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The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:09 am

Sort of a preview of what I have in mind for the restart. This will be one of my big multi-post things that I do with more in-depth factbooks with the table of contents (when I get unbored and decide to actually do it)
-Basic Information-
Type of Government: Federal Monarchy
Population: 340 Million
Population Composition:
- Big Cat: 10%
- Small Cat: 15%
- Canine: 25%
- Vulpine: 30%
- Human: 10%
- Other: 5%

Major Cultures:
- Espican
- Senzovonan
- Gentinian

Major Religions:
- Bassemism* 58%
- Atheist/Agnostic: 21%
- The Imperial Cult: 9%
- Other: 12%

Civil Service: The Remnoran civil service is mostly merit based. Like any nation the size of Remnora and beyond, there's nepotism and favoritism within.
Policing: Policing varies by location in the Kingdom, with higher police presences within the cities, but overall it's relatively light for the Kingdom's size.
Justice: The judiciary of Remnora is entirely separate from the rest of the government, allowing for unbiased opinions at all levels and simply obeying the letter of the law.

Relative Technology Level: Near Future (2020 CE)


* Bassemism is sort of a Not-Christianity from my forum where we are trying not to use any real things directly. Religion is still under construction to get all the tenets down, but it will be heavily based on Catholicism.
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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:10 am

-History of the Kingdom-
Empty pending overhaul and interworking with MT timelines.

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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:11 am

- Queen: K'an Coutant II (White Tiger ♀)
- King:
- Heir Apparent:

Royal Cabinet:
- Prime Minister:
- Minister of Defense:
- Minister of Foreign Affairs:
- Minister of Domestic Affairs:
- Minister of the Interior:
- Minister of Health:
- Minister of Welfare:
- Minister of Commerce:
- Minister of Agriculture:
- Minister of the Treasury:
- Minister of Justice:
- Minister of Energy:
- Minister of Labor:
- Minister of Transportation:
- Minister of Education:
- Minister of the Environment:
- Minister of Homeland Security:
- Minister of Housing and Urban Development:

-The House of Commons-
-The House of Lords-

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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:16 am

Grand Marshal of the Royal Army: Cathal Matheson (Lion ♂)
Fleet Admiral of the Royal Navy: Roon Prookson (Clouded Leopard ♂)
Sky Marshal of the Royal Air Force: Melia Wardson (White Tiger ♀)

National Service: Remnora takes on a mixed military policy. During times of peace, Remnora is almost entirely volunteer military forces. The exceptions to that is the implementation of a few number of penal military units in the Army as an alternative to prison sentences for all but the worst offenders. During wartime, Remnora may activate its conscription policy that targets all able-bodied men and women ranging from ages 18 to 24. With the smaller range when targeting both genders, the idea is to keep experienced factory workers employed and producing equipment for the war effort.

Military strengths:
- Gunboat Diplomacy: The Remnoran Royal Navy's extensive reach and large size allows for force projection around the globe.
- Imperial Legacy: The now passed age of the Remnoran Grand Empire, and the attempt at resurrection has inspired the armed forces to fight for the Empire.
- Air Superiority: Knowing that without naval and air support a modern ground battle will fail, Remnora has focused on its naval and air assets to better conquer and expand.
Military weaknesses:
- War Weary: In times of war, the military is more prone to losing the will to fight, and the populace doesn't tolerate a war unless it is going in their favor.
- Racial Tension: Due to the Remnoran outlook on non-felines, any non-felines within the armed forces are segregated and tend to do all of the manual labor while the feline units fight.
- Forgotten Footsoldiers: With the focus on the air force and navy, the army has been neglected. While not obsolete, they are several years behind the curve.

Nuclear weapons? Well loved by the military and possibly used on the battlefield.
Biological weapons? Yes, but never deployed due to the stigma against it and the fact it could affect Remnora.
Chemical weapons? Yes, and likely readily used due to significantly lower collateral damage compared to nuclear or biological weapons.
Space based weapons? Yes, with an experimental "rods from god" system that's in its infancy and likely ineffective.

