City of UNEX Disaster

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City of UNEX Disaster

Post by Killer Zoids » Thu May 10, 2012 11:19 pm

"We now take you to breaking news, live in UNEX..."

~Electric arcs, smoke, dust, and rubble filling the scene, emergency crews working to find survivors~

"Ziard, this is Metsi Donaco reporting from ground zero, in the heart of UNEX. The images you are seeing are the remains of the 35 story D47-Grid H building, in the North East Quadrant of UNEX which was unexpectedly brought to the ground about 20 minutes ago. We don't quite have all the details yet, emergency crews are refusing to provide details at this time about what caused the explosion and how many possible casualties there may be, but we do know there have been some casualties and the building is completely destroyed."

~Camera follows 2 EMS Huskies loading a gurney into the back of an ambulance~

"Police have cordoned off the area in an effort to minimize risk to bystanders. There are electrical fires all over the wreckage..."
At that moment, a racket can be heard down the street about a block away, as a white panel van crashes through the glass foyer main lobby of another building and viciously explodes. The force from the blast knocks the reporter and her crew to the ground. The camera is dropped and lays on its side still on, watching another building start to crumble.

"RUUUUUN!" someone shouts loudly. "C'mon, c'mon, get up. C'mon damn it. Get up!" Metsi pulls her tail ribbon off and hands it to the camera man. "Here put this on your forehead."

The camera man shakily picks up the camera as he, Metsi, and another crewman start running away from the falling building. A dust cloud engulfs the runners and numerous other pedestrians.
A helicopter crew on the incident filmed the other reporter, her crew, and others being overtaken by the light grey dust cloud from the demolished building moving toward them much faster than they were running, moving almost like a wall of water fanning out in the streets.

"Oh my god, the other crew was just overcome by the dust cloud. Ziard, I don't know if you're getting this, but we can't tell if they're okay from up here."

~The camera was scanning around the ground looking for signs of life~ "Over there, over there, look at that van!"
The airborne reporter noticed a large vehicle erratically driving through the cramped streets, crashing into sitting vehicles and at times, driving on the sidewalks or in the opposing lanes. A fur was hanging out the driver side window firing a pistol randomly. The camera followed it. On the roof had been painted a black canid skull in front of a red X.

The van disappeared around a corner. "I lost it," said the camera man. "Pilot, swing around..."

A few seconds later another extremely powerful explosion ripped through the downtown streets, resulting in heavy damage to another building.

The helicopter systems immediately went dead, and the engine cut out. The pilot struggled land the disabled craft on the roof of a near by building, but was successful. 3 passengers got out on to the roof and noticed an eerie silence. "This place usually has a nice 60Hz buzz to it..." There were no sirens, no construction noise, no hum, just muffled shouting from people seemingly too far away to be real. "My phone is completely dead. Is yours working?" "No, mines out." "My watch isn't ticking either" "Wait, where's..." He ran back to the copter to find the front-seat passenger co pilot apparently dead. The LEDs behind his eye sockets were out, and there was no whirring of pumps and actuators. The Malych-Zoid laid there limp.

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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

Post by The_ASE » Sun May 13, 2012 1:26 pm

OOC: Don't know how open this is or how public the attack is, so if I am wrong, just tell me and post will poof.
Isaiah wasn't very happy with what he saw. The news coming in wasn't of a good variety and, while he was ever so wanting to just ignore it or even degrade the government for letting something like this happen, he let the little good in himself come out.

After all, it is an election year and anything to make the Empire out to be a kind people is always a good thing.
To: The Government of Killer Zoids

I express my sympathy for those injured and killed in the attacks. While we were never on the best of terms, I still feel for the pain of others. Images that I saw of this disaster were horrible, even from the perspective of myself, having seen everything.

For this reason, I must, even if you do not accept, make an offer of humanitarian assistance. It is within the protocols of the Empire and within the moral obligations of myself that I at least try to do something to help your people in a time of need.

Should you accept, I can have a prototype vessel within range to assist in a matter of days.

Isaiah Xaimoungkhoun I
Emperor of the Anean Star Empire

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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

Post by miokalia » Thu May 17, 2012 4:15 pm

Elvis knocked on Sweizalthorpe's door for about 4 minutes before giving up.
Somewhat lost, the page wandered around for a while and eventually found Secretary of State Tycho.
"Where is everyone?", he asked while holding a file box full of stuff.

"Do you at all pay attention to news?", asked Tycho.

"Did we have a government shut down?", Elvis asked sideways.

"Somebody attacked UNEX. Everything is shut down, everything public, all the markets, I don't think you can even get into the Ellias District because concrete barriers have come up blocking entry. All flights are grounded. I don't need to tell you how locked down the Operations Reservations are right now.", said Tycho.

