A small problem about an EM26

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Re: A small problem about an EM26

Post by miokalia » Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:40 pm

IIP Domestic Service
2012 Election Coverage

The latest Fogby survey poll shows dire straits for the incumbent Vuela Konig as challenger Tdarra DoHoston and the Socialist Party pull votes away from the Biszlocsun party even in their own traditional standby districts. Usually Biszlocsun candidates can count on clear majorities in Dorfan and the Ops Reservation, on top of Harriys and ZCFD. This time around though, Dorfan could go to anyone, as 45% of voters are undecided and neither party has a clear advantage.
Now usually the Ops. Reservation does not come up in discussions about swing districts, as the Reservation has typically voted more than 78% for the Biszlocsun candidates. This time, however, 65% of voters in the mostly Malych district are undecided and of those that are, the Biszlocsun party has no statistical advantage over the Socialists.

(Red - Socialists; Blue - Biszlocsun; Green - Green Heritage; Yellow - MCP)

With Tdarra DoHoston currently in a more favorable position, The Konig campaign has to figure out what went wrong in what are now unexpected swing districts.

There are three Tajiratic/Gubernatorial elections this year. In Tasea, Socialist Tyler Vernum is in a marginal lead against Biszlocsun Aron Valle, after extensive attack campaign highlighting Valle's history of flip-flopping populist pandering, which has even drawn the ire of others in his own party. The Teulern race is between candidates of the two local parties, Senator Pieter Steinhosen of The Constitution Democrats and Richter Faarwast of the Teulern Heritage Party. Faarwast became widely known for leading the protest against changing the name of the Volff K Muroa Expressway and is a founding member of the People's Front Against the Defamation of our Kaiser, a radical conservative group that advocates secession from Miokalia and implementing laws based on religious doctrine, among other things. Iyutica is also holding elections, with socialist Patrick Quno leading by a large margin.


"I'm here to talk to you about restoring Miokalia", DoHoston spoke at a rally in Roehmeo, the most populous city of the Dorfan Tajirate, "This is a country of inclusion where we respect the traditions of those we include, as... as well as our own. I think the problem right now is that Vuela Konig can't seem to protect these... values.
I'm sure she believes in them, but she sure isn't doing anything about it! She won't stand up to radicals and tells us that she won't defend your freedoms for you. She won't act when the things you hold dear are threatened by corporate interests. Where was Vuela Konig when Astroiya-based television station ATCN was purchased by a foreign conglomerate, and then forced into closure because the conglomerate didn't want to compete with their "regionally-appealing" programming... The voices... The opinions and voice of Dorfanese and Malych were silenced in a nonsensical attack on freedom of speech brought about by a private entity. The Vuela Konig government is one where they will let a corporation do precisely the kind of oppression and anti-democratic activities that our constitution was designed to keep out of our country. My administration will not allow these things to happen. We won't let some ideologically-motivated radical with too much money come in and take the means of mass communication away from the people. I won't stand by and allow special interests to devise innovative new ways to break the system and take your rights away from you!"

This speech was followed by a rather satisfied applause.

Meanwhile, in the Ops Reservation, another attack ad was run against Vuela Konig.

"In 1970, Astroiya Territorial Cable Network became the only private Malych television station.
In 2006, The Vivendi Holding Company purchased ATCN from A.Wood Powers.

Despite high ratings and growing advertising value, The new ownership began cancelling shows featuring canines amidst much protest. Shortly after, all shows featuring inorganics were also dropped, including the highly successful KSZ: Lingerie Beach. What did the ownership have to say?"

An audio clip from a news program featuring a simian CEO plays,
"Programming that did not fit our business strategy was dropped".

Then it returns to the voiceover:
"In 2008, ATCN, Astroiya's only private television station was closed and taken off the air by Vivendi.
Vivendi has retained ownership of the infrastructure of the station to this day, and bullies anyone else who tries to start up a new station to fill the gap they created. Keeping a death-grip on the airwaves they've also kept silent for 4 years...
And why is this?"

Another audio clip plays back from an interview with a board member from Vivendi,
"If we're going to... if we're going to enter into that difficult market, we have to have clear out a space first. We gotta starve them a little bit so they... they acquire a taste for what we already have to offer."

Back to the voiceover:
"And the government that let this happen? It was under the watch of Tajir-Secretary Vuela Konig.
This is Konig's Miokalia.
What voice will be silenced next under her watch?"

And then the voice of the Socialist candidate came on the air,
"I'm Tdarra DoHoston and I approve this message"


"Vuela", Andy said, "You're kinda boned up north. I don't suppose you've heard about this new "Vivendi-ATCN closure scandal" yet have you?"

"Huh what?", Vuela asked, "I only vaguely know those names from the news".

"Dohoston is blaming the closure of the only non-public TV station in the ops-reservation on you, and he's also managed to convince the Dorfanese that it's going to happen to their stations next if they keep you around some... how...", Andy said.

"This has nothing to do with me at all. I can't even do anything about it!", Vuela howled.

"Yeah, but apparently they're not really getting that. Because you're not currently winning your own tajirate, Dorfan right now.", Andy advised.

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