Remnoran Royal Army
Active Soldiers: 1,400,000
Reserve Soldiers: 1,800,000

The Remnoran Royal Army is a shadow of its former self. Once the Remnoran Royal Army was one of the most powerful military forces, but with the collapse of the old Remnoran Empire the Army became second to the Navy and Air Force. Many army recruits are canine, being lured in with promises of a better life for them and their families. The entirety of the officers, however, remains feline and human. The generals are solely feline.


- 12,100 Tiger IV Main Battle Tank
- 17,000 Jaguar II Medium Tank
- 4,000 Serval III Light Tank

Mechanized Infantry:
- 4,600 Leopard III Infantry Fighting Vehicle
- 40,000 Caracal V Armored Personnel Carrier

- 1,300 Viper Gunship
- 1,500 Python Attack Helicopter
- 4,200 Black Mamba Utility Helicopter

Remnoran Royal Navy
The Scourge of the Ocean. The Remnoran Royal Navy is one the premier naval fighting forces of the world. Drawing upon the maritime culture of Remnora, the Navy has been heavily funded and is at the forefront of naval technologies. Drawing upon its advanced technological edge and well trained crews, the Navy is trained for all situations and made to respond to global threats within days.


Coutant Class Aircraft Carrier (1)
- RRN K'an Coutant I

Imperialist Class Aircraft Carrier (11)
- RRN Imperialist
- RRN World Police
- RRN Gunboat Diplomacy
- RRN Disproportionate Retribution
- RRN Indefatigable
- RRN Shock and Awe
- RRN Spearhead
- RRN Arrogance
- RRN Glorious Death
- RRN Remnoran Spirit
- RRN Maelstrom

Senzovona Class Battleship (6)
- RRN Senzovona
- RRN Espica
- RRN Genitene
- RRN Pronino
- RRN Gretna
- RRN Smallpoint

Liberty Class Amphibious Transport Dock (12)
- RRN Liberty
- RRN Freedom
- RRN Independence
- RRN Democracy
- RRN Republic
- RRN Parliament
- RRN Congress
- RRN Emancipation
- RRN Autonomy
- RRN Legislature
- RRN Opportunity
- RRN Sovereign

Governor Class Amphibious Assault Ship (10)
- RRN Governor
- RRN Senator
- RRN President
- RRN Representative
- RRN Councilman
- RRN Emperor
- RRN King
- RRN Dictator
- RRN Lordship
- RRN Grand Duke

Fortress Class Cruisers (34)
- RRN Fortress
- RRN Citadel
- RRN Castle
- RRN Kremlin
- RRN Stronghold
- RRN Mamelon
- RRN Rampart
- RRN Redoubt
- RRN Blockhouse
- RRN Bastion
- RRN Stockade
- RRN Diaolou
- RRN Ravelin
- RRN Castellum
- RRN Caponier
- RRN Parapet
- RRN Casemate
- RRN Bunker
- RRN Gabion
- RRN Castra
- RRN Abatis
- RRN Bartizan
- RRN Revetment
- RRN Postern
- RRN Keep
- RRN Embrasure
- RRN Glacis
- RRN Compound
- RRN Boma
- RRN Grad
- RRN Turret
- RRN Berm
- RRN Palisade
- RRN Banquette

Tiger Class Destroyers (71)
- RRN Tiger
- RRN Grey Wolf
- RRN Red Fox
- RRN Leopard
- RRN Cheetah
- RRN Jaguar
- RRN Cougar
- RRN Panther
- RRN Lion
- RRN Arctic Fox
- RRN Fennec Fox
- RRN Painted Wolf
- RRN Caracal
- RRN Snow Leopard
- RRN Serval
- RRN Ocelot
- RRN Bobcat
- RRN Lynx
- RRN Jaguarundi
- RRN Margay
- RRN Colocolo
- RRN Kodkod
- RRN Oncilla
- RRN Wildcat
- RRN Sand Cat
- RRN Jungle Cat
- RRN Coyote
- RRN Dhole
- RRN Dingo
- RRN Jackal
- RRN Culpeo
- RRN Pampas Fox
- RRN Corsac Fox
- RRN Maned Wolf
- RRN Pale Fox
- RRN Cape Fox
- RRN Kit Fox
- RRN Swift Fox
- RRN Sechura Fox
- RRN Hoary Fox
- RRN Grey Fox
- RRN Sun Bear
- RRN Black Bear
- RRN Grizzly
- RRN Polar Bear
- RRN Panda
- RRN Red Panda
- RRN Sea Lion
- RRN Sea Otter
- RRN Wolverine
- RRN Honey Badger
- RRN Mink
- RRN Ferret
- RRN River Otter
- RRN Walrus
- RRN Mongoose
- RRN Civet
- RRN Humpback
- RRN Orca
- RRN Dolphin
- RRN Bottlenose
- RRN Narwhal
- RRN Beluga
- RRN Gazelle
- RRN Moose
- RRN Deer
- RRN Oryx
- RRN Antelope
- RRN Impala
- RRN Warthog
- RRN Rhino

