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Wolves of Malshan

Post by Wolves of Malshan » Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:31 pm

Hello all, this is the nation "The Immortal Wolf-Folk". Here to rejoin.

Malshan (The Immortal Wolf-Folk) is a nation almost completely comprised of the different species of bipedal wolves, although there are small amounts of other species in the nation.
Here's the breakdown:
Arctic Wolf (canis lupus arctos): 10%
Grey Wolf (timber wolf) (canis lupus): 15%
Tundra Wolf (canis lupus albus): 8%
Italian Wolf (canis lupus italicus): 6%
Egyptian Wolf (canis lupus lupaster): 5%
Dire Wolf (canis dirus): 15%
Lung Tien (Celestial Dragon): 7%
Lung Yu (Jade Dragon): 3%
African Savanna Hare (Lepus victoriae): 10%
Arctic Hare (lepus arcticus): 21%

Name: Wolf-Folk
Name of your Nation: The Immortal Wolf-Folk
Type of Government: Militaristic Unitary System
Political Leaders: Canis Majora***, Lupae Canoreum, and Dirus Lompano.
Population: 3 million (and growing)
Population Composition (what kinds of people/species are common): See first post.
Major Cultures: Mainly Welfic (see next post), but some outside cultures have influence due to the black market.
Major Religions: Agnostic (as a whole)
Civil Service: Fully Merit Based
Policing: Heavy with Military Backing
Judiciary: Elected Judiciary

Type: Technocratic capitalism
Focus: Production (Civilian/Military technological advances)
Major Exports: Bioware (i.e. biochips, bioenhancments, biotechnology)
Major Imports:
Currency: Barter System based on trade.
Language: Na'achtellian. (Use translators with a sample of foreign language to communicate outside of culture)
Trade Procedure: Ship. (Both space faring and oceanic vessels)
Economic Cycles: Yearly

Social Leaning: Moderate.
Economic Leaning: Technocratic Capitalism.
Democratic Leaning: Totalitarian.
Activism: Some.
Multicultural: Some.
Religiousness: Skeptical.
Mass Media Addiction: MMF.
General Public Health: Very good.
Unrest: Some.

Volunteer only? N
Mandatory Service? Y
Military strengths (list 3): High level of Technology, resources to build large amounts of weapons, good small unit tactics.
Military weaknesses (list 3): bad large picture coordination, lack of unity between units, weapons require large amounts of munitions/energy.
Nuclear weapons? Y (but in process of rendering them obsolete).
Biological weapons? Y (genetic engineering).
Chemical weapons? N (unethical)
Orbital Bombardment Capability: Kinetic weapon strikes.

The reason that genetic/bio weapons aren't considered unethical while chemical weapons are is because the bio weapons consist of organisms (volunteers from the military) who have been altered to give them accelerated growth (we start training them young), high endurance levels, high amounts of strength, and advanced agility. It is considered an honor to be selected for these augmentations, and if they survive the process, they are treated as heroes. Chemical weapons are seen as unethical because they can damage organisms/plant life at the cellular level, thereby rendering them poisonous, sterile, or radioactive.

The "High level of Technology" military strength includes all of the following described in the military branches. All of these large-scale weapons DO have drawbacks: the super-soldier augmentations are highly dangerous and only have a medium success rate, the space-based rail cannons use an enormous amount of energy and can only be fired 3-4 times until the charge needs to be built up again (taking several days), and the LKSTs are relatively few in number and are usually reserved for larger scale attacks.