"So. Not a Government Shut-down?", Elvis asked.


"There are 5 WK carriers en route right now. Mostly supplies. Although this doesn't really address the other half of the situation.", said Lieutenant Maxwell Chon in one of those walk-and-talk moments down a hallway somewhere in the Dopblaron Ops Reservation (near Holyoke).

Sweizalthorpe said,
"I need you on the phone with Arabarath right now, make sure he's aware that we are sending a response team", he them stopped him and added, "And this isn't an just an 'offer' of aid. A response team is already being sent. This is a matter of continuity of the species."

They then entered a rather sterile room with a white ceiling, white floor and black table. Surrounded on all sides by small television monitors.

"The 323K14L Doctrine is in effect. We will be attempting to restore Malychozoidal system services, such as Pulse, by way of satellite temporarily. We have reason to believe that an EMP was used against UNEX, so we need to have those things up and running so we can adequately organize.", said a glossy EM49 in the room.

"I'm not familiar with that one. All I know is that back in 1952, Senator 323K14L didn't exactly get along so swell with the Kazians. So I'm slightly concerned.", Chon commented.

"The 323K14L doctrine is just the principal that an attack against any group of Malychozoidal life forms or their infrastructure regardless of what side of the border they happen to be on, is an attack against all of them.
In this implementation, it means we are treating this disaster at UNEX the same as we would if it were B20, C10, Dopblaron or even the Ellias District of the capitol.", said the EM49, "also why is he in here?"

"Lieutenant Maxwell Chon is actually the Secretary of the Apparat of Defense, Captain.

It was a rather recent appointment.", Sweize said.

"Yes, I'm sure right after being attacked by an unknown party, KZ is going to be completely fine with a ton of MRZF forces suddenly pouring into the country from the south, unannounced.", said Chon.

"Well that's why you were supposed to call Arabarath... You did call Arabarath didn't you?", Sweize asked.

"We can't. Calls to KZ are not going through due to infrastructure damage.", said Chon.

"There is another option.", the EM49 said, "There is an old emergency line, which does not route through UNEX, it routes through Broadhead. It is an unusual type of line, very old, and very analogue."


The Malych Caucus
Building 10, Dopblaron, Southern Reservation (Near Holyoke).

"Emergency session. Operations Premier, C3N K4AG4 Presiding.", announced the reporter,
"On docket is the formulation of a response regarding the attack against UNEX.
Ad Factum:
UNEX is a city wherein the population is predominantly our own.
UNEX is within the jurisdiction of KZ, and outside our jurisdiction.
The population of UNEX does not uniformly utilize K24 services due to regional subspecies variation.

There are a number of automated proposals generated in response to this situation.
If a reasonable alternative cannot reach quorum in this session, then the K24 standard response will be implemented."

"Explanation Request: This is an emergency situation, why is the K24 standard response not in effect already?", asked one of the representatives.

"Because of Ad Factum item number 3. The UNEX population does not use K24 and thus the effect of it would be substantially compromised. Additionally there are geopolitical constructs in place which necessitate cooperation with non inorganic Kazian authorities, this reasonably precludes using autocratic responses.", the reporter said.

"Explanation Request", another asked, "Please define K24 for those of us voting who may be of Kazian origin."

The reporter then explained, "K24 is the mechanism of collective action among the Miokalian Malych subspecies. It is a form of collective instinct which is sufficiently evolved enough to complete rather complex tasks. It is the first form of primitive collective sapience in the species, superceded by MZA6, which is the current form of individual sapience in the species.

Would the representative offering Proposal 1 please begin presentation."

"Representative Daimler Jalisco, presenting Proposal 1.", Presiding officer C3N announced.

"KZ surely has sufficient resources for first response to this situation.", Jalisco said, "Because this is within their country, it is up to them to furnish sufficient response to this situation first. We have to trust them to do something, I think, is rather obvious. Sufficiently respond to an emergency situation involving their own people.
I propose that we enact no immediate response, and instead, furnish a response at such a time that Kazian authorities are able to sufficiently communicate that assistance is desired."

"Representative T4R4 K3N4DY, presenting Proposal 2.", The presiding officer announced.

"There is reasonable evidence to suggest that an EMP was used against UNEX.", T4R4 said, "Action must be taken immediately to ascertain the source of the attack, because it presents an existential threat. We cannot trust this to authorities outside the species.
But let's say we did, and the north failed to contain the threat. There would be only us left.
And there aren't many places where malychozoidal lifeforms exist. Only three deserts in the world are known to have produced things like us. The Kazian desert and the Eledorian deserts which we are familiar with, and the Atacama desert, where there is evidence of a now-extinct feral metallic bird species the locals referred to as the Alicanto.
If we do not take action to protect our own, then the Kazian Zoids may go the way of the Alicanto."