Assault Class Frigates (27)
- RRN Assault
- RRN Skirmish
- RRN Flanker
- RRN Encounter
- RRN Attrition
- RRN Breakthrough
- RRN Encirclement
- RRN Envelopment
- RRN Siege
- RRN Guerilla
- RRN Foxhole
- RRN Deception
- RRN Offensive
- RRN Containment
- RRN Total War
- RRN Maneuver
- RRN Surprise
- RRN Unity
- RRN Objective
- RRN Blitzkrieg
- RRN Scorched Earth
- RRN Bombardment
- RRN Strategic
- RRN Tactician
- RRN Withdrawal
- RRN Campaign
- RRN First Strike

Armageddon Class Ballistic Missile Submarine (10)
- RRN Armageddon
- RRN Apocalypse
- RRN Annihilator
- RRN Devastator
- RRN Eviscerator
- RRN Cataclysm
- RRN First Strike
- RRN Assured Destruction
- RRN Nuclear Winter
- RRN Gone Fission

Wolfpack Class Attack Submarine (41)
- WAS-1
- WAS-2
- WAS-3
- WAS-4
- WAS-5
- WAS-6
- WAS-7
- WAS-8
- WAS-9
- WAS-10
- WAS-11
- WAS-12
- WAS-13
- WAS-14
- WAS-15
- WAS-16
- WAS-17
- WAS-18
- WAS-19
- WAS-20
- WAS-21
- WAS-22
- WAS-23
- WAS-24
- WAS-25
- WAS-26
- WAS-27
- WAS-28
- WAS-29
- WAS-30
- WAS-31
- WAS-32
- WAS-33
- WAS-34
- WAS-35
- WAS-36
- WAS-37
- WAS-38
- WAS-39
- WAS-40
- WAS-41

Remnoran Royal Air Force
Active Soldiers: 360,000
Reserve Soldiers: 70,000
Civilian Employees: 190,000

The Royal Air Force is the aerial backbone of the Remnoran Armed Forces. On an almost equal footing with the Navy in terms of funding, the Air Force has a vital role as the first line of defense for a carrier group and, on the strategic level, the first strike against an enemy nation, be it through nuclear or conventional means.

- 740 A-10 Thunderbolt II
- 54 AC-130 Spectre

- 810 B-52 Stratofortress
- 15 B2 Spirit

- 140 C-5 Galaxy
- 270 C-17 Globemaster
- 160 CV-22 Osprey

- 70 E-3 Sentry

- 360 F-15 Strike Eagle
- 3,400 F-16 Fighting Falcon
- 210 F-22 Raptor
- 120 F-35 Lightning II

- 70 KC-10 Extender

- 375 MQ-1 Predator
- 65 MQ-9 Reaper

- 86 U-2 Dragon Lady

Strategic Assets:
- 14,500 Minuteman III ICBM

Remnoran National Guard
Reserve Personnel: 560,000

Called up in times of emergency or dire need in war, the National Guard does what the Army cannot: maintain civil order with minimal civilian losses. The National Guard has a small number of vehicles and other equipment that it operates, but it tends to use Army equipment when it is called up, unless it is in wartime.


