The Imperium of Vipra

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The Imperium of Vipra

Post by Vipra » Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:15 am

Name: Vipra
Name of your Nation: The Imperium of Vipra
Type of Government: Military Junta
Political Leaders: Imperatrix and Imperial Field Marshal Kalli Krachiman
Population: 14.5 billion (13 billion atoran 1.5 billion krratcha)
Population Composition: Atoran and Krratcha
Major Cultures: Vrikrachatkhan, Krratcharr
Major Religions: Juntism
Civil Service: Favouritism
Policing: Heavy with Military Backing
Justice: Military Justice

Type: Militant Socialist (Fascist)
Focus: Production, Heavy Industry
Major exports: Pach (drug), Gyrojet weaponry and missiles (this is just a note for now, there is no trade currently because the nation has yet to make contact with others)
Major imports: Currently N/A
Currency: the Laebil
Language: Vipran
Trade Procedure: State oversight and authorization is required for any and all international trade agreements
Economic Cycles: Every Few Years
Misc Information: Will fill later

Social Leanings: Moderate
Economic Leanings: Socialistic
Democratic Leanings: Oligarchy
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Highly
Activism/Engagement: Some
Multicultural: None
Religiousness: Religious (Single Faith)
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media Friendly
General Public Health: Fair
Unrest: Lots

Volunteer only? Y
Mandatory Service? N
Military strengths (list 3):
-It’s in the Blood- Nearly every single atoran family has a long and storied military tradition thanks to the endemic warfare of the race, meaning that most girls are raised in household where they are taught how to fight or even use firearms at a young age. Because of this most show an increased aptitude for warfare and far more citizens are eligible for service than would be reasonably available to similar species.
Guns and veterancy as well I guess but everybody and their crazy uncle chooses that crap... Honestly I really don’t care enough to bother dwelling on them this late at night, so the other two are currently CBA and CBA until I can put something original in.
Military weaknesses (list 3):
-Interethnic Hatred- Nearly every atoran ethnic group hates all the others. This is not the sort of hate where you call them names behind their back and think you are a bad person for it later. It is the kind of hate where they will band into gangs explicitly to rape, torture, and then murder atoran from the other ethnic groups on a regular basis. Needless to say this does nothing to help espirit de corps when they are forced to work together in the military and can even lead to full on military riots in the middle of a campaign.
-Men Belong in the Kitchen- Men in the military a myth, nothing more, as far as the military is concerned males are nothing more than a liability and distraction. Needless to say this mean the military loses out on what is a vastly underestimated tactical and manpower goldmine.
-Xenos don’t know how to fight, they aren’t Krachii!- Racial prejudice clouds military judgement, often leading to foolhardy and outright stupid military decisions and blunders which could otherwise have easily been avoided entirely.
Orbital Bombardment Capability: Sure, why not, if I can move a ship at any speed that is interesting I can crack planets like clams on an otter’s tummy. Any weapons tech is just gravy at that point.


Relative technology level- Choose one: Mixture of PMT and Space Opera

Technological advantages:
-Gravitational Mastery- This pretty much covers the creation and manipulation of gravitational wells, both on large and small scale. It is constantly being researched and refined. It allows space vessels to move via gravity impulsion, allows gravity aboard vessels, and can be used for excellent missile and kinetic weapon interdiction and redirection.
And honestly that’s about it, the rest is pretty much sub-par or early PMT unless I pull something out of my ass when I wake up tomorrow. Probably best to wait until then really.

Technological disadvantage:
-Intellectual Stagnation- Technological innovation is practically non-existent, most all technology is scavenged from other powers or ancient ruins and lost civilizations.
Global Extranet Access: Good (I am assuming you mean internet, otherwise I have literally no clue what you are talking about. If you are talking about inter-system or even interplanetary instant/near-instant web-style communications then I need to revise from ‘good’ to ‘I can probably list the people using it on one hand’)
Personal/Civilian Transportation: Extremely Rare, limited to the Imperial Field Marshal and members of the Junta Council.

Character RPs and stuff, yah know, narratives with drama, lasers, romance, and OMGEXPLOSIONS. I am decidedly into Space Opera though, and that sort of feel.

Too fucking long right now. Just... Just no. I do not have that kind of time until I am no longer a tired-as-all-hell mess. I will get it up in pieces and it will most likely either be a rough outline or just the most recent and relevant history. Like that out of all the nation on Allurus the nation of Kracha was the one to unify the world, and that they expanded into the system at a steady and methodical rate before exploring outwards and stumbling upon the krratcha whom they subsequently conquered and integrated into the Imperium. That sort of thing, and relevant ancient history I will have to get straight with Aatu and stuff.

-Relations to other nations-
That needs to be sorted out after I actually contact other nations ICly. Currently it is not really applicable.

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character-
I will fill this in later, too damn tired right now. Instead I will use this as a disclaimer; I wrote all this while tired and grumpy, most everything was written at midnight and without any sleep for the past few nights.

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