"Representative JU1714 Qualt, presenting Proposal 3.", The presiding officer announced.

"I can't believe we're still deliberating over this. The solution is simple.", said Qualt,
All measures to notify the President in KZ, that we will be sending assistance to UNEX must be taken immediately.
Then we send it up there. This is not the type of situation that a legislative-like body such as this caucus should be working on. For shitsake, if nobody just calls up Arabarath right now, I'll do it.
Just call the Kazian president, then let K24 do what it needs to do."

"Guys", Chon said timidly after kind of ambling into the room, "Or Girls? Things? Stuff?"

"Would representative Qualt please make a real proposition instead of blasting the caucus.", said the presiding officer.

"HEY MECHANICAL THINGS!", Chon shouted. Which got a mild response from them,
"I got a hold of Arabarath. On that old red phone in that one closet."

"That was the old nuclear situation hotline.", said Qualt, "Well I'm done here."

"I got a hold of Arabarath. He was very startled. He didn't know who I was and tried to hang up. Apparently when they hang up, then this horrible alarm goes off. Well the line doesn't disconnect either, and apparently the same thing happens on their end. So Arabarath picked up the phone again and said a bunch of stuff that didn't make much sense. Then that's when I told him I was the Secretary of Defense.", Chon said.

"O...K", said the presiding officer, "Does he know that we're sending assistance right now"

"Yes. He is abundantly aware.", Chon said.

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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

Post by Killer Zoids » Thu May 17, 2012 7:22 pm

The president was handed the telegram from ASE, and a 2-page report of the damage in UNEX.

The report came first, as he skimmed the first page presented on a tablet computer...
- Neopreman sector of UNEX without electricity
- Local emergency management in conjunction with KERD* out of Struxtown evacuating survivors from the affected area
- Suspected EMP shockwave disabled all above ground high-technology in 1 mile radius
- Destroyed or damaged Buildings:
* D47-Grid H, Kazian Dynamic Warehouse, 1,020 reg employees
* E31-Grid I, Kazian Dynamic Server Farm, 790 reg employees
* C31-Grid A, Kazian Dynamic Integration 4, 2,375 reg employees

Shortwave communication with UNEX and the surrounding military installations is the currently designated frequency as Tapinta routing infrastructure is still bringing portions of the nation back on-line.

The main down-town sector of UNEX, Matria, is responsible for 40% of all public networks in Killer Zoids, with the whole of UNEX providing for 64% of all communication within the country.

Major Military Installations put on high alert:
* Capital City Annex
* Omotron-Akiaton
* Fort King Wolfe (near Koenig)
* Blue City Naval Base
* Fort Neder (between Liger City and GS Berg)

Major Military Installations which could not be reached:
* Liger City
* Broadhead
* Iselina Transmont AFB
* Westerly Naval Base
* Fifth Guard, GS Berg

Possible Instigators, in order from most likely to least
* Domestic/Anarchist/Religious
* Domestic/Corporate Coup, Non AWP (Argent Dynamics, Kazian Dynamic, General Kadorian)
* Far north preemptive strike
* Accident
Compiled by KEMORG - Kazian Emergency Response Division
"Are we under attack? What can we scramble from Struxtown or Liger City?" asked Arabarath to his heads of staff.

"Networks are out for most of the south and west of the nation. We were only able to get through to bases in North KZ and local vicinity of Capital."

"You're telling me we can't communicate with them?? What about this shortwave thing I saw in this report?" the president asked.

"Well.. we.. uhh.. Nobody has used those frequencies for 30 years apart from amateurs. None of our bases would be listening, nor could we validate who is sending the message."

"So we have no way to effectively communicate with our southern military bases? This is feeling more and more like a targeted attack.. wait, nobody's answered my first question, are we in fact, under attack??" ask Arabarath again, slightly irritated.

"We are not sure sir. We cant confirm or deny the explosions were caused by a forein threat."

"You better make it your job to figure out whats going on, son. The rest of you, I don't give a damn how, if you have to drive a convoy across the TVAR to get there, we must get supplies out there immediately. And a military presence to avert any further incidents. Recall the Malychozoidal forces. I don't want them being exposed to the possibility of another EMP--"

"The likelihood of that is very low, sir." A KM22 Wolf advisor interrupted."..We should mobilize every available troop we have. The underground systems have mostly turned off electricty to the whole north half of UNEX. From the EM spike observed by the GOES9 weather satelite, the amount of energy released could only have come from city power or a nuclear weapon. Also NEXUS super computer is still operational, but running in a limited capacity. Millions of calls are trying to be placed in and out of the city from
families and businesses. Not to mention every joker with a cell phone camera trying to be the first to post pictures on the 'net." He continued.