* Remember that bit about not taking real things? Well, let's be honest, easier to imagine real military hardware otherwise things end up stupid and unrealistic.
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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:17 am

Type: Capitalist
Focus: Manufacturing

Major exports:
- Oil
- Small Arms
- Freedom
- Heavy Weapons
- Tanks
- Ships
- Aircraft
- Chemical Weapons
- Coal
- Bauxite
- Heavy Machinery
- Plastics
- Vehicles
- Pharmaceuticals
- Chemicals
- Gems
- Precious Metals
- Medical Equipment
- Spacecraft
- Coffee
- Slaves

Major imports:
- Oil
- Tea
- Uranium
- Foreign Foods
- Foreign Luxuries
- Vehicles
- Chocolate
- Coffee
- Rubber
- Furniture
- Tobacco
- Sugar

Currency: Remnoran Pound (R£)
Language: Espican*
Trade Procedure:
Economic Cycles: A Few A Century

The Slave Trade
The Remnoran Slave Trade is likely to be the most controversial of the still institutionalized Remnoran programs. The reasons for its continued existence are about as varied as the reasons against it, and both sides are heavily divided on the issue. In recent years, the slave trade was heavily regulated, and numbers largely reduced to appease the abolitionist groups while retaining the trade itself. Currently in Remnora there are only about 15,000 slaves registered with the government, and there are near daily raids on suspected unregistered slaves. Those unregistered slaves are, by and large, freed from servitude during these raids. The vast majority of slaves remain in the ownership of the Remnoran nobility.

Under Queen Coutant I, who had attempted to abolish slavery before negotiating as abolition was rejected, standards were refined and more strongly enforced. Living standards for the typical slave end up being just about as good as the average lower-middle class citizen. Food quality was improved, requiring a minimum of the daily nutritional requirements based on the species. To allow the slave - which is typically an indentured servant on a contract - a minimum pay was instituted ranging from a couple pounds per day to a couple pounds per hour to allow the individual to purchase their freedom in time or save extra money if the contract holder feels them worthy of it. A work day limit was implemented, restricting the formerly unlimited days down to 10 hour days. Punishments were heavily regulated, permitting basic corporal punishment, but prohibiting the most abusive practices. Those found violating the abuse laws are subject to losing their license to hold slaves and have all those under their ownership freed.

Arguments in favor of the continued trade use various reasons of varying legitimacy to justify it. With all slaves being vulpine or canine, the feline nobility calls it the "Feline Burden" to show them the proper ways and bettering them through work. Other arguments point at the low number of slaves, high standards of quality, stringent standards, and the contract work as the slave trade being a modern variation of a Remnoran tradition aimed at bettering all involved with the practice. Others favor have cited the modernization of the practice to be far better to the days of old where thousands to millions of slaves were being moved around and sold across the old Remnoran Empire.

Naturally with anything, there are those against, and their arguments also have varying legitimacy. First and foremost, the canine advocate groups speak out against laws that only allow canines to be enslaved, while felines may go free unless they willingly sign indenturing contracts for a term of work. Others point to how most other nations have outlawed the practice and how it may impact trade if those nations refuse to trade with Remnora. A very small minority have said that Remnora is stuck in the past and advocate total change to the Kingdom ranging from political protests to total revolution.

In the end, the Remnoran Slave Trade is unlikely to fully disappear in the near future, instead being slowly phased out over time.


* Again, real life things. Espican is sort of a Not-English since Remnora initially developed as a Not-UK.
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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:26 am

Social Leanings: Overall, following a wave of internal unrest in the 1960s, much of Remnora moved significantly toward the left as compared to prior positions. While certainly not a "liberal" nation, Remnora aligns more toward centrist policies in everything with the goal of not trying to offend anyone of other beliefs while still maintaining a single government position that will be approved of.

Economic Leanings: The people enjoy the relative economic freedom that they are granted. While the major corporations are at least slightly state owned to ensure their production and use to the Kingdom, small businesses are given freedom to run the business and succeed or fail as the market dictates. Outside of the semi-state owned corporations, the government interferes little with business.

Democratic Leanings: Remnora is, for all intents and purposes, an absolute monarchy when it comes down to it. The monarch has all the power and the House of Commons and Lords act primarily as the monarch's rubber stamp. That said, the people much prefer a democratic government as influenced from outside sources, and leeway has been granted to the populace, allowing them to elect their representatives in recent years.

