Syndicated Territories of Sem‘ya

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Syndicated Territories of Sem‘ya

Post by Bas-tilarn » Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:54 pm

Name: Bas-Tilarn
Name of your Nation: The Syndicated Territories of Sem‘ya
Type of Government: Oligarchy
Political Leaders: The planet itself is not designated into countries by land area, but by resources controlled by a Family, or a smaller gang. Basically, who you pay protection money to. When interacting with foreigners however, only the five great families matter 99% of the time.

[will expand as people and power structures become more apparent/I come up with them XD]
Mondavi Family
Power Structure/Ranks:
Head of Family: Maksimilian Mondavi

Khitrovo Family
Power Structure/Ranks:
Head of Family: Slava Khitrovo

Glaskov Family
Power Structure/Ranks:
Head of Family: Nestor Glaskov

Lombardi Family
Power Structure/Ranks:
Head of Family: Giacomo Lombardi

Yamadani Family
Power Structure/Ranks:
Head of Family: Otoshini Yamadani

Population Composition (what kinds of people/species are common):
Major Cultures: The Families, Non-Families, Caretakers
The Caretakers are the religious group of people that nurture and take care of the few remaining patches of natural forest and land on the planet. They produce most of the worlds natural foodstuffs, and provide extracts for use in manufacturing medicines. AS such, they are off-limits to…integration into any Families holdings.
Civil Service: Nepotism
Policing: Light
Justice: None.

Type: Capitalistic
Focus: Production
Major exports:
Computer parts
Vehicles(cycles and otherwise)
Toxins and medicines
Major imports:
Currency: Vac
Language: Italian, Russian, Japanese. Most people speak a combination of the three, using words and phrases from all of them.
Economic Cycles: A Few A Century
Misc Information: The Vac is an extremely low-value currency, with even a hamburger costing 10000. Wages and other payments are in similarly high number though, so it balances out.

Social Leanings: Conservative
Economic Leanings: Capitalistic
Democratic Leanings: Oligarchy
Desired Effectiveness of Government: Moderate
Activism/Engagement: None
Multicultural: Yes
Religiousness: Skeptical
Mass Media Addiction: Mass Media Friendly
General Public Health: Fair
Unrest: Armed Rebellion

Volunteer only? Y
Mandatory Service? N
Military strengths (list 3):
Iron-man got nothing on me! –Physical upgrades are required for soldiers and enforcers. As such, all soldiers can easily exceed most physical limits of their species.
Look ma! No hands! -Neural integration with their vehicles allows pilots to react almost instantly.
“The Don says goodbye.” -Soldiers have no problem executing or killing the enemy, as their loyalty to the family is above all else.
Military weaknesses (list 3):
You killed my father. Prepare to die. -Infighting between the different families carries itself over to the military. Feuding families are just as likely to fight the enemy as they are each other.
Tin Can Army -All soldiers have several cybernetic upgrades, so they are fairly vulnerable to EMP attacks.
Brotherly Love –Loyalty to the family is more important than loyalty to the army. If the organization calls for it, then an entire section of the military might just up and leave.
Orbital Bombardment Capability: Low.


Relative technology level- Choose one: Late PMT/Space Age
Technological advantage (up to 2, must have moderator approval):
Aesthetic Cybernetics - Upgrades, implants, and replacements are commercially available and common, and have a much lower rate of rejection, malfunction, or psychological mishaps than other star nations.
Advanced Neural Network - Most devices can be operated and interacted with through direct physical connections through implants, allowing citizens to use items as if they were extensions of themselves. It also gives them access to a highly advanced virtual reality hypernet.
Technological disadvantage (minimum of 1):
Industrial Sabotage - The Families are actively engaging in sabotaging the efforts of businesses affiliated with the others to prevent any one Family from achieving technological superiority over themselves.
Global Extranet Access: Good
Personal/Civilian Transportation
Space: Rare
Ground: Common
FTL Comms: N
FTL Drive: Y


[some date BCE] – Colony ship launched; contains the precursors to the five families

Rest vague to for integration:
-Relations to other nations-
They view other cultures as marks or allies. They either want to work with you or fleece you of all your resources. As such they will be ingratiating kind and as slimy as snakes towards other people. The Families are united in their interest in remaining independent of other empires, because they want to be able to feud with each other uninterrupted.

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character:
-The different criminal syndicates on the planet comprise what little government present. Extremely profit motivated, they essentially use protection rackets to collect the ‘taxes’ of their territory. Criminals are the street gangs and non-dominant families, and territory boundaries and the ruling group is subject to change within days.
-The planet started off with multiple cities, but eventually the cities got big enough where they have essentially merged into one. Greenery is still located and cared for throughout the planet, but it occupies parks and lines the streets instead of having sprawling forests. The largest parks, located on the equatorial band, are essentially jungles and purview of the Caretakers.
-The “army” of the planet is simply the members of the families. They will band together to crew the space fleet, but rivalries between Organizations lead to mutinies and insubordination, especially on the smaller ships.
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