Nogitil - 21, Ux - 24, Other - 15

Council of Commanders
(ZZZ-TIPS) Krel - 45, Amble - 39, Other - 5
(ZZZ-AF) Gothor - 52, Phorn - 33, Brav - 10, Other - 3
(ZZZ-Navy) Ertar - 30, Pont - 31, Gozer - 27, Other - 5
(Rassy-TIPS) Krel - 41, Amble - 40, Other - 6
(Rassy-Navy) Ertar - 35, Pont - 21, Gozer - 20, Other - 15
(Drake-TIPS) Krel -50, Amble - 37, Other - 8
(Gwerp U.-Army) Didrir - 80, Rowsdoswer - 3, Other - 10

Chamber of Speakers - General
(ZZZ) Socialist - 40, Union - 32, NPP - 19, NP - 5
(Rassy) Socialist - 32, Union - 25, NPP - 20, NP - 19, Tail - 1
(Adv. Invest.) Socialist - 33, Union - 26, NPP - 28, NP - 10, Other - 2
(Gwerp U.) Socialist - 15, Union - 20, NPP - 25, NP - 16, Other - 22

The long list of race specific polling is past the fold as usual, and its a doozy. Of the 500 speaker races, we have polling in 310 of them! Yes, a good portion of it is one sided, thanks mostly to the Socialist-Union cease fire (hate it or love it, it will mean the left controls the chamber after this election by a wide margin… so I'm learning to love it… ow…).

Overall, the lessons we can garner from the top line numbers is that incumbents are ok, except Nogitil and Lenord. Also, Gwerp University doesn't know jack about polling. I mean, look at those numbers! They're down right crazy, at best.

There are a couple surprises though. Its possible that the race for Intel Commander might actually be a race. This Amble guy might hold the Socialist banner, but I still don't know much about this guy other than he has a mighty fine rack. (No, he's a deer of some sort silly.) Another surprise is that there's a chance that the Unionist state auditor, Ux, might actually have a chance at winning the National Auditors race. Its been a number of years since a Unionist held the spot. I'd still prefer Notxas of course, but I could live with Ux. (Vote Notxas!) Either one will stick it to the NPP and their growing culture of corruption, and probably get down to who ever it is that's been leaking the smears this campaign season left and right. I mean really, claiming that Vinlia is in cahoots with a super secret cabal bent on fascism? Really? The mud might make sense with Predgat, but Vinlia's record is to clean. So I guess someone has to resort to conspiracy to bring her down.

I wonder what they would of come up if Waldo had been our candidate. The sex dungeon thing has already played out with Obtanis, but a new twist might of been at least fun (and probably win him votes) given his attachment to the Izixs administration. I kid of course. I did vote for him in the runoff so I can't cause him to much (silly) grief.

Finally, the disparity between chamber race polling and general polling persists as it has all campaign season. Really, what gives? Are the SP and UP margins in the safe seats so crazy high that its throwing our individual race numbers off? I know most states don't draw partisan districts intentionally, but this is getting ridiculous!


"You don't seriously believe that non-story do you? Leaked by Sludge? You do know what kind of nut bags write for that site right?"

"You misunderstand my reason for being here. Its not the mud slinging, but that is pretty odd timing giving that I was coming this way."

"So you have some other mysterious source for your just happening to pop in to call me a traitor, is that it?"

"Vinlia, this is serious. If you've been visited by that wolfess, I need to know."

"She did contact me. Months ago. I told that bitch off and got security to look for her."

He crossed his arms. "And yet I didn't hear anything from the police."

"When she bothered Obtanis, he didn't report it them either. Nor Waldo. Or any of the others my campaigns been keeping tabs on. First leak of ninja ghosts from the local cops and suddenly your campaign loses credibility."

He grinned. "Spying is more Krel's expertise is it not?"

"No, he's a number cruncher. I'm the one who likes to know what's going on around me. And what I'm seeing now is someone trying to poison my campaign. Track down the leaker, and you'll have your real troublemaker. If Predgat had collapsed, Lenord would of been sunk. This close to the election, its mighty nice of things to suddenly even up again. If who you suspect is mucking around with our election is actually doing so, they're infesting the winning camp in this case."

"Not necessarily true, but… I will investigate the leaker. Now, I hope this doesn't spoil things between us."

"It doesn't. Just leave."


"Ah yes, the other mystery that's been wandering around," said Tilsvig. "We've been trying to figure you out. I suspected it was you the whole time, but without proof, well, its hard to attach the opposition to your negatives now is it?"

"If I recall, my approval rating is twice what Lenords is right now."

"Now now sir dragon, that's what the status quo is. But not what it can be. You should be quite familiar with the art of swaying public opinion. You are a master of it, when you have the leverage. You don't have the leverage right now, and thus are not a real threat to my boss."

Izixs chuckled. "And who exactly is your boss?"

"Lenord, are you being dim or are you implying something?"

"Of course I am. After all, Tilsvig Ilkruz is dead. Has been since 91. You were saying about leverage."

"Hah, whatever beast. I'm not going to fall into your mind games."

The former First Speaker paused. "You hear that hum?"

The wolf perked his ears. "Yes?"

"That's enough to send your body into convulsions. Perhaps set your fur on fire. You know I'm fast enough to get a grip on you in the right places for it to not kill you but also not leave you able to walk for a few days."

"Assault? Threats? You are small minded and petty after all," the wolf smirked. "You attack me and you go to jail. You don't have any outs with me. I'm not one of your left overs from the previous age."

"This voltage is also sufficient to fry your computer there. And without leaving scorch marks. Nice of you to go with the titanium alloy there. I know very well you keep all your important information on your very personal computer. Yes, this is extortion. And yes, I will zap it all, and your lass berate of dirt won't ever see the light of day. And Lenord needs that to make it."

"Oh, wow, this is some rich stuff."

The dragon darted down. His teeth clamped onto the aluminum of the desk. Shortly after Tilsvig's paws were pulled far back from his lunch.

"Yes, it is rich, isn't it? Now who are you? Who do you work for? And why are you helping Lenord?"

"Krel is a good answer to some of that. I am actually Tilsvig. My death was faked in 91. Don't worry about the why."

"Great, another thing I have to follow up on. I hope Krel remembers the last time I got pissed at him."

"Oh…" Tilsvig grumbled. "He does. And to make sure you don't go pester him again, or at least don't pester him with violence, the password is gumption. Also, Krel likes Lenord. He thinks Lenord has been great for TIPS activities these last four years. And I agree."

The dragon nodded. "As do I actually. Lenord's been paranoid enough to help Krel clean house. And to keep anyone else from filling in the gaps left from the previous infection. Now, there is one last problem… you are technically violating the law by working for a political campaign that is not your own."

"Yes, and you are violating the law in threatening me and my belongings. Call it even? I'll vanish after this election as planned."

"Fair enough, but… I can't let you off to easily."

It was only a few moments more before the laptop hard drive was on fire.
"We stand for justice, democracy, and a brighter future. Make sure you are unjust, fascist, and nihilistic before deciding you hate us." - Former First Speaker Izixs

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