Military (branches):
I. Space Corps
A. Hellwolves
1. All lupine
2. All are highly trained in zero g combat and with all weapons (natural and morph made).
3. Fight in the vaccum, ship-to-ship.
II. Airforce/Space Navy
A. Space Navy
1. Chimaera-class cruisers
a. Largest vessel in the fleet. Carries eight battalions of assorted troops (LKS/TDUs, Space Corps, or Shadow sword Troopers).
b. Most powerful energy shield (class II compared to the Umbrage MBT).
c. 80inch planetary assault cannon, 40inch ship-to-ship railgun, up to 20 Metal Storm units, up to eight laser turrets, up to four experimental guided plasma units.
2. Bellerophon-class carrier
a. Carries eight battalions of assorted troops and all necessary troop transports.
b. Carries three squadrons of Wasp-class fighters (3 ships to a squadron) (4-20mm Chainguns, 8-5inch rocket pods (4 missiles each), and one heavy laser rifle (100Giga Watt)). Often suffers from overheating.
c. Carries 2 ground assault frigates (2-10inch planetary assault cannons (3 rounds each (5 minute charge time)) and 2 laser turrets).
3. Mars-class Flagship
a. 12 battalions of assorted troops, 4 planetary assault frigates, 15 squadrons of Wasp fighters, and eight compliments (two tanks each) of Umbrage-class MBTs.
b. 100inch planetary assault cannon (launched from high orbit with fragmentation rounds=2mile radius destruction zone) (can only be fired once a day), 20 medium range ship-to-ship DEWs (50Giga Watt) (directed energy weapons; similar to lasers), and eighty rocket pods (10 missiles each).
4. Bohemoth-class Assault Station

B. Airforce
1. Wasp Fighter
2. Clazmonian Troop Transports (unarmed-->carries 1 battalion of troops each. Escorted by the Wasp-class Fighter.)
III. Ground army
A. LKTs (Living Kinetic Strike Troopers)
1. Mostly a Dragon-morph section. Shielded in high impact armor. Shock and awe troopers. "God-Rod" type idea (Tom Clancy, Endwar).
B. Shadow Sword Troopers
1. Mostly a Dire Wolf-morph section. Armored in the infiltration-variant of the MXB-98 power armor, these soldiers are equipped with thermal, electrical, and X-ray shields. Has a chameleon layer on it (camoflague). Skilled in close combat, but decent at long range assassinations. Trained to be the top assassins. Use mostly low caliber (2-3mm) railgun systems and old fashioned poison/knife techniques.

[Note: The use on Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Space based weaponry is as likely to draw the ire of every nation down upon you as it is in reality. These are things that are given -extreme- weight, can ruin hundreds of thousands of lives, and drastically affect the entire landscape for decades to come. -ALL- super weapons of -ANY- kind fall into the above, and will -ALWAYS- carry a consequence towards use]

Relative technology level- Choose one: Late PMT (Avatar level...with a few alterations (Halo)) and CSaT (part of the population).
Technological advantage (up to 2, must have moderator approval): bio-technological enhancements for citizens/military.
Technological disadvantage (minimum of 1): Power ration for those not in the military.
Global Extranet access: Good (for military/government); for civilians: Limited
Personal/Civilian Transportation: Rare.

Note: The bio-enchancements for the non-military (people who have already finished their service) are eligible for enhancements to their skeletal/muscular structure. Military enhancements (removed after service) range from the civilian enhancements to enhanced speed, strength, agility, or enhancement of their natural weapons (for the dragons-->breathe fire/metal claws/metal fangs; for wolves: metal claws/sonic enhancements-->project their howls further (in code); for hares/rabbits: sonar enhancements-->make their ears much more sensitive and sub-conscious implants-->intuition, pseudo-telepathy with other enhanced allies (more like bio-radios). This makes them like living tac-pads.

Please write a little about your out of character desires for what kind of RPs you're interested in. Such as do you wish to keep on the national level, important people making big decisions, or more local, or stories about individual people whom just happen to live in your nation? Expound as much as you like as giving more detail will provide others with a sense of what you're up to for RPs.

My RP style is usually military, but espionage and civilian RPs work as well. I prefer the local stories opposed to the large scale stories. Anything remotely dealing with PMT weapons/military tactics is good. I enjoy FT threads as well.

I'm capable of doing anything from Early Space Opera to Late PMT.