"You all know your jobs, get to it." Arabarath ajourned the meeting.
He returned to his office to read the damage and casualty reports more closely. Sitting there, he started hearing a muffled buzzing sound coming from somewhere in the office. He searched a bit for it, and eventually discovered a bizzare red phone covered in dust sitting on a wheeled pedastal in a near by coat closet. It was Chon from Miokalia.

The KM22 wolf approached Arabarath. "Mr President, I understand you were in contact with the Miokalians?"
"That's right"
"Sir, I think you should know something very important about my species, or well, the inorganics of Miokalia and the majority of the population of UNEX."
"Go on"
"There is an old, sort of relgious-type doctrine called the K24. Its essentially states that Malych or Malchozoidal populus protects its own under any circumstance. They will stop at *nothing* to try and help their damaged or distressed kin. The folks in both countries have been separated a long time, and up here, most form only very small collective consicousnesses with their closest family and friends. Down south however, the entire country shares in the sort of shared consciousness. Something like that."
"I've heard of K24 from Geneec actually."
"Well, I just wanted you to know, again, they will do pretty much anything to get to UNEX to try and save as many as they can from permanent shut down."
The KM22 left.

"Skeelnip!" The president called out to the generals and admirals in the next room. "I need to let the bases in and around Broadhead and Liger City about inbound support from Miokalia."
"Yes sir!"
"I know its only been a few years since the accident, but I was wondering if you'd take a Storm Sworder down there as fast as you can and tell the troops this. Those boys are going to be scared, but they know you. The Miokalians are peaceful and only want to help, but they may be kind of.. off and agitated." the president asked, reassuringly.
"I'll be in the air in three minutes Mr. President."
"Thanks, Nip." Arabarath handed the fox a booklet containing presidential order codes.

As Skeelnip left the room, Arabarath though to himself "I hope he can get there in time."

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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

Post by miokalia » Thu May 17, 2012 11:54 pm

Qualt gave an applause that consisted of only him, then he slapped Chon on the back and said, "I would like to point out, for the record, that the Secretary of Defense just did what all of you couldn't accomplish in... what 5 minutes?"

"Representative Qualt, would you please respect parliamentary order?", Kyaga, the Presiding Officer said, "At least long enough for us to adjourn this emergency session".

Chon left the room and did an involuntary canine shake even though he wasn't wet. There was still a number of factors to consider, and he really didn't quite trust these people to figure out even easy solutions on their own.
He then began to piece together a theory. Since K24 was something usually unconscious unless brought out by some kind of threat or disaster, possibly a great deal of the indecisiveness and fear among the Malych here was because they didn't really completely understand it themselves. Something these ones would never admit.

He remembered Andertol talking about it though. Right after he went on leave with Itka over the border a while ago.

After he had been recovered by RPA extraction specialists near Aleuz, he mentioned something about K24.
Although at the time he was also babbling semi-coherently. Having basically been kept alive by core-buds integrated in him, that were apparently previously inactive.

He remembered when he stopped by, thinking it was odd that they took Andertol to the Ellias Two building and not the Niilama District Hospital. He brought some mylar balloons featuring Hello Kitty, expecting to see a typical hospital room. Instead, he had to pass through four security checks and was allowed to see Andertol on the grounds of his MRZF rank.
While sitting in the room, he idly asked one of the Executive Guard EM49s, "Smells like somebody's eating grilled chicken. Good to know he's able to eat at least."
The EM49 stared at him blankly.
He remembered feeling like a total tool when he saw the totally barbequed allosaurus that was Andy, which gave horrible context to the smell and caused Chon to have a strange distaste for grilled chicken from then on.
He was on a stretcher, very heavily drugged. According to the surgeon, they had administered a paralyzing substance to prevent the organic part of his body from reconnecting nerves and causing unbelievable pain.
Apparently, when you have malychozoidal core buds embedded in your nervous system, they try to keep the host alive.

Chon nonchalantly walked into the other conference room from before and began composing an order.

"So I heard Arabarath knows what's up now. That's good. You can relax I guess.", said the EM49 from earlier.

"You guys.", Chon said while firing off the teletext system-wide across the whole MRZF, "Are not thinking straight. We still have to exercise appropriate caution."

"Telling the WK's to land at Zanga?, what the hell are you doing? You're the one not thinking straight.", it said, somewhat shocked.

"OK.", Chon began to explain, "This is why: Earlier I tried to call Arabarath using the regular phone system. I was unable to get through because of network issues which can reasonably be attributed to massive infrastructure damage. There is reason to suspect an EMP went off at UNEX. Clearly, telecommunications, even high-priority ones such as the president's direct contact number, are compromised. By sheer luck I got through using the old crisis hotline installed in the 40's. That line is 100% analogue throughout it's whole length. It is so primitive, that the only thing an EMP would do to it is induce a current in it, that would be suppressed by the lighting protection apparatuses on both ends.
The Kazian base currently at Liger City did not exist in the 1940's.