Desired Effectiveness of Government: For the most part, once the leaders are in power, the people tend to put faith into the government to do the right thing and allocate the budgets as necessary. Only when particularly controversial things occur do the people start to care what is going on in government.

Activism/Engagement: As read above, when controversial things occur the people tend to protest. Lax protest laws require no permits, however they will be cracked down on once it becomes violent as freedom of speech - if nothing else - is held dear, while violence is not tolerated.

Multicultural: Remnorans as a whole welcome in new viewpoints, cultures, in species, seeing them as a vital ingredient to the Remnoran melting pot. While the species biases remain, they've increasingly been torn down in favor of open culture and an open society.

Religiousness: Despite the majority of the Kingdom following the Bassemic religion, the Kingdom has taken on highly secular policies as the world becomes an ever smaller place and religious favor toward one culture, one religion, or one species becomes obsolete.

Mass Media Addiction: While the news agencies are heavily viewed, such programs are not overbearing in a person's life. Generally the average resident is encouraged to get out and find a job that they enjoy that serves the state in some form. That said, much of what's on TV is propaganda in some form, with the news generally distorting some facts slightly.

General Public Health: Due to leaps and bounds in the medical field, while public health could be significantly better over all, basic cybernetics have been widely used in situations where there are lost limbs. Surgeries are increasingly efficient and less dangerous as Remnora pioneers medical advances.

Unrest: The population is largely content. There's still space to grow, no wars going on at the moment, and everything is rather normal. However, the Kingdom's people tend to quickly sway one way or the other - either happy or protesting - when things aren't so good.

Citizen Classes


Upper Class

Middle Class

Technically placed higher than the working class, and only because of their history, the Freemen are the slaves that have earned their freedom in their life. This can come about in several ways, ranging from purchasing freedom or otherwise being released to being caught up in a raid and freed with full government reparations due to unjust servitude. Freemen are, despite the former slavery, largely respected as it is clear that they are not useless and are, typically quite proficient workers. They have equal opportunities as almost any other class and can succeed or fail as their motivation and ability dictates.

Working Class
The Working Class is the basic term for the stable, though less well off, people of Remnora. These people form the backbone of Remnoran labor and typically work the "blue collar" jobs ranging from factory positions to dockworkers and ship builders. In times of peace, much of the armed forces are drawn from the working class, Despite being technically among the lowest classes of Remnora, they are highly respected by the nobility for their use and skills. Due to ease of social mobility if one sets their mind to it, the working class general moves up from where they are born in life.

A very small group within Remnora, but notable all the same. Technically the lowest class of the Kingdom, slaves do enjoy a relatively comfortable life that is provided to them, but do not have the freedom of movement and many basic rights that others Remnorans enjoy. Slaves is the umbrella term for the indentured servants (most of which are contract workers bound to a master) and those born into slavery. Unlike the days of old, most slaves, over time, can find themselves freed and moving up or down freely in society.

Lower Class
The absolute lowest of Remnoran society, the Lower Class is typically used to define the poor, destitute, diseased, and outcast of Remnora. Most of the Lower Class refuse to try to better themselves, attempting to rely upon the government for assistance (and getting nothing for their uselessness), and thus are looked down upon and placed lower than even the slaves. They are a very small minority, but are by and large despised for being a burden rather than a use. During times of war, the Lower Class is usually forced into service to rid the Kingdom of them.

Cultural Overview by City
Espican culture is the dominant culture of the Remnoran Empire. Based on principles of order and civil obedience, the government has embraced the ideals that Espican culture stand by. The capital of Espica, where it is clearly named from, is a key example of this. Streets are laid out in an orderly and raidal fashion and designed in such a way that everything flows as it should around the Royal Palace at the center of the city. The people born into an Espican culture tend to be much more conservative than the rest of the Empire, owing particularly to a higher standard of living. If wealth isn't available, the people of this cultural group tend to be more 'cultured' than many other nations, choosing operas and theater over rock concerts and movies. It is Espican culture that emphasizes the right of only felines to run the country, leaving canines as second class citizens.