What is your nations history? (Note: please get in contact with other nations whom are near where you are on the map to figure out common past events)

Wolf-Folk is a nation that was founded by a group of wolves (mixed species) that fled from the warmer reaches of the planet to live in the Antarctic tundra. They discovered tunnels leading down below the surface (which they followed) to a warmer place near the planet's crust. Thanks to the relative translucence of the ice, the sun has been able to penetrate the ice, letting plants grow in the enormous caverns below. The wolves made their home among these plants, evolving into the makings of a society. Later on in their development, the wolves had developed an immunity to most diseases (many of which they brought with them; others that were discovered in their home) and began to live quite a long time. The average life span jumped from 50 years to 120 years within 100 years as medicine and technology advanced. This all occured in the 16th century. Later on in the 19th, exploration began taking place deeper into the planet's crust, discovering larger caverns and a new civilization which they initially recoilled from, but eventually began trading with and then absorbing into their own nation. This civilization was the Dragons.

The Dragon species were discovered hiding beneath the city of Wolf-Folk in caverns and tunnels. They had built an enormous society belowground and had developed advanced technology (going with the stereotypical idea that dragons are usually smarter than the average being). This society was made up of the different types of dragons (some bipedal, others weren't quite there, but had four legs+long bodies+the typical Chinese visage of dragon faces) that were split into castes. The ruling caste was the Celestial Dragons. This race was comprised entirely of bipedal beings who ruled the farmer/hunter/warrior caste-->the Jade Dragons.

It turns out that the Dragon civilization had been watching the Wolf-Folk progress throughout their history. Unbeknownest to the wolves, the Dragons had been studying them, learning their culture and language, developing their skills until the day they might make contact.

Now, several hundred years later (about the 22nd century), the Wolf-Folk (now comprised of wolves, dragons, and a species that had been unknown to the others (rabbits/hares)) had developed the knowledge/ability for space travel. The launching of their massive war ships into orbit had been dismissed by the rest of the world as earthquakes and crackpot-theorist scams. They had been sighted several times by satellites (and were developing anti-satellite technology) but were catalogued as DSOs (deep space objects) that were drifting by the planet (missing by several million kilometers). They began exploring other planets, and other galaxies (possible due to their cryogenic capabilities), populating and establishing supply lines on their mission to explore the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy; out there, they discovered an alien collective which had seen their forms and decided that they were a disease to be wiped out across the galaxy. The Wolf-Folk are now at war with this collective, which calls itself the Others.

More to follow...

-Relations to other nations-
How does your government and people feel and interact with other nations?
The Immortal Wolf-Folk is primarily isolationist, but the black market (led by rogue members of the military who get out among the rest of the world disguised as members of the nations out there) does a roaring trade in power modules and delacacies. Despite the trading that goes on in the black market, the rogue elements keep the location and the culture of the Wolf-Folk hidden from the nations of the world.

-Give 3 interesting facts about your nation that gives it character:
1. The nation of the Wolf-Folk was founded deep under the Antarctic ice.
2. The technology of the nation has been far advanced due to the influence of the Dragon species (which populated the planet before the last great extinction-->they then fled underground).
3. The social statuses of the people are primarily based on technological merit, skill in battle, and philosophical knowledge.
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Re: Wolves of Malshan

Post by Wolves of Malshan » Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:32 pm

The draconic part of society is the darker side of society. While they are greatly advanced technology-wise, their morals and ethics compared to most human cultures is nearly nonexistent. The dragons themselves are the physical manifestations of knowledge. Each time a new field of knowledge is discovered, a new dragon is created. The 'dragons' as we know them IRL are in this case, merely vehicles which the dragons 'drive'. These shells are grown in a lab or bred from existing stock. They were once a separate society, but the dragons enslaved them and now use them as hosts. If the physical form is destroyed, the energy manifestation of the dragon is ejected, free to find another shell to inhabit. As millenia passed, the race of energy beings known as 'dragons' stopped using other beings, instead inhabiting these new shells only. They are now incapable of possessing other bodies.
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