There is reason to believe that we could be heading into a friendly-fire catastrophe unless we have established total, reliable communications channels with all the defensive organizations involved here, and we just don't have that right now. As the Secretary of Defense, my top concern here is making sure that such a crisis is averted."

The EM49 stared at him for a bit and then rather sheepishly and quietly said, "My symbiotic intelligence instinct is screaming to get you inside me right now."

"I take that as a compliment", Chon said, "I think I should probably call the Sudo now."


Andertol answered the call with some agitation,
"What do you want."

"Oh for shitsake don't cause a military altercation with those people. I know people up there."

"Well yes. Ordering them to land at Zanga, right next the border is good. I assume about half of them will do it."

"Well, they don't see it as disobeying orders. For one, you're a fox. Unless you're an EM46 fox, then K24 overrides your commands. If this were 30 years ago, NONE of them would have landed. See how far we've come here?"

"Well the Apparateur can technically stop them. You might have to really get inside his head though."

"Are you serious? I'm the second person you've talked to who has alluded to cockpits today? That's disturbing."

"Of course I'm taking this seriously. It's just that I work best when I appear to not be."

"Here's what you do. Get that bastard Qualt, slap him, or shoot him, I don't care. This is mostly because he's a dick. Then what you need to do is get him into a full-scale Pteramander. That's Qualt's derivative zoid subspecies. Both of you fly that thing over to Zanga and over the radio, order them to land. WK's move slow as hell, they're fan-wing aircraft. Low-speed, high lift."

"Nobody knows K24 like Qualt does. Now get going before we see a re-enactment of the battle of 1899."


"Cross check complete", Chon said in the cockpit of the Pteramander while putting on his oxygen gear.
"How fast can you make this go, Qualt?"

Qualt was in the seat behind him, for now, he made several adjustments and said, "Well, I think the ZBC says it goes like, mach 2 or something. Although because I'm going to be heading below deck for this, so to speak, It'll be closer to the something end of that range."

The launch door had opened.

"Could you please avoid getting us killed?", Chon asked.

"Yeah yeah yeah. I'll see you later.", Qualt said.
Qualt's seat tilted back and dumped him down an opening behind the seat. There was a brief flash before the seat closed up the hole.

The Pteramander than moved some on it's own, wing adjustments happened and the controls seemed to basically move on their own.

"Ok Qualt. Stop messing around and get us...", Chon started to say before the Qualt-amander jumped and fired it's starter engines. Shooting them down the launch tube and out the door.

Qualt took a rather steep incline, trying to gain altitude as quick as possible. All while keeping everything very noticeably under mach 1.
Somewhat physically distressed by the launch, but ever proud, Chon remarked, "Oh come on. Mach 0.75?", he then grunted in discomfort from the angle, "Afraid of getting your wings a little hot?"

Qualt maintained this for another few seconds, then flipped upside-down per safety requirements and leveled out extra hard to get back at Chon for the comment. Chon groaned while his vision went black for a few seconds from the Gs.
"Careful", he said, "try to keep those under 10, please. I want to get their fast, but I also want to remain alive."

Qualt made a courtesy delay in acceleration, maintaining mach 0.89 up at about 72,000 feet. Realizing that Chon's vitals needed to rebound after the playful exchange earlier.

Qualt then began to gradually push up to mach 1. As the condensation cloud whipped by as they passed through the speed of sound, Chon said, "Somebody should make porn of that".

Qualt then edged it up further, to 1.8 before pausing a bit, making sure Chon's vitals were stabilized, then pushed up to 2.
Then 2.3

"Don't hurt us, now", Chon said.

Qualt then pushed up to mach 3. They had gained altitude and were now at 86,000 feet. Gauges in the cockpit were showing that the angle of the magnesser unit and the angle of the engines were at 180 degrees. The maximum configuration for speed.
Chon then noticed the gauges for the low-density hariyamo assist kick in. This was a secondary system that was very similar to the shield generated by some Ligers. Although in this application, it was used to effectively change the aerodynamic shape of the zoid further than the effect of the magnesser could.

"Qualt, be careful.", Chon said.

They reached mach 3.2 and then a few minutes later, began allowing it to slowly fall.
This corresponded to a decrease in altitude as they approached Zanga.

"Come on, let's get that shield down and find those WKs", said Chon.

About 10 minutes later, there was a response, 5 contacts showed up, Chon breathed a sigh of relief and nasty-ass recycled air.

Chon radioed back, "ALL WK's ACCOUNTED FOR."