On top of the more cultured society, Espicans hold their maritime ancestry dear, reflecting that in the way they run the country. The Navy is the most well funded and powerful force in the armed forces, trade ships traverse the world bringing Remnoran goods to other less well off places and returning with the goods required in the Empire. Such wealth is the reason that Espican culture is viewed as the ideal cultural state by other cultural groups of the Empire.
Area of Influence: Espica and the Home Territories

In stark contrast to the Espicans, Senzovonans are a more rebellious culture. Compared to the Espican values of order and obedience, Senzovonans take to the streets at the slightest offense to protest the government. As such, despite proximity to the capital, Senzovona is considered the 'ungrateful child' of the Remnoran Empire. In the people, they are very liberal, almost to a fault, and despite any government interference beyond that which is necessary to run the country. As such, the city is exempt from many of the laws of the Empire, making it a haven for subversive elements and canines that seek a life free from prejudice and hate.

Again unlike Espica, Senzovona always had a major focus on the infantry from the ancient days and on. In times of war, they were able to hold off the Espicans during sieges by remaining behind the walls. When Senzovona fell to Espica, it continued its tradition. Today, most soldiers of the Royal Army originate from Senzovona or the province, and out of spite the Army is forgotten in favor of the Navy.
Area of Influence: Senzovona Province Only

Striking a middle ground between these two, Genitene is a city located inland and in the middle of two of the key rivers of the western part of the Remnoran mainland. Genitene has always enjoyed a wealthy lifestyle until the Espicans arrived. The two had peaceful relations, but in the end the Espicans were using Genitenian alliance to slowly spread their influence. The wars that the Espicans involved them in drained the city of its wealth, forcing them to submit to the newly formed Remnoran Kingdom. That life remains today as Genitene became the dominant cultural group of the western Empire. They take on a servile attitude toward the Empress and the central government.

Genitene, culturally, is a city of traders. Seemingly naturally born with the ability to make a deal on most things, Genitene is the home of the Imperial Academy of Commerce and its graduates are the heads of major corporations within the Empire and abroad. As such, despite the servile attitude, Genitenians are proud of their commercial history and won't stand for any attacks on their society.
Area of Influence: The Western Kingdom of Remnora, Genitene Province

Minor Cultures
Situated comfortably within the mountains in Northern Remnora and the foothills around it, the Highlanders have shown to be a very hardy and strong culture. Primarily lions, the Highlanders have become famous for their continued use of body paints on their warriors. The few Highlanders that join the Army or, in very rare cases, the Navy also adorn themselves with the paint. In all, despite the seemingly backward cultural values, the Highlanders have embraced the wave of technology. As part of the new warrior culture, kevlar kilts have become increasingly common among the ex-soldiers.

The Highlanders are primarily agricultural with few industries to speak of. What wealth there is in the Highlander homelands is within the control of the nobility who try to spread the wealth to ensure that their subjects remain happy and loyal. Society is ordered and honor based and also notable for not restricting women to certain duties, enabling the women in society to hold titles, own land, and join local militias without discrimination. Duels of honor are common, taking many non-Highlanders by surprise when what is normal in their culture is taboo to the Highlanders.
Area of Influence: The Northern Kingdom of Remnora, Senzovona Province
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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:26 am

-Law and Order-

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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:27 am

Relative technology level: Near Future (2020 CE)

Technological Advantage:
- Harnessing the Sun: Fusion power has dawned across the Kingdom, powering major cities and showing Imperial superiority (or the sense of superiority at least) in the field of energy generation.
- Superior Engineering, Superior Nation: Remnora prides itself on its engineering projects. Using "space age" materials, as the media calls it, everything from ships to cars and even buildings are being built faster and cheaper while not sacrificing much strength or durability.
Technological Disadvantage:
- Rural Gap: Compared to the cities, which are generally technologically advanced and most up to date, the countryside has been largely forgotten. Internet access is nonexistent across much of the rural areas, power remains coal based rather than the nuclear fission and fusion that much of the Empire is powered by, and education is lacking in many areas.

Internet access: Near Universal in Cities, Poor in Countryside
Dominate Transportation Method: Cars, Mass Transit
Television access: Near Universal

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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

Post by The_ASE » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:27 am


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Re: The Kingdom of Remnora

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-Foreign Relations-
Naturally empty for the moment until these can be properly worked out.

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