Four of them had landed at Zanga and one of them apparently landed alarmingly closer to the border near the tiny town of Prudence.

Chon continued the report back to Dopblaron,
"I repeat: All WKs are landed. There are foreign contacts on radar right on the other side of the border, but there is no visual evidence of engagement.
I'm going to land back at Zanga. Andertol was apparently wrong about something. Also I'm going to throw up."

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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

Post by Holmbergsvania-BFPE » Fri May 18, 2012 4:33 pm

Port Penguin, Holmbergsvania
Port Penguin Naval Base

Prince Alaric Holmberg looked around the meeting room, top generals and admirals from the Royal Holmbergsvanian Armed Forces stood around the circular table, waiting for the prince to sit down. Ministers from Holmbergsvania Commerce and the Foreign Affairs Ministry were also on standby, along with the Minister of Defense.

"What's the situation?" Alaric asked. "You guys pulled me from an important meeting with the Cubnistrian head of State." He sat down, convincing the rest of the generals and ministers that they could sit down as well.

"Recently, a major terrorist attack occurred in the country of Killer Zoids" The lights dimmed. A holographic map popped up, zooming in from a planetary view to a regional, then local view, until the entire country of KZ filled the map screen. "Damage was largely confined to the city of UNEX, a major communications hub." General Martin Dennison commented. A red dot flashed over the location of UNEX.

"Type of attack?"

"EMP burst, as well as some bombings."

"And this is my concern why?" Alaric asked his defense minister, who was busy trying to flick a pencil across the room.

"You know how reliant we are on technology. Any major EMP burst is bound to damage some amount of critical infrastructure, or even corporate infrastructure. One attack on the Port Penguin Stock Exchange would potentially crash our entire economy."

"Have we taken provisions to ensure that an EMP does not get into Holmbergsvania?"

"We don't know how they got it in, but I'll tell the Transportation Minister about it."

"How'd we find out about this?"

"I'll say it sir. Media outlets are reporting quite a bit about this. We don't have any contacts with KZ whatsoever." one of the generals spoke up.

"So we found out because of a Breaking News special on FOX?"

"Yes milord."

"Remind me to crucify Holmbergsvania Intelligence's director if he ever sets foot near my door." Alaric chuckled. "Anyway. Onto what we're going to do. I propose we offer aid. Find out what happened, see if we can't use this to our advantage- if we can nail another terrorist group while we're at it, great. It's all dependent if they want our help or not. Do we have any military assets in the area?"

"The OJL Battlegroup is currently busy helping out in Cubnistria, the MMM and GWL groups are currently ready at a moment's notice. Both are sitting in harbor right now, and their crews are ready." Admiral Gregory Sotiris stood up. "I'll command whichever one you pick."

"That's dependent on if they ask for our assistance. I need a telegram sent to the Kazian government. Bring me the Telex."

"Yes milord."
TO: Kazian Government
FROM: Holmbergsvanian Government, Office of the Prince

We have heard about the scenario taking place in your country, and offer our condolences. It breaks my heart to see suffering taking place anywhere else on this green Earth. For this reason, I offer my support, any support that you desire. We've currently got two aircraft carrier battlegroups that can be loaded with aid supplies and law enforcement personnel, and be dispatched to KZ at the highest possible speed. Despite these ships being military in nature, I do not want them to be an invasion force. If you choose to dispel them, so be it. But I believe it would benefit both our nations and the world if we find out who is responsible for this horrific atrocity.


Prince Alaric Holmberg V, Prince of the Principality of Holmbergsvania
"Sent, sir."
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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

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Xaimoungkhoun Castle
"So this may be a lot bigger than I thought." Isaiah said to himself before picking up his phone and calling Soldavini. If he needs to partake in military assistance, Soldavini is the one with the soldiers.

Soldavini picked up and gave a very irritated, "Yes Isaiah?"

"Where's the Third Fleet?"

"Uh..." In the background Isaiah heard the shuffling of papers. "Passing Salnai on regular patrol. Why? I hope this doesn't have to do with that... incident in that one nation down south."

"It does."

"Damn it Isaiah, they hate us down there and you always want to run to the rescue."

Isaiah has heard this rant many times in the past few months, though more recently it was directed at any help Isaiah thought of sending to nations that are, generally, considered allies of New Gracaria. Since Isaiah gave New Gracaria semi-autonomy, Soldavini has acted as though he doesn't have to take orders from Isaiah or the Empire anymore.

"Did it ever occur to you that they hate us because they look at us as warmongers? I am trying to change that outlook, and you're not helping."

"Let's be fair too, you gave New Gracaria autonomy. I don't have to give you any soldiers for this."


"But... I have to because the soldiers have more loyalty to you than me."

"Good man. Now, I want you to divert the Third Fleet toward KZ. Actually, no. That'd look bad. Damn, I can't do anything. A fleet that was coincidentally placed near them just before an attack that is now moving toward them looks like you'd have done that."


"Autonomy works both ways. I have no real soldiers here remember? I have 10 acres of land on a mountain and that's all the Empire controls here."

"Right. Shouldn't have agreed to that."

"Your problem now. Where's the First Responder?"

"Are you going to let me put soldiers on it?"


"It's actually just out of NG airspace now, heading south at... fuck if I know speed. Seems pretty quick though."

"Alright. Let me think something up. I'll probably end up contacting you from the First Responder."

"Another foreign adventure?"

"I am cooped up in a castle, you're damn right I am going on an adventure."

AMCS First Responder
The First Responder was the first of many projects that Isaiah had planned for New Gracaria, but was probably the only good one. He basically took a Trotia Class Carrier, added on giant rotors, and made it actually work. When the initial testing was complete, the main structure was rebuilt to clear out what was the aircraft hangar and make half of it a hospital. The other half contains the shuttlecraft. Below that hospital and hangar deck, the crew quarters, nuclear reactors, and cargo bays take up the rest of the ship. The bottom was also flattened to make it easier for the ship to land. In all, it was a project that Isaiah was actually fairly proud of.

Isaiah's shuttle landed in the hangars via the opening at the rear of the ship. The flight deck, until the ship slows, is unusable due to high wind speeds. Along with his shuttle, a couple others landed. Notably was a pair of 50 shuttles full of construction materials - mostly wood and other lightweight material - and a pair of 20 shuttles with NGIDF Engineers, a total of 40 engineers. None of them were armed, however, as Isaiah didn't want to give anyone an excuse to attack the carrier.

Over the intercom of the carrier, Nakhi, whom was given command of the carrier, said, "Alright, we got Iron Man aboard. Where's the rest of you?"

"Go to hell Nakhi." Isaiah said with his own communicator. "What's our speed and ETA?"

"We are at maximum speed. So... hell if I know." What was said next was slightly muffled as Nakhi talked to the bridge crew. "How fast are we going? Really? I thought we were going slower. Hopefully the Emperor will be happy with that. Yes he's aboard. No he's not going to judge us. No. Yes! Does it matter? Whatever." Nakhi returned to Isaiah after that. "Apparently Mach .8 is our maximum speed. That'll put our ETA at... uh... ten hours or so? Maybe a little more. Might I recommend backing off a bit on the speed? We are going pretty fast."

Isaiah stepped into the direct lift to the bridge. "No. Keep us at this speed. I had intended to go slower, before I knew the magnitude of what happened. This is big, and could make the Empire look very good."

"And what of Soldavini?" Nakhi waited for a response that didn't come. Instead, Isaiah hung up.

Moments later, the door to the bridge lift opened and Isaiah stepped out. "Soldavini can go to hell. He'd rather turn this into a warship rather than an instrument of peace. So he'll see what comes of us using this for good deeds."

"Right. Want this chair?" Nakhi said, starting to get up.

"No. I do hope my quarters are set up?"

"Yeah, they're ready. You know, I have to ask, do you care what other leaders think of you?"

"No, why?"

"Well, you're coming out on one of these missions when usually other leaders aren't found within a hundred miles of a disaster."

"I am not like other leaders. I'll be in my quarters."

New Gracaria, Capitol Building
At the Capitol, the Senate was debating on what needed to be done about the situation down south. The entire Senate is deadlocked. Exactly half support humanitarian intervention along with military assistance if needed, and the other half support just ignoring it. Prior the Emperor's departure, the Senate leaned toward ignoring it, but since then it has split half and half. Soldavini isn't happy about it, as he is viewing this as the Emperor indirectly interfering with his ability to run the Commonwealth as he chooses.

Finally, the President of the Senate adjourned the session for the day, as the arguments began to grow increasingly heated. "Alright, we're done." The President said. "We'll come back to this issue when we have more information from the south. When the First Responder gives a report on the situation, we'll make a decision."

"No." Soldavini said. "We make the decision now. We cannot continue to have the Emperor make the decisions for us. Look at us. Before he left aboard that colossal waste of money, we were all ready to just ignore the situation in the south. Maybe send a sympathetic letter. Yet we're all ready to follow the Emperor's lead now. He gave us autonomy, but we act as though we are still vassals of the Empire."

"But we a-" The President said before being cut off.

"No, we're not. Not as much as we used to be. He gave us power to make our own choices. Let's make them. I call for a vote on this issue now."

With agreement on a vote, the Senate started the process. In just twenty minutes, the vote was complete, and Soldavini stormed out of the chamber. The vote ended up being 2500 in favor of humanitarian intervention, and 2500 for ignoring the situation. That gives Soldavini the authority to make his own choice on the matter, and he would.

Chancellor's Estate
Soldavini wasn't happy, not even remotely. However, in the ride from the Capitol, Soldavini saw this as a chance to make himself look good. He knows that most of the world probably hates him, but if he can change that, he'll try.
To: The Government of Killer Zoids

While I sympathize with the disaster unfolding in your part of the world, I come to you with news that I am not happy to deliver. The Senate had decided against sending assistance, and would rather ignore the entire situation. Like the Emperor, I cannot just ignore this. Unlike the Emperor, however, I have a far larger array of resources available to me.

First I'd like to know details of what you are dealing with. Information is sketchy up here at best. With the details, I'd be able to ascertain just what I'd be able to contribute to assisting your people. With your grace however I'd like to begin humanitarian and possibly reconstruction operations based off the NDF Third Fleet.

Even if you choose to turn down the offer, I do wish you and your people luck and the blessing of the gods in the coming days.

Vincenzo Soldavini
Chancellor of New Gracaria

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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

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Obligatory salutes were exchanged between Chon and the captain of the Relief Reconaissance Group, in the WK carrier MZS Culpeomuffin.
"Captain. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you following orders.", Chon said.

"Of course, sir. Were you expecting that we wouldn't?", captain PLUB47R, "We landed at Zanga at 05:00 hours this morning per K24 action override. Then your orders came in at 09:00. Sir."

"You've been grounded for 4 hours?", asked Chon, "K24 grounded you?"

"Yes. The IGS Konradosche was a bit late on the notification.", said PLUB47R, "Although they grounded immediately when they detected Kazian locks on them.
This was according to procedure, as the IGS Konradosche is an unarmed relief transport."

"Yes, IGS. They're Guylocian, that was originally a National Guard ship.", said Chon, "Kinda ironic. Since they're sheppies and not... well, you guys. No K24."

"I don't see the humor sir.", said the captain.

"Yeah, never mind.", Chon said.

"I actually need to bring something to your attention", said the captain, "We just received your teletext a couple minutes before your arrival. I think the entire system is operating on really severe delay."

"This explains some things back at OPS", Chon said, "Noted."

He then tried to place a call and got a message,
(beep) "Please wait for a connection... Please wait for a connection..."

"Hey we got huge ass delay... hello? Yeah. We have delay issues here.", Chon shouted into the satellite phone.

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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

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[[Please hold off for a bit while I develop the plot for this incident a bit more]]

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Re: City of UNEX Disaster

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Skeelnip's Storm Sworder approached the Liger City air field but did not land. He radioed the tower.

"Liger-1 tower, this is Delta-Fox-20, I have special instructions from the President. Do not fire on Miokalian vessels entering our air space. They are to be instructed to drop all ballistic armaments and transports to be escorted to PortoAero in UNEX to aid in relief efforts. Over."

"Delta-Fox-20, we copy. The Miokalians landed on their own accord near Zanga approximately an hour ago. They are awaiting our instructions. Over."

"Liger-1, do you have phones or holographics?"

"Negative Delta-Fox-20, we are operating on Morse code telegraph and shortwave radio at the moment. We've been informed the outage is being repaired."

"Tune to the Miokalian Air Band frequency and relay my original message."

"Affirmative, Delta-Fox-20."

"I am dropping my arsenal. Heading in to Mike-Kilo. Over and out." Skeelnip flew out to the desert, disarmed his missiles, and dropped them. They all fell to the ground with a thud. He turned south and headed toward Zanga.

The air traffic control at Liger City informed the Broadhead and neighboring installations of Skeelnip's orders. Usually with Morse code transmissions, receiving sites acknowledge the receipt with their tower call sign, however the Broadhead base only responded with OK.
Skeelnip approached the Miokalian fleet at low speed and continued hails on "old fashioned" shortwave.
"Miokalian Fleet, this is Admiral Janus Skeelnip of the Kazian Air Force. Killer Zoids welcomes your neutral support in the disaster in UNEX...."

He continued to explain the transport ships were to follow his heading and altitude directly toward the air base in UNEX.

Meanwhile, about 400 miles north-east of Broadhead in the desert...
An excavation team was digging into the desert sands to unearth an infrastructure pipeline. The vehicles were not marked with official AWP or Tapinta markings.
"Chief, I think we've found it. About 40 feet underground about 20 yards that way." The fox pointed out to the desert."
"Bring in the Spinosappers*, the casing is gonna be pretty thick."

Various Zoids were on patrol around the area, including a few stealth Storm Sworders and a Whale King**.

*Spinosappers are zoids equipped with utilities such as saws, cutters, shovels, and other hydraulic tools.
**Whale King is a massive long-distance heavily armored air transport zoid.

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